Thursday, 21 May 2009

Murphy Wednesday

Who sent Mr Murphy back this way??- LOL. Oh goodness- you know when the first thing goes wrong early in the morning that maybe you should just go back to bed right?- NAAAAAAH- I stay up to get tortured some more- lol

I had a 25 year school reunion meeting last night (OUCH- hahaha) and decided to see if I had some of the past pupils info on disc still ( to save time etc)- BWAHAHAHAHA, well first of all my CD rom has been a little *sticky* lately and only opening after the third push of the button . But WOOHOO, it opens, put my CD in and next minute my PC goes BLACK and windows does it restart thing- HUH???! lol- OK, so maybe I pushed something while bending down- OH NO,- UMUM- No ways! lol. After the restart I of course want to see what's on the CD and browse and BANG- RESTART AGAIN! lol. Ok now I start to panic a little as two crashes already under my belt is a little scary! So I try to eject the stupid CD- Oh hell- it starts making this wonderful grinding noise! lol. (Can you see wide eyed panic with fingers looking for the OFF switch!)- Now I'm tooo scared to even start it back up again and phone Deons brother Shaun who is a PC programmer/writer etc ( in other words a PC genius who luckily works at home!- hahaha)because Wayne left for business in the morning too!

All he got was HELP ( no hello ) and started laughing as he knew it was me. Came over and eventually removed the whole thing! hahahaha-

Yup so now my poor slowly dying PC has no CD/DVD rom- but sheeeeee's at least it works for now!

Then OH man, my poor son comes home distraught. He failed his drivers test. ( which here isn't uncommon- they make you go three or four times by habit I think!) and to top it all off the *wonderful lady*( insert a LOAD of sarcasm here) who was testing him said he had rolled forward in a parking- BUT that he wouldn't have felt it due to it being so miniscule! HUH???? Come on- at least make a decent excuse! Even his instructor was a little flabagasted at that one! Well seems this SAME Lady traffic officer gave the SAME excuse to one of Nathans friends later that afternoon! Makes you wonder if she just didn't want to stand out in the rain - or wants a good bonus for bringing in a ton of money at the end of the month- BLAH! He now has to wait another 2 months because they are fully booked till then- sheeeeeee's wonder WHY??

OOOH think it's over yet- lol, NOPE!

I felt so sorry for Nathan I decided to take him to get his favourite supper goodies etc after Shaun left-

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I push the button for the garage door and NOTHING! OMG- it's stuck and refuses to open! Which means my car is ALSO stuck inside!  lol.

I look at Nathan and I just burst out laughing! I swear I should have stayed in bed! Nathan eventually got it open ( thanks boy!!). And we spent a good time in the car laughing at how everything seems to go wrong when Dad leaves.

Well we survived by locking ourselves in the house for the rest of the day and eating ourselves better and happier- hee hee. What a day!

OOOH gosh I'm yakking again aren't I-

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OOOH- I think I've caught up from missing yesterday- lol Until tomorrow



Bunny Cates, said...

safe today? dont breath on my. Murphy usually moves on to someone close to ya...

Snowsmoon said...

Hey girlfriend...just stopping by to say Hello and that I enjoyed my KImB reading fix.....Have a wonderful weekend and BIG HUGS to you and your son for having a wonderful ending to a not so good day!
Dawn aka Snowsmoon Design

kistine said...

Geez woman I am exhausted reading that post. ROFL!!!

I think I need a drink now. It's around 3:30 at your place isn't it? Good enough....

Bottoms up!!!!

txbubbles said...

Bless your heart, what a day! I've had a few like that myself. Here's hoping that today is mucho better!
Big hugs,

LouCeeCreations said...

When my kids were babes and my husband used to travel in his work, I could always guarantee a problem if he was away for a few days.. so you are not alone there heehee!

Andrea said...

YES! Things ALWAYS went wrong when my Dad would go out of town!

Tell Nathan not to feel too bad cuz I failed my driver test my first time too. UGH! It was the week of my 16th birthday and the test person was not very kind at all. I had to parallel park first, apparently, I "brushed" a cone, so he FAILED me right there! Wouldn't even let me do the rest of the driving test! JERK! Yep I cried, just couldn't help it. I agree, I think sometimes some employees just don't like to see new drivers on the road or something so they find reasons to FAIL them! Luckily I only had to wait a week or two to take it again and passed with flying colors! Nathan will do great next time!

Have a happy day :)

xashee's corner said...

you are very lucky to know a programmer!! i am truly amazed that computers don't last longer but i guess they make them that way so we always need to upgrade! (shrugs shoulders!) i am just GLAD that your puter is working anyways! Thank you for sharing all the goodies info! so much talent out there!! :) Have a SUPER rest of your day, my friend! :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad you made it through ok! I had a bad experience the first time I went for my license, too. The lady was brought in from another area to help them "catch up." She actually yelled at me while we were on the road driving. So, tell Nathan to hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad you made it through ok! I had a bad experience the first time I went for my license, too. The lady was brought in from another area to help them "catch up." She actually yelled at me while we were on the road driving. So, tell Nathan to hang in there!