Thursday, 10 June 2010

ARRRRRRGH- 3rd time lucky

Crossing fingers! lol. This is the third time I’m trying to post this and between torturing myself getting up at 5am to get to the office with Wayne and Deon ( yup- NO LIES-lol) the last two days just to get online – this post keeps disappearing on me- ARRGHHHHH, think it’s tooo early for a glass or 6???-lol

The house still doesn’t have internet connections and the promised *7days* is now 3 weeks! Which has Wayne’s blood pressure boiling and my poor body clock not knowing whether it’s Arthur or Martha-lol

I came in yesterday to try and play catch up and so some work only to land up most of the day in the dark here with no electricity due to the factory being installed with machinery blah blah blah- and today the network people arrived to install the networks for the office – so it’s been more off than on again! FUN??- sheeeee’s  Moral of the this story is I should have stayed in bed to keep this frozen ass warm today I think- BWHAHAHAHA

So let me show you QUICKLY what the girls have up new at DSO this week -

Loucee has some stunning QUALITY new CU goodies up


CU Sequinned Flowers$4.00 $3.00
Save: 25% off

Just Passing Thru (aka Nikki) has these awesome hearts!


Heaps of Hearts$5.00

Color with Caryn has this really cute and fresh kit up too


A Day At The Park: Full Kit$5.99
Sale: $3.59
Save: 40% off

And my Sis, GS Creations has this awesome CU set up -


Trinket Mix$3.95 $2.96
Save: 25% off

Don’t miss the fantastic Quality new products up each week while they are on sale ;-)

And before I run again as I’m never sure when I will be up and running around this place I thought I would show you a few new photo’s of my little Nephew Zachery and of course the fam ;-)

My fav’s ;-)





The family *gran and grandpa’s* pic. LOL- yup doing what we do best too- laughing ;-P

Man- I’m hoping this thing is going to publish now- hold thumbs! BWAHAHAHAHAHA

Hugs to you all


Deanna said...

Oh, I LOVE the picture with the gran's!!! Thank you for sharing!

Alison said...

Oh Kim!! I do love reading your posts and thankfully this one made it! lol

I can totally relate, to your catalogue of mini disasters throughout a typical day! lol

The latest stock in store is drool worthy!! I feel a little shopping trip coming on. (Retail therapy works for me!!lol)

And I love your super cute baby nephew pics.

Keep up the good work

Alison (a long term follower and fan!)

Lulutoo said...

Awww, I love babies, thanks for sharing! Kim, you might want to try Windows Live Writer. It's free and it lets you save the posts on your hard drive and edit offline, then publish when you're ready. No losing posts or waiting until you can get online to prepare them. :) I think they bundle it, so you want to be sure to uncheck anything that comes with it that you don't want when installing. Hope that helps!

LouCeeCreations said...

3 weeks! man I can see you pulling your hair out lol!
What lovely photographs, and such proud grand parents too!

Tammara said...

Good to hear from you again! The internet is not the same without you. And 5:30 is not to early to have a few drinks; when it's 5:30 there it's 11:30 at night here and the party is just getting started, so it's just a geographical thing. And you can claim you were up all night and haven't gone to bed yet, in which case that morning drink is really a nightcap. ;-)

txbubbles said...

Love, love, love the pics!

Jenni said...

Those photos are gorgeous!!!!! What a mop of hair!! Are you enjoying the freezing weather LOL!!

Mrs. Miles said...


Oy Girlfriend, you're just moving around too fast for me! Email me a "real" postal address where I might send a "real paper" card to?

What a big adjustment for you and the family - who would have thunk? I will keep checking along with you - wishing your business every success, my prayers are with you.

CONGRATS on the shiny new baby in your life - aawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Thx for sharing all, I miss ya!


Laramie said...

Great Baby Pic's and sorry it's so cold. I prefer the warmer weather.