Tuesday, 15 April 2008

and so it continues

ROTF! No electricity again this morning for 2 hours but at PRIME time and poor Nathan had to walk to school- So now it's time to do some generator shopping  LOL. Or we bash a door from the TV Lounge into the garage ASAP- but it's not all finished yet and would cause double work! BLUCK- (PPPHHTTTTT)

Just had my friend Ant sitting here yakking for an hour- and man if you thought I could talk she was going like a bat out of hell! WAHAHAHAHA. Trying to catch up 2 weeks news BEFORE she had to go back to work, and I couldn't get a word in edge ways- hee hee. I'm sure it's still going to take more than a few days to get back into normal routine- UM>>>>, that's if I EVER had ONE of THOSE- wahahahahaha. But you know what I mean- the phone hasn't stopped either and with us being away for so long- everything is still behind. And then you have a friend who keeps you up till 2am too because she hasn't chatted to you in "YEARS"--HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Thanks BUNNY WUNNY- I needed coffee all day! LOL and OH I sucked it up BIG TIME but now I need my bed and it's only nearly 4pm!! WAHAHAHAHA :-P.

OOOOH and I made the Sweet Pick ofthe Day yesterday at Digital Candy for my LO "Gods colour Palette" and it also made DST Gallery standouts!! WOOOOHOOOOOOO- WOW- thanks for the honours but it was Jen's kit Out of Africa that was the inspiration- thanks girl!!

OOOOH and some more titbits- hee hee, next week is going to hold some BIG SURPRISES!!! Keep your eyes peeled - sssshhhh-LOL, I can't tell you yet-but lets just say there will be lots of fun! whooooohoooo!

I didn't have time to do some LO's with my photo's today so I stuck some in Bunny's frames and made a little "stickem" arrow for you to play with- but at least you can see why we has such a BALL


This is the SPECTACULAR view from our Hotel sliding doors- just past the thatch umbrellas is the SEA- Under the trees has beach furniture(loungers and tables) that you can sit at by the plunge pool and have a view over the ocean-


This was my FIRST night shot with my camera!! WHOOOHOOOO- I think I did OK- LOL, this is more to the left of standing in the same position as the one above- and it's one of the bars and restaurants at the pool.


An OH dear Lordy- what did we do the FIRST day- we had to drive around and check out all the FISHING SPOTS- wahahahaha, this is taken on one of the wildersides of the coastline called Whale rock and Nathan who is not shy(thank goodness he takes after me- wahahahaha) went up to chat to the local fisherman to see what they were using for bait etc etc-


Now this was a DAILY occurrence with rivalry HOT and steady between Father and Son the WHOLE 10 days- LOL. and Yeah I joined it too- but you'll see those during the week- wahahahaha. This was the lagoon a walk down from the hotel which also led straight onto the beach- it was gorgeous with huge tropical forests on the hills. Oh and all fish where released during the holiday- it was the COUNT that mattered, not the pan- LOL


VERY FUNNY WAYNIE!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- I was walking on the otherside and Wayne had the camera and told me to stick my head under the sign- UHUM- OK, thanks- ROTF!! Asked him if I was the horse- he said NO- they are the ones in danger- hahahaha- but that again is ANOTHER story. But I think Wayne came off second best in that one!!My sister was engaged to a horse trainer and that was the Sunday exercise ( the beach) and we were invited to trot them up and down  Riding a RACING HORSE down a beach BARE BACK and then it decides to take a GALLOP into the WAVES- hahahahahahahahahaha- and trust me, their spines are BONEY and poor Waynies "softer regions" didn't really enjoy the pounding! LOL. He dived off the horse in a panic into the sea - where he sat for a while to cool his UM---down! And that is the LAST time Wayne has EVER gotten close to a horse- wahahahaha, but I don't blame the man. tee hee

Ok guys, I used this stick em arrow to just jot some notes for the pics and have made it your freebie today-


I used my staples from Bits and Bobs 2 and the background paper from Unda-da-sea, I also used Bunny's Photo trims for the photo's.  http://www.4shared.com/file/44170829/1d7a2cb7/kb-stick-em_arrow.html Until tomorrow- Hugs and Loves Kim


Kristine said...

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! OK is it bad that I am laffing my arse off over a mental image I just got with a horse and Wayne and his balls?! Sorry Wayne!!!! (not really....)WAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Bunny Cates, digital-scrapbooking.org said...

Morning Kim!

I fogot to take the pictures of my pink tree last night but got some GORGEOUS ones this morning... so remind me when we're in hell... er.. hello I meant hello!!! hahah!!!

Jenni said...

Love your pics, Kim!! Thanks for the cute arrow, when I saw it on your photos(before seeing it was a freebie) I though I have gotta have that cute arrow! So thanks!

Renée said...

You can keep the horses and people want to know why I ride bike. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Thanks for the arrow, I agree with Jenni, also wanted it when I saw it.

xashee's corner said...

it looks like absolutely BEAUTIFUL place and thank you so much for sharing such a FUN and special trip!!
Thank you, too for the AWESOME little arrow!! Definitely going to come in handy!! :D Have a WONDERFUL day!

Dinphy said...

Oh it's good to have you back! :)
Love to read your stories. Sure looks beautiful there!
Thanks for the arrow, it't TOO cute!

Andrea said...

GREAT pictures & funny!!!

Freakin' hilarious horse story!!! My hubby probably would've felt the same LOL ha ha ha :)

Always a pleasure reading your blog!

Thank you for the fabulous arrow!

txbubbles said...

Girl...it is so good to have you back! Now maybe I can get back into MY routine, though I don't think YOU have ever had a NORMAL routine!!! LOL!!! The pics look great, I'm so jealous! Thanks for the nifty little arrow, I can see where this will be really handy!
Vicki in Texas

JamWest1007 said...

It is sooooo good to have you back, Kim! I've been needing a good laugh. ;) Thank You!

Gorgeous pics., too. Can't wait to see the rest of them.

Mrs. Miles said...

I am so glad you are back Kimmie, my laughing muscles missed their workout!

Ok, so how did your friend get her name Ant - and wouldn`t that be a perfect scrap layout using one of your bugs kits.

If we lived closer, I woulda bought you the biggest strongest starbucks to help you make it thru the day!

Your hunny needs to be clobbered haha, well actually you don`t need him to POSE in embarassing places, cuz you can photoshop him anyhwere you want haha!

the arrow stickie is too cool for words! Fanks and welcome home, my friend.

Anonymous said...

you and your bawdy humour were SO missed in the digi-world! can you imagine how much money you could get for a picture of wayne cooling his coconuts after the gallop? hahahahaha!

thanks bunches for the arrow. i need more direction in life.


Patamomma said...

Love the pictures and love the arrow, and am so happy to come home from work, fix supper, eat, and sit at comp and get my laughter for the day again. So, So, glad you are back home. Patty

Amy W. said...

Yay! My Kimmie is back! Missed you bunches. Thank you for popping by the blog. Yes last week was so crazy busy I'm still surprised I survived it- LOL! I took the last 2 days off to relax but tomorrow I must go back to doing school work and stuff. Blah I say. Glad you are once more with us and I'll be sure to list your arrow sticky tomorrow. Hugs and all that Jazz!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Gayle said...

Thanks for the cute little arrow! Looks like you guys had a great trip! :)

Peggie said...

Thank you for the arrow. It is perfect for casual layouts. Thank you.

Bonnie said...

Hey kim! Nice to have you back! Awesome pics-the night one is really cool!

Anonymous said...

Great arrow - very versatile! Thank you for sharing your stories and your goodies! Janet

Salada da Vida said...

thnaks for sharing!!! Regi Musa

Anonymous said...

Great photos...
and the arrow freebie is very creative!
I've posted about it on my blog at 5 (+1) Digital Scrapbooking Freebies

Andrea Miasiro said...

tks for sharing!!! really cool your pics!