Friday, 29 August 2008

Friday already

Phew- this weeks sort of blown over in a fog! lol- you know when one day just melts into the next and before you know it the week has gone! lol. I think it's the meds- MAN, it makes my brain fuzzy.

Oh goodness- I got the NO MORE SLEEPS from Loryn this morning via mail- and of course she asked how I was feeling- when I said 80% normal- I got this reply- Now that I can work with- BWAHAHAHAHA. And the phone has been ringing all morning with everyone asking what how when etc. Boy I think it's going to be a long and fun one- I'll just have to take it easy too though (uhum- yeah say's me!) or I could land up back in bed sick again next week-lol

And talking about *friends*- Nancy, you've been quiet girl, how are things going with you?- Muka, if you still read here GF- just wanted to let you know I've been thinking of you- and what the hell are you up to these days??Judi- thought of you on Andrews Bday, arrgh and there are so many of you that I haven't had a chance to say HI to lately! Life just got a little hectic this side and well, I might forget to reply now and again- but I do read and remember- lol. Just letting you know that I was thinking of you all.

And Bunny Wunny- GF, there is a house over the road for sale???- hahahahahahaha.

Ok- Waynie just got home, EARLY- wooohooooo, so we are going to get some  supplies at the *store*- which in SA terms means the Bottle store- lol.

And in honour of today- for my dear friend Loryn-


I made up this little *word art* to print with this pic- and thought you would like to use it too ( oooh and just a hint- it matches something coming out on Monday)- hee hee


It's in PNG format and does have slight shadows so you can just plop it into your Lo's or your cards ect.

OK OK OK- I'm coming- hahaha, that's Wayne shouting at me to hurry up-LOL. Guys I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I promise I'll TRY and be good- I did say TRY- lol. Sending hugs and loves Kim

Thursday, 28 August 2008


YEAH- I swear if they had an audition here for a Christmas pageant- I would definitely get the part of Rudolph! lol. My nose is running PERMANANTLY and now I have a wonderful RED button in it's place- Oh and if you see it running past- catch the bugger- I want it back- hahahahaha.

I'm feeling a lot better and according to my hubby I have my humour back- UHUM- you think that was his polite way of saying I've been grouchy the last few days??- hee hee, well I suppose I can't argue with him and even tho I'm still full of it ( the COLD that is- come now, come now- LOL), I feel better- the head seems to be working again! And I have to get to the shops in a few minutes to get some supplies (like Tissues!!-lol) and a few odds to at least make Loryn's stay here on the weekend a little special and comfortable. Also been working as much as I can as it's the end of the month chaos and we have a great surprise coming up in a few days too! WOOOOHOOOO!

OOOh- look at these wonderful LO's I received from my Scrapbook Max friend Marion


Marion as I said in the mail I sent you- girl you are one YOUNG looking Gran ( people Marion has 8 grand children) and she looks like she could be their mother! Must be something in the water there!!LOL.


AHHHH- don't you just love that little face!! This came out sooooo well- I love it! Marion used I Believe and I Believe for boys available in my store. Thanks Marion - I LOVED these!

And I have a few more LO's - but I can't show you them yet- hee hee! ARRGGGH- it's like having money in my pocket and you can't spend it- LOL!! Same feeling!

I'm loving doing frames again- and made this one for you today-


Don't you think it matches *Storybook Romance*?- Didn't plan it that way when I started it- and then I added the flutters to it from the kit- so I think it would be a super addition ;-).  grab it here
Well let me get going while the energy is still high- lol, Chat tomorrow- hugs and loves Kim PS- spray Lysol while reading- just sneezed while typing- WAHAHAHAHAHA. MWAH

Tuesday, 26 August 2008


AWW- Mrs Miles, thanks for the *where are you*- poem- I'm here, just sick as a dog- I have the flu ! ARRGGHH, I hate being sick. I told Bunny yesterday my head was floating somewhere over Kentucky- lol. and it felt like it! I went for a nap yesterday afternoon and woke up with a fright- it was past 5pm! EISH! Thank goodness Wayne bought supper on the way home- ahahaha.

Feeling a bit better today- at least no temp, and of course with Deon being here I pushed myself on the weekend when I know I shouldn't have- but weelllll- yeah, what can I say- I'm a Poopall on two legs who is suffering now- LOL. So much for Deons great advice of TEQUILA kills all germs! I think it nearly killed me instead. haha. The worst is I better get myself well QUICK as Loryn is flying in on Friday this week too! What a month this has been- Back to school,Wayne away, Holiday, Deon and now Loryn-  HELP! hahahahaha

I think Cape Town is agreeing with Dee- he's looking well- He was telling us that he actually eats full meals now ( not just toast and cheese) and he proudly shouted out that he can cook a roast chicken- (now let me tell you- the only thing Deon cooked was TOAST with cheese!) So we all look at him and go WHAT??- REALLY??- so how do you do that? I wish you could have seen his face here when he told us this- it was beaming with pride- eye's huge- and this was his answer-

You take the chicken- check the weight on the packet- remove, place in a glass bowl, put in the MICROWAVE and push the button that says ROAST CHICKEN! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA- sorry I fell off my chair laughing, Wayne spat his drink out over the bar counter- UM OK- but hey it's a start right?- lol He's not to sure yet how to make the roast potatoes- hahahahahahaha.

I don't have any Lo's today- but thought you would like to see some more photo's of the Lost City trip


There is another little story behind this one- the last time Wayne and I were here I ran up to this huge elephant and grabbed it's *nads* for a photo(come on- this thing is HUGE- ROTF!!)- but we never got to take it- because as I bent down to do it- a whole bunch of Japanese tourists arrived- and well I jumped up and just started laughing- so this time Wayne made me pose and we got one- LOL


The Boys!- You can judge how big this statue is with it's solid brass tusks by Wayne and the leg he is standing next too! it's truly amazing!


And I'm shrinking!! LOL- This is the swing bridge which the boys had great fun in making me look like a drunken sailor trying to cross! lol


I LOVE this photo too- and we went to the Bird Park, as I lifted my camera this peacock spread its feathers and posed-facing me, - and it did it for everyone who had a camera with them- turning to let everyone have a chance - it was too cute!

Anyway- I think the meds have made me yap the hind ass off a donkey here today- hahaha, sheeeee's looks like a book! I hope you all have a stunning day further, and yeah, I'm dosing and taking all my Vit's too. Sending hugs and loves Kim

Friday, 22 August 2008


OH MY GOSH! there goes my good intentions of trying to do some catch up work this weekend! Deon is flying in from Cape Town- WOOOHOOOO, He has to attend a court case for his old company- so decided to make it a full weekend. Can't wait to see the bugger, but it sure sent my schedule for a ball of sh-ONE-t! hahahahaha. Yeah will have to stock up on the aspirin and gaviscon's- LOL. Bunny want to fly down quick!??- And talking about flying! OMG- Bunny and I were chatting in MSN yesterday and all the girls from DSO slowly but surely joined in- AHHH it was so fun to have everyone online at once ( a social staff meeting- ROTF), Bunny brought up an idea that her and Lynn had been discussing about having a DSO girls Retreat- IT'S A DATE, we even set a DATE!!, We are planning to all get together next year- YUP, Including ME. I can't WAIT- and because it's only next year it gives us *overseas girls* a chance to save up for it! WOOOOOHOOOOOOO, can you tell I'm excited about it??- hahahahaha, Now poor Bunny is going to have to put up with me for at least a month- BWAHAHAHAHAHA, cause I'm not flying over 24hours just for a weekend- no surrreeeee. hahaha.


OOOh- and yesterday Bunny had a super frame freebie that I wanted to play with and made a LO using it and Jen's new kit Summers End-


This is my little sister Kerry who is 13 years younger than me, she has always been the *baby* in the family and often has to remind me that she's actually married now- LOL. Now I know how my Dad feels all the time when he forgets how Old I am- hahaha. Yeah, that came after perving at George Clooney while my dad and I were watching a DVD,  and me saying he could park his shoes under my bed anytime- and my Dad's shocked face, and saying- But Kim- He's so Old!!- UHUM Daddy, how old do you think I am???- HAHAHAHA- so yeah, it's wierd how family just never seem to AGE!

OOOH and Bonnie has this wonderful new kit out at Snap n Scrap called Midnight Dreams


I used it to make this Lo of my niece Saskia who lives in Australia ( so we hardly see them- boo hoo)-


Bonnie gave me permission to give you the QP from this LO too- but for a limited time ONLY


You can grab it here - ,

Well I better try get *something's* done before my friend shows up-lol. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, until Monday, Hugs and loves Kim

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Laundry - BLAH

Anyone want the laundry??- ARRRGH man, I'm still busy trying to get it all done from the weekend away- and today it's raining . Oh well, tomorrow is another day again- ROTF!

OMGosh!!- I took Nathan for his first driving lesson yesterday! I thought I would be a little *nervy* but I actually enjoyed it and he was a natural, he didn't stall or jerk the car once! I made sure he got used to the clutch first before hitting the petrol LOL, and we inched forward, breaked and repeated the process until he knew how the clutch actually worked. Then it was on to taking off and changing gears! He has been begging me since he turned 17 ( hahaha- yeah it was a while ago) and yesterday I just stopped and got out and made him move in behind the wheel. But I must admit- I don't like not being in full control of the vehicle- lol, but today we are doing the second one(actually doing a full road trip- OH HELP ME- lol)  and he is really excited and thrilled that MOM took him for his first lesson. Dad he say's wouldn't have the patience- so GO MOM!! Yay, I got one Noddy Badge at least.

AAAH and I have a few LO's that I have been sent that I thought I would share with you


Kori Dorn

This stunner was sent by Kori Dorn, and she used my The Blues kit,


The Swing 2

Renee's sequel to yesterdays LO- called Swing 2, I love the moodiness of these!


And PK Doll ( aka Paula) has got herself a BLOG!! WOOHOO- you go girl! She sent me this one using goodies out of my Grab Bag 13 ( which is now all up separately)


TOOO CUTE!! She also used some of Jazzy's word art.



And Nett used one of my freebie templates and a lot of my goodies for this stunner- Man I just LOVE the humour in this and it has me smiling every time I look at it! hahahaha.


I also had a chance to play with my dear friend  and fellow South African designer ( Chaos Lounge)- Jenni Rousseau's brand new kit- Summers End!


And there is even a freebie ADD on at the moment for you to grab on Jenni's Blog-


I LOVE THIS KIT!! It's so soft and Romantic! And of course I had to use it for a LO of my MAN- hee hee


This was taken this year in April and we will be celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary next month ( we also dated for 7 years before we got married!)- so yeah he is my *heart and soul*- (getting really soft in my old age aren't I- LOL)

Jen gave me permission to give you the QP of this LO so you can add your own *loved ones photo* in it.


YOu can grab it HERE-
Shee's this was a scrolly post- hahahaha- but it's nothing like a bit of inspiration and eye candy to make the day brighter right? I think I'm going to hit some caffeine before I go fetch Nathan from school and take him for his next lesson ( should be something stronger - BWAHAHAHAHA)! Hope you all have a stunning day further! Hugs and loves Kim

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Last day for Bag- and some photo's

LAST CHANCE TODAY to grab my grab bag at $8! Don't miss it- it all goes up to FULL price individual items at midnight.


Check out yesterdays post for close ups  and full reveal ;-)

Some LO's done with the goodies too ;-)

The Swing

this one was done by Renee- I LOVE the *enchanted feel*-

Beautiful MusicRS

And this one by Jazzy- who has the most AMAZING old photos! she also used some of her word art.

And I promised you some photo's of the the weekend- I've kept a lot for LO's but thought I would show you some of the beauty that is the Lost City and the Palace( or as Nathan so fondly calls it- City of the Sun- hahaha) It is completely man made/ built and is finished off to the most exquisite detail. I've been to the Palace three times now and each time find things I missed the first time. It's where all the *stars* stay too when they come to South Africa- ( don't worry Bunny- we're going when you get here eventually too- LOL)- this is how the LEGEND is TOLD-

Legend has it that an ancient civilisation from North Africa journeyed South to build a palace for their much-loved King. They stopped in long-extinguished volcano crater – a veritable cradle of life. A place where weird and wonderful creatures, both great and small, roamed free amidst glittering streams and dreamy waterfalls. Here, they built a magnificent palace to befit the surroundings; their King was well-pleased. And so, the palace served as the spiritual centre of their vast empire until an earthquake reduced it to ruins. Now, restored in form and rejuvenated in spirit, The Palace of the Lost City is a modern day marvel that will make your journey, legendary.


this is the *car arrivals* area- just check how high that roof is- and it's finished off just so perfectly. ( I've kept the full entrance pic for a LO ;-))


This is what you see as you walk into the Hotel itself- and this is the Dome hand painted roof in the Lobby/entrance. And Yup- those are FULL SIZE palm trees you see in the corners- No detail has been spared here and it's just mind boggling on the brain seeing all the decor and art work.


A little further in and you look down on the Restaurant called the Crystal Court- those elephants are HUGE and it is a water feature. The windows you see at the back are actually DOORS and open up onto the pool area- they are also two story's high!- This is where we had all our breakfasts ( which included oysters, Peking duck and roasts too- not for me, but they were available for those that wanted that for breakfast - LOL)


AWW- you must see this at night- they have lamps burning ( oil ones) and can turn those gazebo's into a special dinning area for two- with drapes and roses etc etc etc etc- During the day you can eat lunch out there with full service and of course my favourite- the Bar - always welcome in the heat- LOL


Another Lounge area- we sat outside here and had cocktails ( Nathan a milkshake-lol) on the day we arrived and watched the sun set over the pools- but just look at the decor! LOVE IT.


I am SO SO thrilled at how this came out- I took it myself!! WOOOHOOO- this is a night shot taken from down at the bottom of the pools looking back up at the Palace! This place really comes to life at night- the domes on top of those *turrets* actually have full oil fires burning every night too. There is just so much to show- and you can't even begin to get the *feel* of the place by looking at photo's - but I had to share some of it with you ;-)

OOOOOH- and look Beth has made you a pressy using some of my goodies in my Grab Bag ( and a few other CU goodies)-


I LOVE this- it comes with text or without text- Check it out here to see how Beth used it and please leave her some love when you download it ;-) Well I think I've kept you long enough today- LOL. I hope you all have a good day. Sending hugs and loves Kim

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

back and gone

hee hee, well I was nearing the end of my post earlier when my electricity went BANG! ARRRGHHHH- I wish they would finish working on this shopping centre now and quickly! Everytime they are installing something or putting in new robots they down our whole area- frustrating! But I just went and climbed on the bed with my book I had bought while away for the weekend and hadn't had a chance to get into yet ;-) My boys kept me HOPPING and exercising my ass off this weekend! I climbed more stairs in the last three days than I have done this whole year put together! Great for keeping this computer butt in shape- hahahahahaha. but must admit the legs and backside were rather stiff the first day that I woke up. And of course they took great amounts of pleasure in laughing at me moan and groan when trying to climb out of bed! We had a BALL- with Nathan keeping us busy the whole 3 days! We walked, climbed, played golf(well the boys did- I visited the casino, hee hee) ATE far too much, and generally had a FABULOUS family holiday weekend!

I have tons of photo's that I want to go through and will show you some tomorrow. With the lights being down for over 4 hours I haven't done much today- INCLUDING the LAUNDRY! Love packing to go away- but man, do I hate the unpacking and the laundry that comes with it. I think tomorrow is another day for that- LOL

Just a reminder that my GRAB BAG 13 disappears tomorrow!

So I thought I would reveal it for you today ( for those that wanted to know what was in it-LOL)- the price is the SAME- so don't miss it before they all go up at full price(Wednesday Midnight).

here is the full reveal- ALL these for only $8 and I will say I am really proud of the Lace and trim-


Growing Roots- these are hand doodled tree shapes all in separated PNG's and PSD files for ease of use.


Dress me up Extra's- separated PNG and PSD files for ease of use-


Vintage OVERLAYS Mega Pack- this contains a FULL set of patterns to use as you feel and a FULL set of Textures too.


Lace and Trim 2- lace in grayscale to colour as you feel-


100% close up so you can see the detail -


Branching out- branches in PNG - these I used in your last freebie and today's one too!


100% detail for you to see extraction.

All these for only $8 and all COMMERCIAL USE OK! Please don't miss it.

And I made this with the last freebie ( thank goodness- hahahahaha, because today has been a disaster!)-


I used my Just Because kit and the Branching out kit from my Grab bag to make this LO and the frame. The Alpha is a blog freebie by T. Borges.


I kept the cluster for you to use too. . Well let me get myself some coffee while I can still boil the kettle- BWAHAHAHA, and try and get myself a little more organized. It's crazy trying to get orientated after being away for a while isn't it? Can't wait to show you some of the pics tomorrow. Have a great day further. Hugs and Loves Kim

Thursday, 14 August 2008


hee hee- ok this girl is smiling from EAR TO EAR today! WOOOHOOOO- not only did my dear friend Bunny Wunny find my log in's (lol) she hi-jacked my blog with a AWESOME FREEBIE too - which I must confess confused the shit out of me last night when I popped on to check my mails quick- and I had *comments* thanking Bunny for the Trails-HUH???- hahahahaha, Then I saw the blog post heading and just started laughing! My friend you caught me in my BLONDE HEAD state - Thank you!Love the doodled trails too! MWAH.

And my MAN IS HOME!! OMG- I can't tell you all how NICE it is to have him home! He's really tired from his trip( only slept about 3 hours a night while there so he could manage the two shifts coming on each day)- but he got it organized and is just happy to be home- well I think I'm happier- LOL, I got my coffee put out this morning, didn't have to even get up to do the school trek either! AWWW- I'm spoilt and a *kept woman* as Bunny would say- but you know what- I LOVE IT that way- haha.

And while waiting for Wayne yesterday- I had 2 hours to wait for the plane and I was *antsy*, LOL so I did a LO with the awesome new ADD ON kit * Junkyard Garden2* by Olivia ODorazio kb-Kissingpost_barb

hee hee- or as we so fondly know her- Mrs Miles. This pic of my Sis and her Hubby was taken in Scotland- Gretna Green. They flew up to get married there as Shauns folks stay in Scotland. This was taken under the kissing post and loved how it matched this kit so perfectly! I used a template by Schokomama (slightly revised)

And today is NEW RELEASE DAY at DSO- YAY, and my new 

DESIGNERS GRAB BAG  is in my store!


There are 5 brand new products in this one ( one is a MEGA too!)- and I'm really proud of this one- you can ask my CT- they had me showing them as I finished certain things in here!

The total Value is $39- that's 79% OFF! It's up for a limited time only before it's all up at full price- so don't miss it ;-)

And you looking for some tips??- hee hee, Diane I got your message this morning- you were just a little early for me- hahaha



I love this LO by my very creative team member ( with the most wicked sense of humour) Nett! It's just so haunting and yet so enchanting at the same time! She used goodies from my bag as well as my Just Because Kit.


And this stunning LO from Croppy! LOVE the cluster with the plastic swirly girl! AWESOME. Yup and it's goodies from my bag in there too!

And NOW YOU ARE IN FOR A TREAT- You can claim TWO FREEBIES TODAY!! - YUP TWO!! YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE- ( yup it's time for the *bag tasters*)


This stunner of a LO is from Jenni (Chaos Lounge)- she has used all my CU goodies in here to make up this LO- how awesome is that- AND AND- woohooo, if you pop on over to Jens blog you can pick up this too-


A FREEBIE MINI KIT!!- and Jen, THANK you for your amazing compliments GF!! WOW- you sure know how to make a girl feel GOOD! lol

Now the funniest thing is as you know Jenni and I are both LOVE using each others goodies- and this is what I did to show off JENNI'S new kit


Its with her brand new kit called Climbing Trees!

It's such a fun kit and I even went scrounging for *young Nathan photos*- YAY! lol. It also has your freebie for today in it!


I used a product from my GRAB BAG and made a circle leafy frame for the  above LO- so I thought you would like to have it to play with too- I also made a clustered one for your smaller photos.

You can grab it here ( and there are some more hints in the download) and of course I'll be slipping one in early tomorrow before I leave for the weekend- WOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!- lol, can you hear I'm excited-hahaha. Sending love and hugs Kim

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Hi folks!

Bunny here!  Kim is gone picking up Wayne today, so she wont be posting!  I just thought I would sneak on and give you something to read today. LOL....

I stuck some little bug trails over on my blog, free.  If you want em, you are more then welcome to snag them too!


Get it HERE or swing by my place to find out what on earth I made bug trails for. lol.. I mean other then they are just cute...


Hope you all have a fantastic day today!  If you get bored swing by DSO and check out the color challenge, which is hosted by Kim.  There are tons of freebies in that challenge to be had, you just gotta READ...

Have a great day!!!!!!!


Tuesday, 12 August 2008

a first


Well this is a first for me- (i'm here Bunny Wunny , Sheee's can still here you tappin and- oooh  you do have my *info for blogger*- BWAHAHAHAH)). It's almost 10 pm and here I am blogging. But I know if I don't pop in now and say HI - tomorrow will be a definite no show! My man is standing at the gate in Zurich ready to board his plane home! WOOOOHOOOOOOO! Can you tell I'm excited- haha. I swear I haven't stopped grinning all day. He'll only arrive at 11am tomorrow morning - but hell, he's on his way and that's all I need to know.

I went shopping again today- sheeee's I don't think Wayne must go away tooo often- I blow the budget- lol. Got some real cutie undies ( now just got to make a plan to get a teen occupied- BWAHAHAHA). We are going away for the weekend- the whole family and I can't wait. The last time I was at Sun City was on our 10th wedding anniversary ( that was 9 years ago)- and we are staying at the Palace of the Lost City! Getting spoilt and the boys are playing golf on the Gary Player Golf course so they have Sat all worked out already- Me?- HAHAHAHAHAHA, I think I'm leaving my *killing clubs* at home this time- and will be taking my camera instead!

palace 5

These I took the last time we were there- but can't wait now as I'm sure to be looking through different eyes!-

palace 3

Hubby carring all the *goodies*- lol

royal baths

And the Royal Baths- one of MANY pools!

So for me this is a real TREAT - and Nathan has NEVER been either. Can't wait to see his face!

Stefanie- you were right- OMG, it's was 31C here today- I'm sneezing like a banshy - I think spring has come a little early- and it's like a summers evening here tonight! GORGEOUS- for the first time in months I'm sitting here without a long sleeved top! YAY- more reasons to smile. AWW- thanks so much for my poem Mrs Miles- girl- you are just tooo good at those!lol

Because I won't be here tomorrow , I made you a little something to play with till I get back on Thursday-


Some stringy beady flower thingy's- hahahaha. Use them on their own or add them to frames or clusters. Well let me get my tired A$$ to bed so I'm awake ,bright eyed and bushy tailed as my Mom used to say-lol. Until Thursday - sending hugs and Loves Kim .