Friday, 5 September 2008


hahaha- well I'm excited as hubby is on his way home again today ( yeah he's been away AGAIN this week)- sheee's I think I'm becoming the *grass widow* all over again-LOL, But it's only now while he gets the company all sorted out and running the way he wants it. I HOPE. I'm getting used to it - but man these early mornings you can HAVE- those I will NEVER get used too-HAHAHAHA.

And well the sun only lasted yesterday- I was standing in the shower earlier and man, it got dark all of a sudden and BAMB- wind and pouring rain- IT'S Bunny I tell you- she's sent me the storm that she had yesterday - LOL.

We're planning on a QUIET weekend this weekend ( two heavy weekends in a row are enough for this old fart for a while!)- but I have to tell you about last week Friday night. You all know that we were so LATE at getting ready due to flights, and major yakking-

Well this *DO/Party* that we were all going to started at 9pm- UHUM, we only got home from the airport at 8-lol. NO tickets were sold before hand- it was a first come/first serve- tickets only at the door. At 9.30 one of the friends phone to say *where the hell are you*- the queue is going around the corner- OOOOPS-lol, we hadn't even got in the shower yet! Now we had to fetch Roche ( our other friend) when we were ready ( she was also running late so she was happy that we weren't done yet-lol), But we let her know that MAYBE we should try something to get in- hee hee * insert a little evil snicker grin and giggle*- you see Roche knows the organiser of the event- so she phones him- explains that the group are running late- HE says NO PROBLEM- tickets at the door waiting- he'll let the bouncer know that it's us ( we know him too- lol) and to keep our *place* inside!

OMG- thank goodness we did that- when we arrived the cars where parked up three different streets at and near the venue ( NOT something you EVER see here in PE)- the queue of people now waiting goes into the street! lol. Wayne finds a parking down a side street and we all walk LOUDLY(yeah we had warmed up already) arm in arm past the whole lot of people waiting in the street and those milling around trying to get in- push past the people crowding in the front - all done as though we now OWN the place- ROTF. And while doing that Roche wipes out the *rope boundry red carpet thingys'* with her HUGE handbag- turns around and says OOOOPS, did I do that laughing, which cracked us all up. The look on the peoples faces was enough to kill - and of COURSE the * what the hell, who do they think THEY are, and you got to go to the BACK of the queue where the phrases I can repeat here LOL!)

AT this stage NO-ONE was being let in as it was so full- but of course when the bouncer saw it was us- he came out- escorted us through the *crows* in the front- and opens the door standing in his protective stance- and of course the comments from the people right in front was only - WTF?- OH DEAR- Wayne who by now looks like a pimp again with 5 woman around him- turns around bravely and says * you have to be IMPORTANT people* and turns and walks in- BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Thanks goodness the doors were closed after him or I think he could have had a blue eye! lol. But it was really funny and it felt good being treated like *Celebs*- hee hee. Thanks Roche- it's great when you *knows people*- hahahahaha.


shooo- doing the Yak today again- but got to get to some business too-


My GRAB BAG ENDS on SUNDAY- you all know I don't blog on the weekends- so I thought I would give you a FULL reveal of my bag today so you can see what's in it for only $3-


Leafy Cluster frames ( hanging and standard)


Full Alpha- matching full kit below


Heartfelt papers (10 JPG @ 300ppi)


And the Heartfelt elements - 43 in all

So yup you get a FULL Kit- Full Alpha and those Leafy frames for $3! They will all go up full price on Sunday night- so if you want it - grab it now ;-)

I also have some more LO's done with it-

Belinda for KIm (600 x 600)

Silvia did this of her stunning daughter Belinda- Silvia girl she is growing into a beautiful woman! LOCK THE DOORS- lol

And Jazzy did this one in her fabulous Heritage style-

Greatest BlessingRS

She also used some of her Word Art that is in Her Grab bag!-

and I used some too with this one that I did of my friend Gaylene


I just loved this photo of her- she was dressed up as a *flapper* for my Bday party and the look suites her! lol. I used Jazzy's Smiles word art and my Grab Bag for it-

I thought I would share it with you - and made you a  freebie *sampler Hearttfelt QP*


Grab it here-

And now I got a face to FILL- lol, and at least try and look PWETTY for hubby when he lands- YAY!! Have a super weekend and be good-lol. Sending hugs and loves Kim


Bunny Cates said...

see, I shouldve read your blog before I called.

I call, and your not home. tsk tsk..

I think your nanny thinks Im crazy...

"Tell her Bunny called"
"Bunny, from the states, tell her BUNNY called"
"ummm.. okayyyyyy"


welcome home WAYNEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Kristine said...

Have a great weekend Kim!!


Jazzy said...

Hi GF..thanks for using my word art..hope you have a great weekend just being home with the framily..sounds like you need to you soon..

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning VIP!!!!!!!
How cool that was to be treated that way!!!!! LOL
TY so very much for todays MARVELOUS QP!!!!!!!!!!!!
ENJOY Hubbies home coming & the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O2BNGdHope said...

If I remember my "weather channel 101" our hurricanes come off the coast of Africa! So Gustav, Hannah, Ike and Josephine are all your fault! LOL! They must have wound up from the same storm that brought you those HIGH waves! So you can't blame Bunny for your storms! There, Bunny! I've got your back!

Love the grqab bag, Kimb. Thanks for sharing the QP!

Dinphy said...

Dear miss Broedelet,
I am very sorry I have always been so forward to call you 'Kim'.
I fully see my error, and appollogize.
I realize now you are:
:D ;D :D ;D

Oh girl, I almost PIMP reading that! It must have been SO awesome!

Thanks for making me smile with your fun-told stories! :)

Peggie said...

Thank you for this lovely QP>

mel_h said...

helloooo! how odd that i was thinking about you just about the whole week and then you come say hellooo! great minds im telling you! the storms there on your side of the valley was hectic hey, gees.. ooo and i looked at your counter, almost a mill???? best we have a biiig celebration then hey! thanks for stopping by kim, really appreciate it!
much love,
mel xxxxxxx

carjazi said...

I can always count on you for a great story! I swear, when I grow up I wanta be you. (do you hear the pout in my voice?) Love the freebie. Stalking you for your designer grab bag. I'm adicted I tell ya. I got it bad! bwahahaha

Hope you have a great weekend. Sounds like it's off to a terrific start.

Bekah_E'scape2Scrapland said...

thanks for the QP :)

Kristin said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

nancypinct said...

Gorgeous page Kim! Lovely design! Thank you for this very nice gift!

Anonymous said...

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Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 06 Sep [LA 01:20am, NY 03:20am, UK 08:20am, OZ 06:20pm] ).

Rose (Craftymoom) said...

Thank you so much for sharing your talent...

Jennifer B said...

I'm off to get the grab bag, thanks for the freebie. I love your work.

Suz said...

As Erica Zane would say…Holey Cow Awesome! Another great day of freebies!! Here is big...♥"”HUG”"♥...from me to you for sharing your designs with all of us!
Suzee Q's Stuff

Anonymous said...

This is lovely. Thank you so much

Anonymous said...

thank you so much

Mrs. Miles said...

I'm glad your man is home again,
And that I' missed your blog,
But you've been busy with your Wayne,
And I've been busy as a dog,
While you were snuggen' w/ your guy
I was canning peaches by the ton,
Seems like I did all the work,
While you were having fun,
And funny Bunny send you a storm,
Shoved away sun and gave you rain,
Hopefully it will pass,
And your skies will clear again,
I won't even try to sort your antics,
Of your party on the weekend,
For it all sounds rather frantic,
And I cannot comprehend,
But I must say this about your man,
He's truly a chick-magnet,
For they seem to hang off from his arms,
Tell me is he rich and handsome,
Or just possesses charms?

Fanks for sharing your adventures, Kimmie - you're better than a soap! ROTFL

Your Grab Bag is AMAZING - I'm gasping and could not stop myself from playing!!! This is the bargain of the century. Can't wait to show off!

Silvia's layout is so sweet. Jazzy's is STUNNING, course I have a thing for heritage. Gaylene looks MARVELOUS - she's perfectly flappy - you know tho, and smack me if I'm out of line here... but she'd look an authentic and vintage flapper if you turned her photo to sepia???

Aneeewaysss... I've caught your chat bug here and really should be getting things done here. I'll be back. Oh, your QP is amazing and I'm looking forward to using it too!


Lara´s Digi World said...

Hi Kim, love your goodies, your challenge, your blog, your freebies.
You´ve been awarded. Come to my blog please, to pick up the award.