Friday, 3 July 2009

Happy Independence Day

Happy 4th July to all my American Readers and friends . I hope you all have a fantabulous weekend, and take TONS of photo's of all your celebrations! I wanna SEE- lol.

This week has been just plain NUTS! lol, I haven't even found the time to FART, and now it's lunch time FRIDAY! HUH??- What happened to this week??? You have it?? Send it back- BWWWAHAHAHAHA.

This morning I had a friendly *vampire* here doing a medical check up for an insurance policy I'm changing- well lets just say what should have taken 15 minutes took us over an hour! HAHAHAHA. *Nurse* Julie over the years has got to know me WELL I see- she only made her next appointment for an HOUR AFTER mine- hahaha.

OMG, we did one or two questions on the form and then chatted and laughed about mmmmmmmmm- life! hahaha.

But I admit, I was sort of sh-ting myself when she pulled out her scale- HUH?- WHAT?? you kidding right??- NOPE, new rules! - what I thought would be just a needle and some blood had to be a FULL physical- Goodness I haven't even seen my GP in about a year!! LOL - So you can imagine the *gasp of fright* I had when I had to stand on it ( still asked if I could take off all my clothes first- BWWWAHAHA) -

BUT WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO, I've lost 2kg since last week Monday! (4.4pounds). Then it was more yakking, coffee and out came the blood pressure cuff- OH OH! Another tightening of the *poopall* muscles! lol  My blood pressure is normally HIGH due to *family genes*- I mean I loose 30kg and my blood pressure shot sky high- confused the hell out of my doc! HAHAHA.- So you can imagine now that I'm worried I'm going to *fail* this one- NOOOOOOOOOO- I passed this one BIG TIME!!-  I'm the lowest I've been in two years!!! 132/78 WOOOOOT WOOOOOOT!!  Thinking this was now all over- I get another surprise- a little stick to go pee on?- WHAT??- hahahaha, So I go to the loo and hold the stick where I *think* I'm going to hit it full stream- KWIM?, then you start hoping you don't MISS the bloody thing because it's going to take a while before you can pee again- HAHAHA, What a mess- but that one was all clear too! WOOHOOOOOOOO< Can you here I'm happy she came to bug me this morning!! lol.

OMG_ here I am chatting again-

I HAVE TONS TO SHOW you- grab the coffee with me quick.....

you got it???- good- here we go-



I'm having a HAPPY 4th WEEKEND SALE-

40% off My WHOLE store ( includes all Commercial Use product- EXCLUDES the grab bag)-

Starts today 3rd July and ends Sunday 5th July midnight


Mini Grab Bag#6



Instead of 4 products, I added a little bonus download for you too!


A slightly bigger Mini Grab bag this week, in celebration of the 4th July weekend
(please note these products are NOT themed and can be used for ANY types of kits or LO's)
5 downloads in PNG and JPG @ 300ppi
4 Full products and 1 bonus download
All CU ok


i love you forever

Ruth used her FREEBIE COLOUR CHALLENGE kit to make this fantastic LO of her little *boy*-


julyCC copy

she also use goodies from all my bags! ( all 40% off for the weekend!)- you can grab this stunning kit HERE.



Jodiann did this FANTASTIC LO using goodies from the Grab Bag #6 too- don't you love the feel?? WOW!


AHHHHHHH And we have a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to send today!

Renee my wonderful South African friend and fellow designer became a GRANNY yesterday!!

WOOHOOOOO- Congrats my dear friend, your Granddaughter is just tooo precious!


Renee also met a very special lady who reads my blog-

Gina ( or Geezee as a lot will know her) and she turned my dear friend to MUSH with her kind heart after Renee had been hi-jacked on Monday. So Renee made Gina this little Thank You cluster frame- but you can read more about it on Renee's Blog HERE.

It's soooo good to know that there are still such good people out there in this world! Makes my heart warm! Thanks Gina!! XXXXXXXXX


And I made something a little *un-traditional July 4th* freebie kit for you-lol, I suppose it can be used for any occasion and I tried to keep it usable for everyone but still keep with the *4th July* theme.


In the Stars, a little whimsy and a little more *pinkish* than red- lol

Hope you can use it.

YOu can grab it HERE-

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend, be good and remember to take photo's so we can share your celebrations with you!







Caryn said...

Thanks for the Happy 4th! Who needs to have a reason for a happy 4th!? So HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY weekend to you too! :D

I have not once, EVER, been disappointed with anything in your Grab Bags! First time that's ever happened - that's I've loved every since last goodie in each pack! Soooo..... off to go do my Friday shopping! LOL!

Kim's Scrappin' said...

I know what you mean about the week being gone, I feel the same way. Not sure how it went by so fast. They tell me this happens as you get older. LOL The grab bag looks great, and 'In the Stars' is cute, thanks for sharing it. :)

Shel said...

LMAO at your physical story. At least she didn't make you feel like a human pin cushion like the tech did the last time I had to have blood drawn! :)

Thanks for the great freebie and have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the super physical gurl! Good job - I'm just glad nursie didn't use the alcohol-o-meter on ya LOL...

Thank you so much for the great kit. Love the unorthodox colors. Have a wonderful weekend.


LouCeeCreations said...

My DD was at the doc this morning.. and the reception said whilst your here you can have your MMR, Tetanus etc.. she went white lol! er.. no she said,I ain't ready for that.. OMG she said to me, they want to give me a load of injections.. Waahaahaa! the look on her face was a scream!
I just lurve your not so red mini.. very pretty.
Have a good weekend Kim.

xashee's corner said...

Thank you for EVERYTHING you shared today! :) LOVE the kit!! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

makeyesup said...

Cute kit. It might not be the traditional American red, white and blue; however, it will be very useful for our little girl stars.

Bonnie said...

ha time to fart....yip, I get days like that too! Have a great weekend Kim!

geezee said...

I am holding your week ransom in USA. I will return it when I come visit all my new friends in Africa or come see me. Whichever comes first. Thanks for the kind words. Y'all are great.

Dinphy said...

Well, we sure can say you're not afraid of telling some *personal* stories! LOL!
You know, I 'see' what you tell, I get a picture in my head... So I guess what I nearly PIMP with your story!

Thanks ever so much for the beautiful kit. Love that it's in theme, but usable for all of us that don't celebrate this day. :)

Thank you!

Peggie said...

Thanks for this lovely 4th of July kit.It will work beautifully for any festive occasion.

Anonymous said...

Never mind where the week went, where did the year go??? It's July already! Thank you for the fabulous mini kit!

Alicia said...

Wow!! Love that In the Stars kit! The pinks make it much prettier than the traditional 4th July stuff. Thanks for the freebie.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 03 Jul [LA 07:00pm, NY 09:00pm] - 04 Jul [UK 02:00am, OZ 12:00pm] ).

Tammara said...
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Tammara said...

Thanks for the Free kit! I will try to comply and take interesting pictures, but alas, the East coast of the US has been experiencing rain, rain, and more rain for the past 6 weeks, and today looks to be more of the same. So instead of the traditional cookout, followed by a baseball game and then fireworks, it seems we will be relegated to the indoors, with nothing but loud music and copious liquid entertainment. My photos promise to be more embarrasing than beautiful.... they'll add an ironic touch to the "off-color" kit you've provided, though! Hugs!

lizanne said...

Very thoughtful for you to think of us from the US of A, Kim! :) Thanks for sharing your talent with us...

Sue said...

Thank you very much for the lovely kit! :)

Kirsten said...

Thank you so much :-)).

nansee said...

Thank you for sharing this;
it's beautiful!! I'm always
looking for Patriotic!!

clubiani said...

thank you for sharing this kit! I love the non-traditional colors you chose!!

Pom said...

Oh Wow!!! I don't know how on earth I had missed this until now! Thank you so much for sharing! Such a nice kit.