Friday, 29 May 2009

Fab Friday is here EVENTUALLY

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- I can stop biting my tongue now and let on what has been in the works for a while and is now finished- LOL !! I was sooo excited to have been asked to Collab with my dear friend and fellow South African designer Chaos Lounge( Jenni Rousseau) on this HUGE kit made specially for one of Jenni's readers!

Jenni (Chaos Lounge) held a competition on her blog not so long ago for readers to submit a theme and swatch and the winner would have THAT kit made especially for them.

Congratulations Dani! You chose a wine theme and sent in a fantastic swatch which we had GREAT fun playing with.

The kit was aptly named after Jenni's favourite wine- Angels Tears!


I'm even typing this with a *wine head* today ,after a LONG dinner out with all the friends last night. Perfect Theming don't you think -hahaha

OK OK OK- I'll put you out of your misery and show you all the previews-lol



This is my Collab preview-

but trust me Jenni has one too and we couldn't put HALF the stuff on here!

So please pop on over to Jen's blog and check out the previews there for some more details.

76 elements including some word arts and a FULL ALPHA!

Check these out-


There are 22 papers that range from soft prints to scenic scenes + 2 worn matts.


Some 100% close ups for you so you can see the details.




This kit is on SALE @ 35% off for a week- so don't miss it ;-)

You can grab this HUGE kit in my store HERE at DSO

or HERE in Jen's store at ESS.

And of course BOTH Jenni's and my CT's have been playing with it during the week-


Get ready for some AMAZING EYE CANDY~ inspirational stuff!


By Kristine


By Hutchie


By Renee


By Croppy

and Crops made us this fantastic freebie QP to match it!


WOOHOOOOOOO ( just please give them time to post - big time differences here- hahahaha


By Paula


by Jordiann

And Jordiann made us TWO QP's as well!! WOOT WOOT!!


Please give time for posting ;-) You can grab them HERE.


By Nancy


by Visserah


By Becca


By Holly


By Cheryl

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW , don't you think these pages are just fBEAUTIFUL!!!! - and I have soooo many more to show you !

I'm just going to run out of space here today ! lol, so will be updating again on Monday with MORE stunning artworks!

And off COURSE Jenni (Chaos Lounge) and I have little FREEBIE ADDONS for you today-


Jenni has this STUNNING Frame cluster and three papers for you-

You can GRAB THEM HERE. ( please allow time again ;-))


I have a Matching BORDER and 3 papers for you!

Don't forget the kit will be 35% off for a limited time only.

You can grab the freebie HERE.

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend and I will have tons of news of the weekend by Monday- lol.


Thursday, 28 May 2009


Yup- *Trouble* is almost here and I am on my way in 20 minutes to fetch her- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I've had mails from all the friends this morning- the phone hasn't stopped ringing - WHEEEEEEEE. I feel like a kid waiting for my birthday party- hahaha.

I've done the shopping, stocked up on the aspirin, tummy meds, toilet paper and re-done the spare room so it's all new, clean and fresh! Loryn is staying for a week so I think it's going to be a rather full one this side! But really looking forward to it. I feel sorry for Nathan as he is starting his mid year exams and he is going to have to lock himself in his room to get some peace and quiet- OOOPS ;-)

I thought I would show you a few of the photo's of Loryn here with us and also WHY I say it's going to be busy-


Roche don't swallow the girl now- BWAHAHAHA- Laughter is just a given when the two of them are together ( and not quietly either-lol)


Yup- No stopping them! - OOP BEK altyd! lol


AHHHHHHH- so sweet- uhummmmmmmmmmm


Maybe NOT- BWAHAHAHA- now that's more like it!


I did say TROUBLE with a capital T didn't I??-


And yeah there are some special ones like this one taken on Loryns Birthday last year!

Love you my friend and I am almost there- hahahahahahahaha


Before I run I just wanted to show you the last two products out my Mini Grab Bag #2


Paper wave cuts (requested by Jenni)

$4.50 $3.38
Save: 25% off

10  Template *waves* and curves for creating different paper looks.
10  PNG  and 12x12  @ 300 ppi  for easy resizing.


And these



$3.50 $2.63
Save: 25% off

4 Large High-res Masks to use for your photo's or add papers and colours too.

Includes Hi-Res Brush set too.
4 PNG @ 300 ppi

You can see just by these products that my bag at $4 is really a steal! So don't miss them when they come out ;-)

Will be back tomorrow with that HUGE surprise which I am also so excited over! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo

and don't worry the camera battery is charged and ready - lol

Till tomorrow


Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Here comes Trouble

Well a good kind of trouble anyway! We are in for a BUSY weekend - starting early on Thursday afternoon! OUCH-lol

Loryn will be here Thursday lunch time as she is coming down for our dear friend Roche's Birthday party on Friday night! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I'm so excited, I haven't seen *Lolli* since the 2nd January this year! And Roche and all the other friends are wetting their pants too! LOL. So yeah, I think it's going to be a really GOOD FUN weekend. Old Friends, a huge Birthday Party and then we have the Rugby Super 14 Finals on Saturday too (Wayne's Bull's are in the final and the only SA team to make it)-  not tooo sure how well I'm going to be with that one though!LOL .  But knowing this lot like I do- it's a game we are not going to MISS!

Here is a pic from last years Super 14 games and you can see Deon and Nathan(the Sharks) support different teams  to Wayne (the Bulls). It causes HUGE rivalry here and is always great fun.

OMG_ I just realised HOW big Nathan has grown since this time last year! He is now taller than both Deon and Wayne-SCARY!!


I remembered someone asking what my *fancy SA supporters Hat looked like* that I took to the cricket not so long ago-

well I decided to show you what FANATICS we South Africans are about our sport and my hat of course -LOL


mmmmmmmm- should be singing a show tune I think- HAHAHA

With my God Daughter Tagan in our SA supporters Hats ;-)


At EVERY rugby match that South Africa plays - we all wear our SA rugby shirts!


Even us girls! lol.

Sheee's Michelle we look like we've had the bottle not just one! hahaha


And you can imagine what happens when we WIN! lol Tooo many of those photo's I can't even put up here for fear of being *maimed by my friends*- BWAHAHAHAHA

So Yup- I think I'm in TROUBLE this weekend! lol

Used a frame out of Flergs NSD freebie.


I have another of my products from my bag up today


Bloomers 2

$6.50 $4.88
Save: 25% off

5 large fabric blooms to add to your kit creations or Layouts.
all in original and de-saturated versions for ease of use
10 PNG @ 300 ppi

Blooming beautyRS


Jazzy did this stunning LO using my Antoinette kit and made it into a Freebie QP for you all!


Blooming Beauty Preview


You can grab it HERE.


And what a peek at what's coming SOON!???

oooh I'm excited about this one!


HAHAHAHAHA- well I wasn't going to show you the whole thing you know ;-P hahahahah.


Okies- got work to do if I want to keep this weekend free. Will chat tomorrow again MWAH


Monday, 25 May 2009

a win and a loss

So much for that QUIET weekend I had said we were going to have-lol. Friday was quiet due to Wayne only arriving home late from his business trip- but oh dear Lordy, we sure made up for it the rest of the weekend!

Saturday was RUGBY day! You know how fanatical we South Africans are about our rugby right??  NO??- , well let me just say it's almost a religion here! - Yeah well, Wayne's team *the Bulls* were the last SA team left fighting for the Super 14 title! They played the semi final on Saturday and WON! hahaha- So I had to shout for them as I didn't want the New Zealand team to win! We landed up at our local Sports Bar, which was so packed you couldn't move! But what fun! Everyone's a stranger when you walk in- and as the team starting scoring and the game was underway- you are everyone's best friend!  The man sitting in front of me turned around during the match to shake my hand due to my shouting- BWAHAHAHAHA. And of COURSE I was hoarse as hell on Sunday!

The funniest was coming home and hubby decides he wants toast! ( uhum, that's to try and put something else in his stomach besides tequila-hahaha). OMG, the man takes out a SOUP Bowl instead of a side plate after nearly pulling out the whole cupboard! lol, - so I see this while locking up the house- and say I will get him a side plate  - "this is a plate" -silly grin on his face ,mmmmmmmmmmmm- if you say so OK- lol

Until he try's to BUTTER that toast on his *plate*- I collapsed with laughter as the toast kept buckling into the bowl! Not being that *stable* sort of left him chasing that piece of toast around the bowl instead of trying to take it out!. He eventually turned around in fits of giggles himself and delightfully smeared me with the butter he couldn't get on the toast! lol

FOOD FIGHT! hahahahaha- I came off second best due to my laughing - I had cheese spread in my hair and face- in my ears, butter on my arms. And well Wayne grabbed his bowl and headed *bumping* down the passage with his silly grin and half buttered toast- lol.

He wasn't giggling that much yesterday morning though- heard a lot more moaning! hahahahaha.

We sat and watched the IPL T20 cricket finals too yesterday as my chosen team made the semi-finals, but they  lost to the Decan Chargers who were the stronger team on the day . We had a great closing show/ceremony so it wasn't a total loss ;-)

Phew- Monday Yaks again-lol


Today is Memorial Day for all our American Friends and DSO is having a store wide Sale of 25% off.

Yup- that's all DESIGNERS! (excludes grab bags and services)


Did you miss my Mini Grab Bag #2??

Remember I will have one out every Friday for only $4 ( only for the weekend- don't miss them as it works out to only $1 per product!)

Well the first product is up today-


$6.00 $4.50
Save: 25% off

6 textured painted canvas overlays- 12x12JPG 300ppi .

Another to follow tomorrow ;-)

And I've also been working on something EXCITING with a good friend and can't WAIT to show you- WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and Memorial Day for my US readers ;-)


Saturday, 23 May 2009


Jumping on QUICKLY while the man is in the shower- lol. We have a day full of friends and RUGBY and CRICKET so I think my head is not going to be where it should be tomorrow- hahaha


Reminder that my Mini Grab Bag # 2 is up


FOUR products for only $4!

That's only $1 each ( just ONE product up even at 25% off is still MORE than that!)

So don't miss it! It will be gone tomorrow!

And my dear friend Jordiann sent me this last night Using just ONE of the goodies in the bag-



WOW, girlfriend I love it and I had the best giggle last night too reading your blog! lol

And Ruth has made us a little freebie with the goodies too!


STUNNING!! And I love the new preview Ruth- (using goodies from the bag too- hee hee)- It's stunning!

You can pick it up HERE> Please leave some LOVE if you download ;-)


And a little bit of extra eye candy today ;-)


LOVE this LO by Kristine- she used my April posting gifty and some other goodies! LOVE IT!



WOW WOW WOW- Vicki - this one is toooo much fun- lol

Vicki used my Antoinette kit and the freebie add on for this CUTE CUTE LO.

( and if you pop on over to Vicki's blog she has the most AMAZING freebie kit up too- done for my Colour Challenge this month!!- WOOOOHOOOO)

hahahaha- Yes of COURSE I'm ready Wayne ( he's shouting if I'm ready- BWAHAHAHAHAHA)- UHUM, how do we say- ONLY 5min right??? - *which actually means 30 min*- hee hee. Got to run. Hope you have a great weekend!