Monday, 6 October 2008

*in the dark*

What a way to start a Monday off- NO LIGHTS! ARRGHH- talk about choosing the "right time" people- lol, Don't they know I haven't been able to see my computer all weekend and that I have tons to catch up on???- HUH?- MONDAY?? Come on now- hahahahahaha. Yup I've been stuck with no electricity for just on 3 hours, ON A MONDAY after one of "those weekends"- hee hee, feels like I'm being punished- LOL

Well to be honest I think I punished myself- I have a sore twisted wrist that is reminding me with every letter that I type that I made a *poop all* of myself by falling flat on my ass in the early hours of Sat morning- I DID!! hahaha- I had new shoes on - and the soles where still *slippery* and not rough and worn in yet- mmmmmmm, tequila and a fancy dance move- slippery shoes- and BAM- you are on your ASS laughing so much that your friends can't pick you up either. And there's PROOF too- Oh boy- caught on camara! Mind you the ego was more bruised than my wrist or ass at the time as well they were sort of tequila "anaesthetized" -Until Sunday that is! OUCH! BWAHAHAHAHAH. Serves me right- but OH I had such a great time! I have STOMACH muscle aches(besides a few others) from laughing all weekend!

And Dinphy and Mrs Miles- PONG ( which I forgot was a South African slang word)- means to STINK to high heaven. lol

OOOH and I have to show you these by Olivia Dorazio's (well Mrs Miles;-) - She sent them to me on the weekend as a pressy and I'm dying to try them-


I had to tell you because these leaves are ONLY $2 and today is MONDAY MADNESS so you'll receive an additional 20% off! Can't beat that!

AWWW and I got sent these awesome LO's  using my Fall Splendor portion of the Huge Freebie Collab-


This Birthday one sent by none other than my friend Mrs Miles


and this stunner sent to me by Kez Creates , Thanks so much- these are just stunning!!


On Friday I highlighted my Precious Angel Memories- blue kit ( perfect for baby boys)- and today I promised the pink ;-)

The Kits are 25% OFF for a limited time only- so check them here for close up detail.


I used the pink version for this soft LO of my little niece Caden- she was just on 7 weeks old here


I flipped the QP for this photo, to show you can use it anyway by just rotating it ;-)


Don't forget the DSO blog is giving away a *treat* EVERYDAY this month- everyday is different so keep checking it out ;-) You can pick up your QP here Hope your Monday is a better one than mine has been-lol. Until tomorrow- hugs and loves Kim


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!!!!!!!
So glad you had a marvelous time!!!!!
But sorry to hear about your Wrist!!!!!!!!
Many moon's ago I had one of those moments but I feel & hit the corner of a pooltable & had a black eye!!!!!
Hubby use to tease me all the time about it!!!!!!
TY so very much for another AWESOME QP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope your lights come back on SOON!!!!!!!!!

Lynn said...

Ya know, my mom passed away on Saturday, so where do I go to be cheered up? You're blog! Sorry about your butt and wrist, but the way you tell a story makes me laugh. Thanks for the fun.

Being Mrs Miles said...

on a dark DARK night...


on a dark, dark MORNING in SA... haha!

... there was a designer{slash}chick seated in a dark, dark room. The power was out and she was sitting at her computer keyboard urgently trying to start the machine. At first she was sure it would simply be a matter of waiting for a bit, but as time wore on her anxiety grew. Her eyes started twitching, fingers nervously dancing over the keys in the vain hope that some mysterious command like the F14 key would make her machine fire up and run on thin air. When this did not transpire, with sweat beading her upper lip, her mascara running down her face, and contrasting her white skin from sitting too long in the dark - it gave her the macabre look of a rock star (like kiss or alice cooper or something) After her strange behavior escalated she was pushed over the edge of all reasonableness and then she did the UNTHINKABLE ... she picked up her keyboard and SHOOK IT until all the crumbs and debris from all the snacks she'd eaten for the last 10 years flew off in every direction.

And this is how her husband came home and found her at the end of the day. She's now enjoying an extended holiday in a nice, quiet place where the staff all wears white {coats}

Umm - guess I got a tad carried away with my imagination Kim...

Your twisted ankle story is far more unbelievable and exciting than what I could ever make up *snort* You better wear watershoes or something when you go out - ok?

Thx for the new word in my vocab - I'm going to unleash that one on someone soon LOL!

Fanks for featuring my leaves! {major hug}

And my layout. Whew!

Love the layout by Kez Creates!

AWWWWWWWW - baby alert {my knees go weak!} Your neice is DARLING - such a cute smile already!

Thx for sharing, Kim & you recoup that wrist you precocious gurl!

~ Barbs

Peggie said...

Thank you so much for this lovely QP.

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 06 Oct [LA 10:00pm] - 07 Oct [NY 12:00am, UK 05:00am, OZ 03:00pm] ).

Mumure said...

thank you so much :))

Ramie :-) said...

Thanks so much! Looks like you had a great sorry about the power troubles this week. Hope everything is back to normal (if there is such thing) soon!

Joy said...

Thank you Kim for the freebie and stopping by my blog when I was having such a tough time while my mother was ill. Hugs... Joy

LOL... gotta love that Mrs Miles.

Suz :) said...

Oh MY!!!...I have seriously neglected my “PEEPS”! Well I’m here now to give you some of that big ole...♥Luvin♥...for all your generosity to me and the digital scrapbooking community. Stay as sweet as you already are and have a super day.

Unknown said...

thanks again :) i had to do another page lol

Unknown said...

thanks so much