Wednesday, 28 April 2010



I’m blogging real quick to let everyone know I’ll be MIA until Tuesday 4th May next week! I’m visiting my hubby who I haven’t seen for a while and can’t wait! hahahahaha. I won’t have internet access at all and won’t be able to post so I’m going to do a little reminder and some things and some that ARE going to be happening in a few days- hee hee

OOH OOH and I forgot to show you my new hair doooooo- lol


Not the best pic as I got my housekeeper to take it quick- hahaha, but boy it’s a big change from medium length dreary locks stuck back with an alice band the last three months! hahaha- I LOVE it and Wayne loves it too- say’s my spunk is back. Now he just needs to see it in REAL life! that black is BLUE BLACK! hahaha a colour I haven’t been before ;-) I now have to grow those side bangs below my chin- PATIENCE was never my strong point with my hair! lol but we will try ;-)

Don’t forger the SISTERHOOD Bundle Gaye and I put together for our DSO Anniversarys -


Sisterhood Bundle

$12.50 $5.00

Save: 60% off

And a few more pages to look at ;-)

Sisterhood By Jenni

Sisterhood-is-foreverweb And Jazzy 

Jazzy also has a freebie QP up for you today -


She used her awesome Vintage Family Word art that is on sale right now


Check out Jazzy’s blog here for more details.

Di@Legacy4life has this gorgeous CU Collab Grab bag up for sale at the moment


She already has some reveals on her blog and this AWESOME CU freebie too! WOOOT


These are YUMMY and can be downloaded for a LIMITED time HERE.

And I know I won’t be on for the biggest Digital Scrapping shopping weekend!! ARRRGHHHH- I’m going to HAVE to find some access somewhere- hahahaha. But I am having a sale over the weekend!


Both my stores at DSO and DSV will be 50% off for the full weekend and Monday till I get back! (grab bags not included) Don’t MISS it!!

Okies- I still have legs to defluff and a whole suitcase to pack! hahaha So will leave ya now and wish you all a fantastic fun weekend shopping!

And the people who were randomly selected from the comments on my first post about our Sisterhood bundle and Anniversary- CONGRATS! Hope you enjoy your gifties ;-) ( I did say there were surprises- lol)



pkdoll said...

I'm going to miss you GF!! Have a great visit with hubby!

Mrs. Miles said...

Kim, you look LOVELY - just smashing. This look is so fresh and smart. Your husband will not let you come back to us, I'm afraid.

How romantic with no technology etc, now THATS the kind of getaway all married people need now and again.

Sorry I've been MIA - and not been away for an excuse here. I do miss ya, you're always in a little cubbyhole in my mind. I keep an ice pick ready for chunks of the berg for ya (in fact WHEN you get back and have a chance, check out my bloggie, I volunteered for an AUDIO BOOK which you can listen to online, its called The Frozen Pirate and I thought of YOU while I was reading it, oh yes I DID!)

Well, enough, whew, its been so long here that my fingers are getting numb typing and you are going to wish I would go away for leaving you such blather to read through... haha!

Love ya,

pkdoll said...

I forgot to mention your new look is absolutely stunning! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! And like Mrs Miles said--I'm afraid your hubby won't let you come back to us!!LOL!

Jenni said...

Love the new Spunky hair!!! Have a great few days with DH!!

Bonnie said...

Your hair is super cute!! love the dark, it suits you!! Have a great time with Wayne!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

OMG SWEETY YOU LOOK AWESOME & SOOOoooooooooo YOUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE IT & HAVE A SAFE & FANTASTIC TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wILL MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snowsmoon said...

What a great do....Happy iNSD...HUGS

Caryn said...

LOVE the hair do!!! Have a wonderful time :)

Jazzy said...

Love the new do gf..everyone needs a new look sometimes..have a great weekend with your hubby..and thanks for the great freebies and for the use of my word art and for all the pimping you gave you lots and lots..oh and as usual all the CT layouts are gorgeous..

makeyesup said...

Great hairdo, enjoy the time with hubby.

Carol said...

Hi Kim!
Just popping by to say hello.
Wayne is right - the do is spunky and funky!
Juno's Place
Cards by Carol

Robin said...

I LOVE it - your new hair style! You really look quite stunning!