Friday, 12 January 2018

Featured Designer + FGWP + Happy New Year

What happened to the last few months you ask? Did I go MIA? Yup.. sort of. lol.

Best news is that I am now HOME! Eventually- lol. Close to all my family, old friends and of course my beloved ocean. Sept/Oct/Nov and Dec have been chaotic to say the least. With a house to do up and sell, my dad to move and get into his new retirement cottage, a wedding to plan and finalise , a full city move, a brand new house to complete and move into ( starting from scratch as the buyer of our old home bought it ‘lock stock and barrel’ – teaspoons to furniture!).. and then it was Christmas and New Year. Phew… I survived! HAHAHA


New house build through last year.. went from this ^^^^


to this beginning of Dec!


it’s getting there but I still have sooo much to get to fill her up.. and we keep realising we are missing things.. like a bread knife. – starting from scratch is very exciting but dang it’s also time consuming buying everything you need and realising that you still have those simple basics not covered! (ie- bread knife- LOL)


And nothing like this view from my garden each day to keep an ‘old fart’ sane!


AHHH and then end of October was my son’s wedding. I kept balling my eyes out through the beginning of the proceedings ( such a soft cock! lol) but it was an amazing day/night with tons of fun and happy memories! – more photo’s to follow soon.


Christmas this year was spent at our New House as we had just moved in and didn’t have the time to get to our usual Holiday cottage as we normally do. LOVE that my family is all so close now!

So be it belated.. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my readers and friends.. may this year be as happy as I know mine is going to be ;-P.


But enough chitty chatty as I am also FEATURED DESIGNER at TDP!


Which means a little Foodie fun’ on the TDP blog today – some new recipes to try out and because I’m useless most times in the kitchen- these are simple and easy to create- lol

Which also means my WHOLE STORE is now on SALE ! WOOHOO

My entire shop is marked down 30% OFF throughout this week (sale prices will be valid through 11:59pm ET on Thurs 1/18)… with an amazing deal for this week only, - Spend $10+ in my STORE at the TDP and get this brand-new (just released today!) TA DA : The Kit completely FREE!




TA DA : The Kit

Contains: 20 Papers : 55 Unique elements

kb-TaDa_el09 kb-TaDa_pp09

And some AMAZING CT inspiration to start this New Year off with a bang!

JulieBy Julie

JenniBy Jenni

MrivasBy Mrivis

RaeBy Rae

Conny By Conny

KristaBy Krista

StefBy Stef

AliceBy Alice

The New kit is 30% off too.. I hope you all have a super duper day and weekend ahead and I must admit it’s nice to be sitting behind my PC and designing again!

Hugs and Loves


Di Heuser said...

Welcome back. You have been missed :)

Jenni said...

Your new house looks amazing Kim, so happy for you!

Roselily said...

Happy 2018 and congrats to your son's wedding and a stunning house!!

Karen from Moscow said...

Possibly a stupid question, but are the zebras wild?

Kim B said...

Yes they are.. we stay in a wild life reserve/ golf estate and the animals and wild life are not tame but roam at leisure around the estate/ golf course and bush veld.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! What a view that is. To see that wildlife from your property is freak'n unbelievable. Your new home is awesome and a fantastic place to entertain family and friends. You sure have been super busy.
Love all the beautiful layouts and inspiration. Thanks for the sale and freebie.
~ Robin

Gerodean said...

Awesome kit. Love the colors.