Thursday, 24 July 2008

Get comfortable

LOL- yup, it's a LONG one today- well I have story to share with you all ( thanks to Mrs Miles who reminded me off it-LOL).

First off Jazzy sent me a message this morning to say the funeral went off well and that she is extremely tired( understandable)- but will get on her blog the minute she has some strength to thank everyone personally. She said your messages got her through yesterday. Thank you again for those wonderful messages of love and support!

On Monday Mrs Miles asked in my message box if I ever get to *our beach* and what they look like - you know the sand etc-

Well the story I want to tell you today happened just outside Port Elizabeth in a sleepy little surfing town called Jeffreys Bay. (all photo's compliments of  Magic ) Jeffreys Bay is one of the five most famous surfing destinations in the world and hosts the annual Billabong Pro WCT surfing event at Supertubes during the month of July.

As *young adults* just finished school and studying this was a favourite weekend trip as all the boys used to boogie board, surf or paddle ski-


We used to pack the old VW Kombi with all the surfing boards, braai suff ( BBQ) and of course the cooler box full of beers and wine! Now there are TWO parts to Jeffreys- the place where the *heavy surfers* go ( the Point or Tubes) and well for *girls like me* there is the swimming beach-lol

My friend Claire ( who though blessed with dark hair should have been a blonde-LOL) and I where the *girls* that used to go with. Well we had watched the boys surfing the *heavy sets of waves* and as much as I used to boogie board - there was NO WAYS in hell I would join that lot- they would ride straight over me-LOL. Wayne's cousin Mike had just bought himself a new paddle ski- and well we had moved down to the swimming beach for our Braai and a rest- BWAHAHA, yeah here it comes-lol

Claire and I decide in our *wine intoxicated* brains that we would don the wetsuits taken off by the boys ( who were now concentrating on getting a fire going) and take Mikes board out for a test in the smaller waves!- UHUM- We drag it down to the sea looking like seals with skins toooo big for us! I think Wayne's wetsuit crotch hung down by my knees! LOL. And Claire jumps in to the seat with the paddle and I hang on the back of the board- we are giggling now as the boys haven't noticed at all- she keeps paddling as the waves are actually further out here on this part of the beach- OH GOODNESS, when we turn the board around to go back ( we wanted to take turns here now)- we are miles out - and the beach looks TINY!-

No panic yet- Until I let go of the back and she keeps falling OFF- we start laughing- we are both strong swimmers and she jumps off the board and we both try PUSH it from behind kicking like crazy- lol,It's working- But there is a paddle that keeps falling off the board and Claire keeps telling me she *pee'd* in the wetsuit and it feels all WARM- That was me finished- I started laughing and now we are floating out to sea again hanging on a unmanned ski-which we can't just leave as it's NEW- I tell Claire to swim back and fetch one of the boys on the other board to fetch this ONE-

NOOOOO- she say's she's not getting into trouble on that side- WE'LL do it- LOL- Well just as we were about to start kicking again- we hear this TTTOOOOOOOTTTTTT, and someone shouting at us- OMG- It's a CHOKKA boat! And they saw us- decided to stop and see if the *chicks* needed help- Claire just shouts yes- thinking they are going to just give us a tow closer to shore-

BWAHAHAHA- no - they bring the huge boat up next to us and tell us to pass them the board- and as we pass the paddle- these hands hang down and grip us up under our ARMPITS!  We get lifted *armpit style* into this fishing boat FULL of dirty men with NO TEETH etc and now we get the hysterical giggles- These poor guys just looked at us and shook their heads-

They rammed that boat straight up the swimming beach sand!!! Right in front of the boys ( who were watching this lot from the shore)- and then politely lifted us UP ARMPIT style again and dropped us overboard on the sand-with board intact- BWAHAHAHAHA. WE gathered an audience too. People had come to see this boat LAND and here we were being dropped off- arrrgh, embarrassing to say the least- but something I will NEVER EVER FORGET! ROTF!

And to show you what a paddle ski is- I did this LO of MIKES son Keaton ( yup YEARS after this event lol)


That is what we were so bravely trying to navigate- LOL. I used Mrs Miles awesome wave in her Tsunami Blue kit. And Beth Longs Rainy Daze kit. I made the doodle frame and used word art by Val.


And it's NEW RELEASE DAY at DSO- whooohoooo,

I'm a little late with my bag this month I know- but it's HERE.


This one is also crammed full and has 6 brand new products to create and play with. The total Value is $40!!

Grab it now at $8- that works out to only $1.40 per NEW PRODUCT! ( and they are full kits!)

It will only be available for ONE WEEK. So don't miss it.

Want some more hints- hee hee, well you can see quite a few in the preview- but my girls have been busy-

friends (600 x 600)

This stunner was done by Silvia

Indian Maiden

This beauty by Renee-

They both used goodies out my bag- WOOOHOOO- And I've got more to show you tomorrow too ;-)

You still with me here??- LOL

Ok- I've been doodling and made this frame for a photo of Deon and I, taken on the weekend he left.


I wanted to put it on a card- And I thought you might like to use it too-


So here is the frame in PNG format- just pop your photo in it- Thanks to SAAB for her test paths ;-) . Ok- I'm shutting up now- LOL

Until tomorrow- hugs and love Kim


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!!!!!!!!!
Boy seems like everyone has a funny tale to tell today!!!!!!!
TY for another good laugh!!!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for the AWESOME frame!!!!!!!!!!

Nett (Lady_Grundlefunk) said...

I should've woke up a bit longer before I hit your blog!!! OMG I can't stop laughing at the mental images you've given me... well except for the men with no teeth... ***shudder*** Thanks for the wake up call!

xashee's corner said...

LOL boy did i LOVE that story!! i can only imagine the crowd you gathered as the boat came ashore! lol the only story i have that is even close, is when my older son went out to swim with dolphins and got stung by jellyfish and was helped in by a rowing boat type, WAYY smaller! lol and a crowd gathered for THAT!! lol you and your friends are just too much fun!!! Thank you so much for the laughs! Thank you so very much for all you share!!!! have a WONDERFUL day!!hugs!! :D

txbubbles said...

LMAO at your paddle ski adventure!
What a hoot! Thanks for the terrific frame, now I'm off to go snag that bag!
Vicki in Texas

Andrea said...

Oh my gosh!! That story is hilarious!! Love the saggy wet *seals* and the image of you girls trying to swim back w/ that paddle ski is cracking me up! Then armpit lifted by dirty ol' fishermen! haha And the whole time the boys just watching! ha hah a

GREAT story!!! Thanks for giggles!

Love that doodly frame! thank you :)

BTW - already grabbed your bag!! love your grab bags! Those layouts are beautiful!

Jenni said...

I am so glad Jazzy is doing ok,poor lady. OMWord, I had such a good laugh, and I really needed one today!
Thanks for the cute frame, I love it!And your grab bag is fantastic, I love every single item in it!!

SJC said...

OK. I soooooo wish there were pictures of that! (Not that you'd choose to share them...) You are so wild and crazy, you inspire me to be a little more wild in my life too!

Unknown said...

Waynes wetsuit hung down to your knees huh? Welp....
Now we all know why you married HIM! hahahahah!!!!!!


ok so first,
I sleepily pour coffee down my shirt... then I make a nother cuppa, hit your blog, and proceed to spit it all over the desk, and get choked on it laughing.

I reckon Im a headin back to bed.

Melberry said...

Where's the videocam when you need it?! What a wild story. You've given Barb/Mrs. Miles and all the rest of us a raucus laugh today. And what a lovely frame you gifted us as well! Thanks and hugs ... Melanie

PS You've been given ANOTHER award on my blog today:

Being Mrs Miles said...

Oh MY ...

Buahahhahahhahahahah! Remind me NOT to ask you anyfings else... haha, my EYES can't take all the READING. I kinda expected a "We went to our local beach today. The sand is so nice an white. The water was wet and cool" I finks your journalling will become a screenplay, for I surely saw it all acted out in my head. ROTFL

I bet your guys have NEVER let you forget this. Things like this have a way of coming back to haunt one. And your g/f peeing in the wetsuit - thats just TOO FUNNY!

Kim, your layouts are just amazing. This seems something I don't find much time for these days. My and Beth's kits meld PERFECTCLY for this layout.

Question (I know, danger DANGER - keep it under 1000 words sweetie!) Ok, the question is, when you get all these lovely kits - do you store them as the full kits, or do you break them down, like a whole file of just papers, one of elements etc? I have several friends that do it both ways. Me? I keep it all together as then I for sure know who to credit for stuffies, and what matches... but then sometimes it takes a lot of hunting and pecking to find separate pieces.

What you finks?

Thx for 'membering Jazzy to us. I'll be praying for her today.

hugses! BIG ONES


Felicia McB said...

I can't imamgine being stuck out away from shore that way, I'd have freaked out! (but then I'd never have done that, as I don't swim well enough to try it, lol). but a funny story none the less.

and oh my gosh i was just thinking that "Kim should have another grab bag coming out soon" lol and there it is, now I'm going to have to run and buy it!
thanks for the heads up that it's available now.

Peggie said...

I love this beautiful frame. Thank you.

Jackie said...

Ohhh lordy girl. The messes you just "happen" to find yourself in. But at least you have fun & laugh about it. And give us lots to laugh about with you. Ya know, they call it "liquid courage" for a reason.....bwahahaha I can't WAIT to get my hands on your bag!!!!! MUCH love to ya & thanks bunches for the frame!!! Gotta pin down my BFF Tonya for a pic.

Jackie said...

Hey chica..shoot me an email when you get a sec, k?

Dinphy said...

Thanks for the warning! ;)
I waited with reading until I had some time to spend. But it's been well worth it, I loved your story, but am very glad it didn't happen to me. lol (as if)

Now Bunny shouldn't put comments like that here! ;)
I know what to expect from you, so I luckily DON'T read and drink. lol. But I thought the comments would be safe... Now reading SHE spit it out, nearly made me too! Now I had cola up my nose!
(I known you all call it 'coke' but I just can not write that, when followed by 'up my nose'.)

Anyway, thanks for a good laugh, (both you and Bunny), and thanks for the pretty frame!!

Bonnie said...

Oh my word Kim! That was hysterical. I am sitting here, everyone has gone to bed-its' 10:30pm and I am cackling all my myself in my study! I feel like a loon!!! the "armpit style" just set it off for me! I could imagine the whole thing!!!
I saw this program on one of the kids channels (DSTV) today and the mom of these boys reminded me of you! (short cropped blonde hair). Must of just been the hair! lol-I have no idea why I told you that! Ha hahaha

MomSoto said...

Thank you :) Your new freebie was just listed at Twisted Challenges Freebie Listing

rmcknight said...

Hey Kim! I haven't been around in awhile. So sorry to hear about Jazzy's loss. However, she's a lucky woman to have friends like you.

I love the Keaton layout! I have been trying to do an extraction. Let me just say...I definitely suck at it!!!

Thank you for the cute doodle frame also!

Robbi and Mike said...

There is a little something on my blog for you dear Kim! My little way of saying thank you for the wonderful start of my mornings you have given for the last year. I sure dont know why I put my makeup on before I read your blog - I either end up crying or laughing so hard I cry - One of these days I will learn to read your blog before I put on my face. Many thanks for my "Morning wake up call" Hugs, Robbi

BlueRose said...

I'm so glad that Jazzy felt comfort in the post everyone did.

Wow all I have to say is that was one good adventure you had their. Sounds just something I would of done in my younger years.

Thanks so much for the freebie I went and got that set so the frame will work out really nice.

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 24 Jul [LA 11:00pm] - 25 Jul [NY 01:00am, UK 06:00am, OZ 04:00pm]).

charlie said...

PMSL..gotta love "the things we use to to do" stories..TFS the frame..excellent!

LiviaY said...

OMG Kim!!!

I have to remember to go to the bathroom BEFORE reading your blog... I almost did as Claire!!! ROFLMAO!!!

Thanks for the laughs and for the GORGEOUS frame!!!!


elnorac said...

Loved your story!!!!! Thanks for the chuckle. And for the cute doodled frame!

Sue said...

What a cute frame! Thanks for sharing it. :)

Unknown said...

hey kim!
have to say, i love the pic of you and deon. you always look so fresh and spunky! nice one and thanks for the frame.
much love,
mel_h xxxx

Suz :) said...

More..♥Link Love♥...for YOU! Thank you!
Suzee Q's Stuff