Sunday, 13 July 2008

Last DAY of SALE- reminders.

Just doing the QUICK Sunday pop in to REMIND you that TODAY is the LAST DAY of the 50% off SALE!

EXTENDED for you in thanks for your patience while we worked out the extra glitches-lol





Last chance to grab my brand new kit at 50% off too.

SOFTLY SWEET has 10 pastel patterned papers and 45 elements to play with.



Don't forget to grab the ADD-ON in Friday's post too ;-)

I received this gorgeous LO from Mel this morning too-


OH Mel I loved this- it's so soft and pretty - just like that photo!!


And remember to grab the MEGA FREEBIE MEGA KIT from all the girls listed in THURSDAYS Post too-


This freebie will BE GONE TOMORROW- so if you have missed some of it- RUN QUICK to Thursdays post and do some blog hopping to pick up this amazing huge kit.

Well I'm off to go to lunch with Deon and the family before he leaves to go back to Cape Town. It's been a wonderful weekend having him here ( even though he brought the rain with him- ROTF!). Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday with your family and loved ones too. Much Love and hugs Kim.


Pamela said...

Hot Dog!!! I strolled in here in the nick of time. I am downloading I Believe for Girls Now. THANK YOUUUUU!! You KNOW I've been dying for this kit. I'm off to download the freebie as well. Thanks sooo much ya'll for the awesome sale and awesome goodies. I'm gonna have a blast playing with them. {{BIG HUGS}}. Enjoy your Sunday, I definately will!!!!!

verabear said...

OMG Kim! I hadn't even known about your sale til today and now I am cramming! I've narrowed down to three kits but I am still reluctant because that's already $10 that isn't really in my budget. Hehe. OOoohhh.... I am making final decisions before I checkout...

Mrs. Miles said...

Thanks for the reminder,
About your kit so soft and sweet,
Full of flora,
And full of 'tweet'
I hope you have,
A fun lunch with your Deon Dude,
Enjoy the day,
Savour the food,
We'll be waiting next week,
With great relish,
You're journalling of it,
Which you're sure to embellish.

*snerk snerk*

Pamela said...

Thanks again for the sale and AWESOME AWESOME freebie. I snagged "I Believe for Girls" and used it here:

It's such a fun fun kit to play with.

Patamomma said...

Ditto Mrs. Miles, and I already took advantage of the sale to snag your softly sweet, and a few other things too! I love your fanciful kits! Keep it up! Also grabbed the wonderful scrapjournal collab. Thanks for all you do. Hope you kiss Deon for all of us. Have a blast and take lots of pics. Patty