Monday, 8 June 2009

Monday Quicky

Thanks so much for you all for your get well wishes, it was sooo nice to get them when I was feeling so miz .I'm at least feeling more human today- boy, having the flu SUCKS- lol. I landed up running some wonderful temperatures this weekend, so spent most of it on and off the bed. Nathan was a STAR and ran around on his scooter getting me things from the shops and making me tea and toast. Wayne's away ( which is ironic ,as I always land up being ill when he isn't here- or mmmmmmmmm, maybe he knows something I don't and plans his trips well- BWHAHAHAHAHA).

And then when I did get to feeling a little better -  I would come check my mails and it's a conspiracy I tell you! Yup- I decided it is.  My CT ( well a few of them) are trying to kill me with laughter! Every time I managed to push my lungs back where they belonged- I would get another - and yup start all over again! hahaha. Love you guys. You nearly killed me here but you sure cheered up this sorry old bag this weekend! MWAH

Did you miss my bag this weekend?

The first of the 4 products is now up in the store-


Floral Patterns-1

$5.00 $3.75
Save: 25% off

4 floral patterns all in separated layers for ease of use

4 PSD @ 300ppi
Separated PNG's per design @ 300ppi


Missed playing with me in my Colour Challenge but liked the posting gifts?

You can grab these past 4 mini kits at only .99c each.


Which reminded me that I haven't shown you my June  Colour Challenge at DSO. DUH! lol,


I was a bit of a sadist with this months colours - but OH my GOSH, you have to see the stunning creations that are already in there!

It's only a WEEK and the challenge is full of freebie kits and stunning LO's!


Come play with HERE ,if you haven't before and you can use ANY kit in the challenge to make up a LO to claim this months posting bonus- but trust me- mines TINY! lol

And some quick Monday  eye candy.


Paula (PK Doll) did this stunning LO for the colour challenge - using the kit she made for it and stuffies out my Grab Bag. It's tooo precious!



Vicki did this one with Moody Days! LOVE the title and the border work!



Hutchie did this one of her *Cutie pie* using Friends series Antoinette - LOVE the framing and quote!



Melanie did this awesome LO with Moody Days too- Stunning!


Matthew and I


And Loucee has made us a freebie QP also matching my colour challenge swatch and using the goodies out of my Grab bag! WOOHOO


You can pick it up HERE.

Until tomorrow



pkdoll said...

Happy to hear you are feeling better Kim!!! TY for all the beautiful comments this morning!! Your stuff is so beautiful how can my LO's not turn out good?!LOL!! I am going to be picking up LouCee QP too! Love ya!

Christine Smith said...

just wanted to say thanks for your kind comments on my blog - that was very thoughtful of you!

kistine said...

Morning ya phlegm hackin' skwerl!!!!

Glad we made ya laugh. OMG I was dying myself and I wasn't diseased. ROFL!!!

Here's to a great day chicky!

PS ...send Nathan to the shops for some may need them! WAHAHAHAA

GSCreations said...

hey sis!!! NO ALCOHOL MEDS FOR U OKAY!!! Or ur livers going to complain hehehe, hope u feel better soon, hugs to ja!

txbubbles said...

Morning, Kim!
So glad to hear you're feeling better, sounds like you finally got some much needed rest this weekend. Love all the eye candy!
Big hugs,

LouCeeCreations said...

Morning Kim... Laughter is the best medicine, heeheehee!!!!!!
hope you got enough rest between the giggles and the oxygen tank lol!

geezee said...

Sounds like you laughed your way through another one of those, hubby is away, bouts with bugs, I get 'em too. They do seem to know when to be gone ;) Thank god for man-child!! I have one of those too. Glad your better.

Di Heuser said...

Delighted to hear that you are better. Love your colour challenge this month

Ruth said...

Hi Kim, glad to hear you're feeling better! Yeah!!! like LouCee said "Laughter is the BEST medicine" hee hee ... Hope you will fully recover soon! God Bless! *Hug*

Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better, hope you continue on the mend!

SandyPie said...

Re: Mezzaluna
Beautiful colors, so classy, too bad I don't have anything to put in it (ha-ha) Thank you!