Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Sharon thanks for the message a few moments ago- OMG, you had me in stitches! hahahahaha.

Yup it was a good kidnap! Somehow lunch landed up being just a liquid one - no food! By the time it got to getting menus, we were all already *full* and not in the mood to eat but rather having fun- hahahaha. Friends joined in after they had finished work , the bar stools got a lot more around our little area. Then at about 5pm I get a phone call from Wayne saying that he had finished playing golf and he was just going home to change and will meet us there too- OY, lol. At about 7.30pm they have a live singer come on and of course that was the end, as he was playing a lot of the good old songs. Which I landed up belting out across the bar of course- and uhum, a group of us girls landed up singing some backup vocals too!

FUN FUN FUN, but oh hell, Angie that Tylenol helps for the headaches GF- but it did SQUAT to help my poor hung-over stomach! BWWWWAHAHAHAH! Can you say *fire pit* for two days??- lol

But we had something else to celebrate this weekend. Nathan has been accepted to University next year in a programme that accepts only a few applications. We are so proud of him and he himself couldn't keep the smile off his face.


South Africa won the Tri-Nations Rugby tournament and for the first time since the 1940's beat New Zealand( the All Blacks) three matches in a ROW! We are so proud of them - so there was more alcohol involved all at 9am of course! lol- I slept like a baby the whole of Saturday afternoon- BWHAHAHAH.

I also received some really exciting news that made me cry and laugh all at the same time- but I can't reveal that yet and will do it when I am given the *OK* to tell- lol

So it was a GOOD weekend all round! Was trying to catch my breathe yesterday and took some time to play a little ;-)

I'm now off to try fill up the fridge with a bit more substance than BEER! hahahaha. Hope you all have a fantastic day today.

Hugs and Loves


Kristine ♥ said...


Leave it to you woman!!! LMAO

Hope the hangover is fading and you feel better!!!

WTG Nathan!!!!! Woohoooooooooooooooo!!
(said in a really soft voice so Mom's head doesnt explode....)


Dinphy said...

Well that sure calls for a celebration! WOOHOOO for Nathan!
Congrats on your boy!

Di at Legacy4Life said...

I don't know how you do it Kim. Your lifestyle would have me out like a light on Friday night at 8pm and I would not surface until Monday :) Awesome news about Nathan. Congratulations!!!!

Love Di

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Congrats to Nathan!! Hope the hangover is fading by now. LOL

Breeoxd said...

congrats to the kiddoo, glad you had a great time!

Jenni said...

Sounds like my kind of afternoon!!!! Congrats to Nathan on getting into University!!! And can I take a guess at the good news??????

Jenni said...
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Judgirl said...

way to go Nathan ...sounds like you had a fun filled weekend ..way to go girl

good news ...can't wait


Darleen said...

Congrats to Nathan! And hmmmm..news to make you cry and laugh....hmmm. Oh I know - YOU'RE PREGNANT!! LOL

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

A BIG HUG CONGRATS TO NATHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sounds like you had a MARVELOUS weekend even though it was a tummy hurting one!!!!!!!!!!!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Kim:)
Hope it's a good one anyway.:) Congratulations to Nathan..way to go!! How totally COOL!
Exciting news??? Can't wait to hear/read it!:)
Hope you have a fantastic weekend..and can remember it!!LOL