Monday, 26 October 2009

Wet and Cold

arrgh- where did the spring go- lol. Today is dark, cold and raining. Great for working in but not so good for that happy spring feeling- hahahaha.

I had a wonderful quiet weekend and had a fantastic family lunch at my Dad's yesterday. He cooked us roast Water hog- NO LIES! My dad has this thing about trying all these exotic recipes and LOVES cooking- not that we complain as we get to be guinea pigs- haha. It was good, and has a wild meat taste that is quiet subtle compared to most Wild meats. THANKS DAD!!

My voice is back completely now too and staying at home this weekend was a GOOD thing- hahahaha. Yup- we ignored the plea's and begs on the phone and Wayne kept his word- WOOHOOO!

He also did a 5km Fun Run on Saturday morning in aid of Breast Cancer with my little friend Ant (yup both wearing PINK). - ME??? you got to be kidding-LOL, I run others around the bend rather- hahahaha. They both won a medal and were really chuffed with themselves as they haven't run in a while ;-)

OMG_ my CT have been playing up a storm with my new kit!- WOOT WOOT- and I even played with it last night- YEAH, I SCRAPPED again ( maybe that's why the weather got so bad huh?-lol)



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check these stunners out-

2drdklu By Kristine

Candy_Christmas_Girls_Web By Beth( woohooo- WELCOME BACK BETH!)

Jayden5By Renee

Lainey_DSO_KBCC2web By Lainey

OneMagicChristmas_sm-kimBy Kim

Snow-vicky By Vicki


And I did this one of my little Niece Caden ;-), Thanks for the pics sis- she has got way to big toooo sooon, and those little cheeks are just made for pinching- lol

Jodiann also has a little freebie present for you today- WOOHOOO!


Some AWESOME Jingle Word art!

you can grab it here- (please allow for time differences-)

Have a stunning day further. Hugs and Loves


Bunny Cates, said...


Anonymous said...

Wow! Your CTs do outstanding work...This eye candy is all fabulous. Course the kit is just adorable - and the girls probably had fun working with it...

Have a fab day Kim.

kristine~♥ said...

Morning hag!!!

You scrapping didnt affect my weather. It's a GORGEOUS fall day!!!!
...might be perfect weather for an apple crisp.....comin' for supper? :P

You're quite the dancing fool on my blog...I didnt know we had so much rhythm...BAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Judgirl said...

wow Kim your new kit looks awesome ..I will have to go and check it out the layout your CT have done. Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the xmas it

Dinphy said...

Well what a sensible thing to do, stay in and let your voice come back... ;)

Well, with the colors of this kit, and the Run... I expected some sweet pink photo's? lol.

Your girls had a great time playing with the kit, you can just tell by the layouts!
Love all the little details you put in it, especially in the presents.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good morning Sweety from another rainy day here in PA!!!!!!!!!!!
WOW AWESOME LOs from your CTs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so GLAD that you managed to stay home to recoup!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Dads dinner sounds yummuy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HUGE GIANT HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Addicted2Scrappin' said...

The new kit is fabulous!!! Glad to hear that you are resting and getting better!!

Flergs said...

I have an little award on my blog for you ;)

Megs xxx.

xashee's corner said...

been having computer troubles but sure miss you! :) GREAT kit and of course i LOVE the layouts too!!! it's not raining here but it sure is cold and windy!! stay WARM! :D

Di at Legacy4Life said...

Hiya Kim

I have just given you an award. See my blog for details.

Love Di

Jazzy said...

WOW love the new kit and the layouts are beautiful..and welcome back Beth..good to see a layout from you..guess I had better get to work and do one myself..I can't for Christmas to get pics of Jaxon and Kaylen..thanks for the Christmas word art..hard to believe its so close..glad you had a good weekend..and yes didnt you make pictures of the running duo..I know you let us seen them..gotta go love ya girl..