Thursday, 9 October 2008

YAY- sun

Thank goodness the sun is out this morning- after yesterdays storms there is a lot of damage and water lying around- so the sun today will help moral as well as dry up all the mess. I have NEVER seen such huge thunder storms here - especially so early in the morning. Summer time we have one now and again in the late afternoon after a really hot day- but it's usually a downpour and gone. Was sort of freaky having it so dark ( and I mean dark as in night dark!) at 10am in the morning-lol. And the power seems to be holding - YAY!!

I have got all my anniversary COMMERCIAL USE GRAB BAG goodies up in the store now and I made some previews so you can see what you missed if you didn't get the bag-

ALL THESE ARE NOW 25% off ( one week only)


All the doodle tools and kits-


The elements


All the realistic kits


Strings,ribbons and bows


and my favourites-lol, the overlays.

You can see them all here in the WHAT's NEW section at DSO. And Carolyn, Sorry for the inconvenience with the ANGEL KITS- the store kicked them back to normal price even thought they were set until tomorrow. ( it does happen-lol) , they are still marked at 25% and will be until tomorrow.

And look at these awesome LO's done with them-

This was done by Pamela-


How awesome is the vine cluster with the feathers.! And Pamela has a freebie QP on her blog too. Don't forget to leave her some love if you download.

Mom and Belinda Hospital (600 x 600)

This very touching and heartfelt LO is from Silvia- this is of her mom holding Belinda in hospital after she was born. Thanks so much my friend, I know how hard this was for you. ;-)

And the reason behind these very special kits is because of this wonderful fellow scrapper -Kat Tankersley , Kat had put in a ISO thread at DST looking for suitable kits for her Angel son who's second birthday was coming up. Another dear friend Melinda, who has also had her own loss, a daughter whom I had named my *Sweet Bella Overlays* after, sent me a mail to ask where my old Precious Angel Memory kits where. I had of course taken them down. I got hold of Kat and promised to re-do them for her. ( I re-did both of course) and Kat has sent this very SPECIAL and precious LO that she had made for her son William's second Bday-


Kat your journaling on this page made me choke up and yet feel at peace all at the same time. You said it was one of your best LO's yet- and I think it's because it is so from the heart and your soul is in it that makes it just so much more special and precious! Thank you soo soo much for sharing this with us. It's truly beautiful.

And I've been playing last night and this morning too ( I'm trying to catch up on my own CT duty's that have sort of gone out the window with all the HD crashes and power cuts LOL),


I did this LO of the *girls* Yup the girl friends all in a bunch,LOL, using Bonnie Van Esch's new kit Ow'll be there, 


it's a cute whimsy styled kit designed for friends.

I made the Lo into a template for you today-


It comes in PSD, PNG's and JPG for all programmes and suites a nice large photo. You can grab it here- .

Phew this was a long picture post today- but hope you got some inspiration while you visited ;-). Sending hugs and loves Kim


Kristine said...

Morning beautiful!!!!

Swinging thru doing a wee dance all over your blog just because I can!!! LOL

have a great day!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I see crazy Kristine beat me sending you some squeezes and thanks for the layout post..Im glad things have calmed down in SA...sounded frightening..gggeeees.


Kim's Scrappin' said...

What beautiful LO's you have on here today Kim! Thanks for sharing the great template :)

Anonymous said...

I always find inspiration when I visit your blog....

this is a darling template. Thanks so much for your ever-present generosity!

Mrs. Miles said...

Hay Kim,

I only have a few moments (sowwy) but am dropping by to say hello.

AWESOME blog entry, I have to fly outta here in a moment when Mr. comes home for lunch, but everything is amazing on your blog today.

I hope you have a great weekend - I'll drop you a line soons as I can.

PS - love the pics of you gals as a group and Silvia's layout is very moving.

~ Barb

Anonymous said...

I didn't get the grungy prints 2 in the overlay bag. I got the samplers zip instead.I was wondering is it supposed to be in there? Or is it just the way you did the preview?

Pam M. said...

Thank you so much for the template!

Suz said...

Thank you sooooo much for your super sweeeeet generosity!!! Here is some ♥"Link Love"♥ hope it helps brighten your day!