Tuesday, 15 July 2008

PHEW-and some freebies

Goodness, what a crazy last few days! With the store crashing, then moving it, getting everything up and running, sale, and having to move the store AGAIN- lol, well you get the picture! lol. Bunny you are a star and have a will of IRON! I would have been in one of those white coats that sort of buckle up the wrong way- YUP, those ones! lol. Thanks so much for just hanging in there- you can breathe and SLEEP NOW!

And my dear friend Deon arrived a mid the chaos- BUT, I was told to go and enjoy myself by my friend Bunny Wunny ( whom I phoned on Friday night  too, just to see if she was alive - yup, but I'm sure she now thinks all South African's are slightly COOKOOOOOO - hahahahahahaha.) I had had a few brandy's with good ol Deon at lunch- which turned into night time - and we only got home just before 9pm! Yeah, it was a GOOD lunch! lol

Deon, his brother and Dad all arrived at 8am the next morning to watch the rugby match- ARRRRRRRKK, PEOPLE, how can you do that to a girl who has just woken up with a HEADACHE, DRY MOUTH and has hair that looks like she stuck her head in the dishwasher and then let the cat play in it-KWIM?- Thank goodness it's like having family here, so I spent the morning in my PJ's getting ragged by the men about just how *beautiful* I look in the morning- bwahahahahaha.

They still had the GUTS to have a champagne breakfast- I had the breakfast yes, but UHUM- NOOOOOO thank you, Juice was just fine for me! And about 4 cups of coffee-lol Everyone went for afternoon snoozes on Saturday -PHEW! We had a brunch again just before Deon left in his BRAND NEW CAR on Sunday lunch time! The bugger, he had bought a new car too- and had come to collect it. We have now made plans to meet half way between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth next month ( for Waynie's Bday) for a weekend. So looking forward to that! Looks like with Dee in Cape Town we will see more of him than I thought and will be having weekends away- its GOOD!

I took the day off yesterday to just spend some *me repair* time, and feel good and rested today. YAY!

OOOH- and the girls have been BUSY- ( sort of made me feel guilty yesterday- but I know I needed it too ;-P)

Montana Softlysweet2

Renee did this stunning LO using my new Softly Sweet kit-



Livia sent me this beauty! Just look at that cute face!!




nessa glasses (600 x 600)

Silvia sent me this very COOL Lo of her daughter! AWESOME LO girl!


She ALSO made a stunning cluster frame FREEBIE for you all- it's on her blog now


Grab it HERE, and don't forget to leave her some love too ;-)

Maimi Beach RS

This LO is from Jazzy, who at the moment is setting up her blog too! WOOOHOOOOO, go Jazzy.

And Beth has made us a freebie for today too! It's this Gorgeous QP


Go check it out HERE,

THANKS BETH and SILVIA!! WOOOHOOOOO, I was spoilt today!

Until tomorrow, sending loves and hugs Kim.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sweety...I was wondering where you have been yesterday...Im glad you had a good time with Deon eventhough it sounds like a major hangover weekend to me...lol...Im glad you like the frame and lo I made for ya...

Sending big hugs and kisses your way

Amy W. said...

Glad you had a good time. I hate that I keep going MIA lately and miss out on you and what's going on. But between it being summer vaca here and still going to school full time. Waaaaah! I miss my Kimmie and Brab! Boo-hoo! Glad you all got the shop up and running. Love the new kit BTW. Giant hugs!

Anonymous said...

Good for you Kimmy for taking some me time..after the weekend you needed it for sure..I tell you folks Bunny, Kim and all the great designers at DSO worked their butts off this weekend to make the sale a success and to keep us on line..I being the newby of the bunch, didnt quiet know what was going on but I got tired just watching from behind the lines..Bunny goes above and beyond to make DSO the great site it is...Thanks to all of you..and Kim..LOL I think Ive done it again..blogged in your comments..I have mine up but so far not posted on it..I think Im a bit afraid and dont know what to say...but Im going to give it a try later on..thanks for the beautiful freebies today cant wait to grab them..

Luisa said...

Beautiful freebie, Thanks and so good that you take a little 'me' time, Thanks for post my layout, your kit is gorgeous!

verabear said...

That sounds like a FUN weekend :)

Being Mrs Miles said...

I'm so glad you and Deon had lunch,
You bee-hayved yourselves,
Did not drink a bunch,
It was better just to munch,
So your head doesn't crunch..
gotta run, my hunny just came home...

Being Mrs Miles said...

ok, that was not a proper how-dee-doo, but my hunny was comin' in the door and HE DID THE SHOPPING, so I was rushing to help him put stuff away... I love it when he grocery shops, he buys all the things I would THINK I'd like, but would figure we could not afford, haha.

so thats why i ran away on ya. I'll return, never fear.


Anonymous said...

Poppin in to say hello and see what's goin on in your side of the digiworld. Sounds like you've been having a wonderful time. Lovin what your girls are doing. I've been playin with some of your stuff too. Love to have you stop by and check it out.

Have a great one!