Friday, 16 January 2015

Room to Grow + New CU

Oh this has been a rather hellish week for me and I'm hoping that all the years 'crap' is now used up!. LOL.

Poor Sherlock (our rescue doggie) has been in 'hospital' since Wednesday morning with Tick Fever.( Thanks to our holiday in the wild). We were hoping he would be home today but his red blood cell count is still too low. Oy, Wayne is so stressed out and wants his 'kid' home. Thank goodness Sherlocks parasite count is now zero and his temp is back to normal... so he IS on the mend. They check his blood count again at 4pm and I'm hoping and praying it will have risen a bit as they will let him home if it has. It will be a LONG weekend with a grumpy ol' man for me if it doesn't. ;-P

My laptop and camera were also 'grabbed/stolen' off my desk by contractors working the electric fencing for our estate. My office has big sliding doors leading to the garden and I have them open wide no matter the weather. I only noticed they were missing yesterday morning as Wed (when they working the wall outside) was a mess with poor Sherlock being ill etc and I wasn't paying attention to the 'gap' left on my desk. Shee's... At least the contractors have now been removed from the property as other things have been found missing from all the other houses in our estate too. BUGGERS.

But anyhoooooo... lol, as they say 'life happens' and it's just the depth that varies right? BWHAHA. I at least had downloaded all my photo's off my camera and have a full backup for my Laptop I did in Dec. Hello insurance company ;-P

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Something a little cheerful, inspirational and really easy to use for all ages.

kb-RoomtoGrow_kit6 Room to Grow

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Of course my CT and the store CT have seriously rocked this one.

Alina6 By Alina

Jenni3 By Jenni

Kacy2 By Kacy

Bekah5 By Bekah_E

Jaimee4 By Jaimee

Kristal1 By Kristal

Rae7 By Rae

ruth-kb-roomtogrow-1-600_zps66397cfc By Ruthy

KimB8 By Me

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I hope you have a stunning weekend.

Hugs and Loves


Melinda said...

Well, that just sucks! Sorry that happened to you. I've had my camera stolen and it just makes you a bit sick that people can do that to someone else, since they are such personal items. I hope the insurance company moves quickly so that you get something new and fabulous! Thank goodness you had everything backed up so that you didn't lose much. I hope Sherlock is better and home soon too/!

*~Nightshadow~* said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your theft. I agree with what Melinda said, it really does make one a bit sick that people can be so uncaring as to steal things from regular folk. Great though that all was backed wise of you.

Hope Sherlock is home soon. It's so difficult when our pets become ill.

Thank you for the beautiful journal cards.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's a nasty way to start the year! I hope that Sherlock is better soon, that either Karma or the cops get hold of your thieves, and that you have smooth sailing from here on out. Thank you for the wonderful freebies, as always! Therese

Karen from Moscow said...

Thank you for these beautiful journal cards, Kim!

Kristine said...

I have had quite enough of Murphy's Law and all his bullshit as have you no doubt. Dear Murphy....kiss my ass!! LMAO!!

Just swinging by to blow you some kisses!!! xoxoxoxoxox

Laramie said...

Sorry to hear about all your troubles. Hope your furry baby is home soon and all better. When your belongings are taken you feel so violated. Glad you had back up! Hope all will work out and that your stress will be lessened. You are in my prayers!

artgal style

p.s. Thank you for the gift. Headed to the store to get the kit, which is oh so cute!

Sherri-Ann said...

Thank you for the freebie! I love the colors and look forward to using the cards in my journal.

How is Sherlock? I hope all is well now and the police were able to track down the thieves. *hugs*

Shelly said...

Absolutely wonderful freebie! Hope Sherlock is good as new now! Thanks soo much!