Monday, 11 January 2010

Back to the grind stone

Well it's official. Play time is over and everyone has gone back to work here today. So it's time to stick my backside back in my PC chair and get some work done - lol. Yeah Yeah, I can hear you from here Bunny Wunny- put that damn whip away now-hahahahahahaha.

I didn't manage to get on again with Nathan getting back and doing some goodies for hubby which kept me busy- so thought I would share some other *fun in the sun* photo's with you from the last *get together* we had on the 30th Dec 09( yeah- talk about being BRAVE, we all party the day BEFORE Old Years night party's- OY! lol)

My dear friend Loryn had arrived and of course the circle was near complete with all the friends being home- OF COURSE we had to all get together- Wayne made us a fantastic Chicken Spit braai ( cooked over coals slowly for a few hours)


AHHHH- Loryn and of course my dear hubby ;-)


Toni who like me doesn't do the sun so well- lol. We were the only two *lily white* people sitting outside- hahaha


How most of the day was spent- in the pool!  With of course *tunes* and cocktails all day! lol


Lizelle has moved back from the States for good and of course Ant is always keeping us young-hahaha


Roche arrived a little later and BOY- Nothing like Catch up talk with the girls!


The boys didn't have a chance getting a word in edgeways- hahaha


Deon got a *friendly* unplanned swim- ( of course it had to be hubby that instigated-lol)26a

And somehow managed to save his wine! - he was still sipping it when he climbed out the pool ;-) Priority's right???? BWAHAHAHA

And Roche is probably going to KILL me for showing this one- you all know just how beautiful my dear friend is- well she does this thing with her face and calls herself *ROSHANDA MOPERELLA - Cuase I is *Spethial*- it always has us in stitches and I haven't managed to get it on camera to this perfection- lol


BWWWWWWWAHAHAHAHA- Roche you are truely *Spethial* and I'm ducking under this desk for the rest of the day- lol

Hope this brought a Monday giggle and I will see you all tomorrow .

Big hugs and Loves


Jazzy said...

It's hard to imagine how warm it is there at Christmas..I have missed you, it's been kinda dead without you being around glad to see you back..
I loved the pictures..reminds me of old days at the river..we used to have some great times at the lake house..that picture of Roche is so funny..hope she doesn't get too mad at you, but I'm thinking she won't!
Hugs and Love Jazzy

Jenni said...

hahahaha, love the pic of Roche!!!!! Scary !!! hahaha!!Yes. it's back to the grindstone and I am battling to get out of the holiday mode!!!

Mrs. Miles said...

Oh Gracious!!! Haha might your friend Roche SUE you, if of course she were not the good and dear friend you say she is. Looks like a right good time you had. I was having to squint me eyes just looking at your pics - you have that stuff called sunshine happening. While me and Louise and Linda and Bunny and well practically all us in the rest of the world freeze our bumms off. Kin ya send us some sun here sister?

I always find joy in seeing your good times with dear friends - it's one of the greatest joys of life.


PS - work's not SO bad, it makes play time seem all the more fun!

LouCeeCreations said...

Oy! gimme some of that sunshine woman, it's so darn cold her at minus 1 in the day!
Uh Oh! you is in trouble when your dear friend Roche see's that pic lol! well caught I'd say!

Bunny Cates, said...

Everyone needs someone *Spethial* in their lives! Otherwise how boring would life be.

Whoooo... I don't know if my bladder could withstand that look though, if I'd had ANYTHING to drink... you'd be wipin my p up outta the floor!

omg, my word verification is "screamis"

"Yeth yeth, Kimth fre-und is so *Spethial* she can make uz screamis till we tink our britchezz aww duh way in day hillz uhv Ken-tuck-ee"

Judy said...

Welcome back, love the photos especially the one of Roche. I just know this year is gonna be another fun filled year.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good morning Sweet thing!!!!!!!!
Its FANTASTIC to see you cack!!!!!
Its been way to quite without you!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE THE PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!
HUGE HUGS TOO!!!!!!!!!!!