Tuesday, 7 October 2008

lights-action and camara

hee hee- well that statement is so perfect for today- Woke up this morning to - NOTHING- lol, no electricity at all. AGAIN! Wayne was sitting at his LT and he couldn't get to the office as the car was stuck in the garage-lol. (yeah I think it's time to get the builders back to finish off the last of the renovations- YUCK-lol)

Nathan had his first day back at school and had to walk- OUCH-, It wasn't only us- but the WHOLE of Port Elizabeth and the surrounding areas too. Something to do with a faulty cable ( from yesterday that they were fixing)-I just went back to bed-LOL. Woke up an hour later and went to find hubby- and caught this on camera- hee hee, Don't you think this is the perfect office?


Sitting in the garden using his phone to communicate as his LT had died. Too funny. The electricity came on at 11am only - sheeee's, but like my sister said- it's a *forced relax* and I had a really good snooze- lol

So today is *show and tell* day as I haven't been able to do much this morning again- so thought you would like to see a few photo's from the weekend ( and yup- I should probably burn a few lol)


AWWW- this is my dearest friend Loryn and we had just got ready when Waynie took this photo - they had just got to our place at 10.30 and this was just past 11pm- ( still looking fresh and make up in one place here -LOL)


WAHAHAHAHA- after a few tequilas and on our way to meet the rest of the crowd- this was outside the venue, BEFORE we had even got in yet- Deon and I singing on top of our lungs- him warning PE that he was BACK- rotflmao-


Just got home and full of *sh-one t*- lol.


Yeah- the one I need to BURN, On my ass and oh dear heavens, not managing to get up either- HAHAHAHAHAHA. Eventually Roche who was trying to help me up collapsed in the fits of laughter with me. The rest grabbed cameras as you can see-lol

Ok, now that you've giggled/laughed with me today-

I have to show you this AWESOME new kit by Jenni ( Chaos Lounge)


Rainy Day Blues- There are 15 papers, 3 are tattered and torn, and 47 elements and a small case alpha. You can get Rainy Day Blues at 40% off until Friday at Jen's Store at DC.

I got to play with it last night and LOVED it-


Don't you just love the puppy dog faces waiting for the sun shine? Thanks for the photo Lynnie ( hee hee- I beg my friends for photos too)

And if you pop on over to Jen's blog- you can get this great matching freebie too.


Check it out here-  Remember to leave some love too. Well I have to get some work done- well I'm going to try- hahahahahaha. I hope you have a good day and chat tomorrow- hugs and loves Kim


Judgirl said...

wow no power..yes I got your 2 new kits ...AngelBaby ..they are beautiful ...thanks so much ...well have a great day and week ...hugs and more hugs

Vera said...

Really looks like you had a blast! Don't burn those photos, someday you might need them :)

Ooh and Jenni's new kit is pretty, so is her new blog layout!

Mrs. Miles said...

*snicker* you DO know how to live life to its fullest, don't you Kim?

One thing I appreciate about you is your being so candid - don't change a THING.

I'll slip on over to Jen's blog! You rest, so you can do this all over again in a weekend or two haha!

~ Barb

Beth said...

Partying hard and STILL looking gorgeous!!! LOL! No fair! VERY fun to see those shots.... and what a FANTASTIC layout you made with Jenni's gear!!!! WOWZAS!!! Really outstanding!!!

Jenni said...

OMWord Kim, looks like you had a blast, and a huge laugh!!! Glad you had a great time! Love your LO with my kit, thanks for pimping it:)

Jazzy said...

Girl you sure know how to "Party Hearty" as they say...oh to be young again..LOL the new make overs of the Precious Memories Kits are just beautiful..I am working toward a layout of Andrew..and the pink will be perfect for Kaylen..thanks so much Jens page is great and so it the kit..love it
Hope your power stays on..love ya

Bunny Cates said...

we're watching you....