Wednesday, 30 August 2017

LAST CHANCE–2days left for $1 Penny Savers

Yesterday I had to make final decisions on the tiles we would like to use in our new house..(walls for kitchen/bathrooms)…. can you say STRESS! I thought it would be easy, but the pressure of knowing that it would be a permanat fixure on the walls ( not like a paint colour you can just paint over) ..had me a little rattled. I knew what I wanted and liked and even had a moodboard all set out.. but when it came to physically being in the tile shop and selecting them… err OVERWHELMED! lol. Long story short.. I just went with my gut and I feel the relief today knowing that part is now done. Now we start with joinery and cabnits.. oh boy. lol

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I hope you all have a super duper day and week further.

Hugs and Loves

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