Tuesday, 25 March 2008


WOWZA's- you guys sure made this one hard- LOL. HOLEY CRAPPOROOO- Thank you for all your WONDERFUL comments- It was a REAL PLEASURE reading them this weekend! I had sooo much fun seeing what you guys liked and enjoyed and of course the *wise cracks* too- hee hee.

Did you all have a good Easter Weekend??- shhheeee's I think I'm 'hopping' a little HEAVIER after this one- food, food and more food oh and then don't forget the CHOCOLATE!! And I'm not a chocolate eater ( now and again)- but funny when it's something like EASTER- and BAM- I couldn't sTOP! hahahaha. Wayne played golf on Sat and Sunday ( a tournament) and he came 4th!! I'm so proud of him- he won some awesome prizes too. Nathan and I went shopping ( AGAIN!!) LOL, but I bought some books and things for our holiday!! wooohoooo!.

So BEFORE I get to the EXCITING bit of this post today- (making you all sweat),

I want to tell you that my NEW DESIGNERS GRAB BAG is in STORE!. YUP it's a little early- but for a reason- The family (US) are going on HOLIDAY and leaving this weekend - so I thought I would put it up now instead of when I get back (cause then you know how crazy it is THEN-LOL)


BUT- YOU will get all the benefits of this EARLY bag- It will only be up till FRIDAY midnight! So for 4 DAYS ONLY it is ONLY $6.99! Its the same bag that you would ALWAYS expect from me with the SAME value of contents in it- but because it's only UP FOR 4 DAYS- I reduced the prize! All the products will go up as a *bundle* on Saturday - but obviously it will cost more as it will all be revealed too-

There are 5 brand new products in this bag- (for PERSONAL AND COMMERCIAL USE)- Total Value is $35- and as you can see I've put a few hints and tips in the preview for you-LOL. Check it out here in my store.

I received some AMAZING LO's using my UNDA-DA-SEA kit too which I would LOVE to show you


Bunny did this absolutely STUNNING LO- love the framing! She also use her PSP Glitter tubes- available for all you PSP and DIP uses (Commercial and Personal Use). They are amazing, so if you want some REALISTIC glitter- check them out HERE.


Ally sent me this stunning page- just love the way the goldfish highlight the orange on the page! AWESOME

Where'd My Mermaid Go

Renee did this amazing LO- called *where'd my Mermaid Go*- it's just toooo gorgeous!

HEE HEE- have I made you WAIT long enough now--




TADA- there were sooooo many comments over the weekend that I couldn't just choose ONE winner LOL. Nathan DID choose the OVERALL winner- but, I decided to let my CT Team each choose a number and I divided up the number of comments between them- YUP!!!! and then I had to get Wayne to do one too (LOL)- needed one more number as the comments increased by last night-

soooo here we go!

Gail (8)

Seanymph (16)

Jeanette Bollinger (24)

Marilyn (from toronto) (36)

Jan (50)

Silvia had chosen no 57- her mom's age- and it's Luisa - who is a DSO designer so I went with the one BELOW it-

JamWest 1007 (58)

Catlady (aka catslave)(68)

Lynda (72)

Tami (87)

Lisa (Marlies) (98)

Lil (115)

PHEW- let me tell you that counting out all those was not easy- ROTFLMAO!! CONGRATULATIONS to you GUYS- I'm going to RAK you all with my LOVABLE kit . BUT- I need you ALL to MAIL ME-

Just go to MY PROFILE at the top of my page (just under my header) and click it- it will take you to my profile- there you will see *mail me*- just click it and you can just mail me a HI IT'S ME wadawada and I will send you the links

AND THE BIG WINNER OF A KIT OF HER CHOICE IN MY STORE IS............................................

WEBFRAU!!! No 65

CONGRATS GIRL!!!! hee hee- now you WILL NEED to make a choice- wahahahahaha.

Thanks again to all of you for leaving comments and I'm sorry that you all didn't win- but I tried to make it a little more easier and fun and added 11 consolations! WOOOOOHOOOOOOO


And for those that didn't- never fear- I made a freebie template today to help scrap all those Easter Pics you took this weekend http://www.4shared.com/file/41888686/4f6735f7/kb-hoppyeaster_template.html . It comes in PSD and PNG's for ease of use- the Bunny is in separated Layers so you can colour him in anyway you would like. PHEW- Ok don't forget the BAG ( only 4 days this time) and I don't want you to miss it at that price!! Until tomorrow- HUGS and Loves Kim


Bunny Cates, digital-scrapbooking.org said...

YAY! You did like my layout.. woohoo! I was worried it wasnt as good as I thought it was, but if you like it, and I like it, I guess thats all that matters.

Ok now serious. I was happy you were going to get to take a vacation, but this morning something dawned on me....

Who in the HELL am I going to talk to all week?!!!! I've decided you can not go. NOPE. Not allowing it! You just tell Wayne and Nathan to go on without you, I need you to be home. hahahaha!!!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!!!!!!
Glad you had a AWESOME Easter!!!!
Mine was just another day!!!!!
Didn't have to cook either!!! LOL
Jace & his girlfriend bought me A MacBurger, fries & A shake home from MacD's!!!!!!!! Yummy
TY so very much for this ADORABLE template!!!!!

Kristine said...

Morning darlin'!!!!

Love the template!

I agree with Bunny...you can't go on vacation...who is going to send my smutty emails dammit?! LMAO

I am just gonna hafta suffer I guess...ROFL


Nancy72 said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOOOVE ALL THE LOs with your new kit, KimB'aby!!! They are amazingly super wonderful...I don't think we can go wrong no matter how we arrange your goodies from UndaDaSea...;o)

I am just coming out of a fog that was last week...I know I did a lot but I didn't hit my PC all week...catching up with email has been fun and your gifties are terrific...;o)

I can see yummy buttons in your new bag...can't wait to see them all!!!

Thanks for eveerything and have a relaxing and fun vacation...or are those two things not compatible...LOLOL

xashee's corner said...

BIG CONGRATS to all the winners!! you LUCKY gals!! :D
LOVE the layouts and i am soo glad you had a WONDERFUL holiday weekend! big HUGS :D have a GREAT day!

Renée said...

Saturday has been cancelled!!! LOL

To all the WINNERS, congrats. Kim is a true proponent of a South African saying - Go big or go home!!!

Every time Kim brings out a new kit, I say it's a must have, but heck I haven't had this much fun with a kit as I've had with Unda da Sea. It's just perfect for storybook pages. I love it and just want to go to the public pools to go and take photos of kids swimming LOL.

And then this new bag. Well let me tell you, one of those hints has a "special feature" that I absolutely love. So once again, you have to have this bag!!!

makeyesup said...

Thanks for both versions, this is such a great layout. Sounds like you've had a busy and exciting week.

Jeannette (Nett) said...

Damn, things are NEVER the same when you're not around :( I guess if a break is what you need to keep yourself in tip top smartass shape, well then I'll keep this hissy fit small. Only THIS ONE though... the rest will stay long, loud, and as annoying as always LMAO!!! MWAHHHH!! Enjoy your time, you WILL be missed! OOOOooodles of love and a few tiny woofies!!!

Kari °O° said...

OMG, I had totally forgotten about your grab bags!! Oh snap. And I ain't supposed to buy anything digiscrap until after April 26th. OMG. Nooooooooo. This is SO not cool. I gotta let Nick see that link you sent me. That spot is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn, I gotta figure a way around this whole not supposed to buy anything mess. MUCH MUCH MUCH luv!!! Have an AWESOME vacay!!! I'mma miss your silly self!!!

Luisa said...

OMG! LOL, I had win something, wahahaha, ok I alredy have the wonderful kit, Great freebie!! Tha nks

Robyn said...

Congrats to all the winners! And i love the Unda The Sea LO's you showed us. All 3 were excellent.

Hope you and the family have lots of fun on your vacation. Take care. :)

Andrea said...

Ooohhh I just bought your grab bag! Lots of wonderful goodies! Thanks!!

Beautiful layouts!

Mrs. Miles said...

Awww - your wascally wabbit is too cute for words. I have been away over Easter but look forward to catching up with your bloggie with a good strong coffee later this evening!

And FANKS for the rather generous and awesome email...

*grinning from ear to ear! you will reap the feedback very soon!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Melberry said...

Kim, I'm with Bunny ... the world isn't the same when you're not around even for a few days! I know you need a family break, though, so guess you're allowed to do it once in awhile whether we like it or not. :) Your new grab bag is terrific! Haven't tried any of them yet but will the first chance I get. It's great to see the LOs keep comin' from the Unda-da-Sea kit. It's absolutely smashing. Be good to YOU. Melanie