Friday, 29 January 2010

Getting there

PHEW_ I’m getting there slowly but surely- WOOT! Playing catch up and marking them off my list, but oh boy- as I cross some out- some new ones get put back on it- BWHAHAHAHA.

Amazing how much one actually misses when you are lost on DRY land- LOL

I wasn’t around to show off all my Wonderful CT creations with my NEW KIT  last week – so I have put it back on SALE until Valentines Day- WHEEEEEEE.


Passions Blush
$6.00 $3.90
Save: 35% offkb-passionsblush_01_LRG

16 Papers, 52 Elements, 1 uppercase and numerals Alpha.

CLOSE UPSkb-passionsblush_02_LRG


And while I was lost here without any connection to my team- they filled my forum with some ASTOUNDING LO’s and freebies too! ARRGH- thanks sooo much guys – you know I missed ya asses! lol

034 By Renee

Who also has this AMAZING double pager QP set for you as a freebie! WOOT

PassionsBlushQP You can pick it up HERE.

love forever By Ruthy

folder And you can pick up this stunning word art cluster on Ruthy’s Blog HERE.


2z7lgck By Kristine Using Ruthy’s Freebie too! WOOHOO!


bed_youRmyeverything600 By Bekah_E

bed_kb10 Who has this QP for you on here blog too! You can pick it up HERE.


lilly-10 By Vicki, who also got Gallery Standouts for this one at Plain Digital Wrapper! WOOOT


jc-kbp11Jodiann has this amazing word art for you on her blog too! You can pick it up HERE.


zyfuyg Another stunner by Kristine using our favourite *nom nom* face of Nadya ( Shannons beautiful Daughter). Isn’t she the cutest??


myeverythingjpg600By Hutchie

Love-AsLongjpg600 Who did this stunner too! WOW- LOVE them!

Thanks sooooo much guys for always being there!

And just a *request* reminder if you can to just click on this stunning LO of Ruthy’s ( check her blog for some awesome freebies this week too) and hit the blue VOTE button for the Scrappers Competition that ends this weekend if you haven’t already- PWEASEEEEEEEEEEEE lol;-). And a BIG thank you from Ruth and myself for all those that have- MWAH


I hope everyone has a fantastic super duper weekend! Hugs and Loves

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Test Test

WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Hoping this is going to work now without ANY hassles. Because that’s all I’ve had with my PC since last week Thurday- hahaha. Well ok, I would have said big swear words here BEFORE the word hassles as it was that bad!

Photoshop starting giving me a LOT Of command errors on Thursday afternoon , not dragging objects and elements and releasing them to their new appointed placements - but seemed to be on a piece of elastic that whipped it back to it’s original position – WTH??? OY!, so I thought No biggy- just un-install and re-install it right?? BWWWWWWWWAHAHAHAHA,

NOPE- that didn’t work and it was the start to the longest week I can remember EVER! BWAHAHAHA. More errors kept coming- so of COURSE I shout to the Only person I know who is a PC genius- Bunny Wunny.

Friday we spent almost three hours on Skype going through logs, running virus scans, more logs, etc etc ( shhhhheeee’s I know more about this PC in just those three hours than working on it for over two years! lol)

I decided that after all that I would rather just re-format this thing and get it over and done with- mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, my IT fetches is on Saturday night as he is extremely busy - so I sit waiting until Monday morning and get my PC back with a HUGE smile on his face.

He’s put on Windows 7 as a present for me. Now TRUST me when I say I’m sooooo happy to see my baby back and he know’s that I can do all the basic like load my programmes and folders etc etc.

HUH??- what the hell happened to my folder views I loved, the drag and drop ease I find with XP- OMG, I sat here the whole evening on Monday wanting to cry as when I opened photoshop- it was dragging and SLOW! I couldn’t find anything with the folder views ( I like my thumbnails! lol)

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I didn’t know what to do – sitting here feeling frustrated and really thankful to him and knowing he was fully booked for the week- but really wanting my old XP back- KWIM??

Did some google searches about Windows 7 etc etc, as I could at least work the net browser with ease- BWHAHAHa, and most Graphic people found 7 not really *designer friendly* unless you have a TON of extra RAM. So that was it- I phoned him to please come format it AGAIN and put my old OS back! lol

WHAT???- you think that would solve all my probs??- BWAHAHA- NOT!

After re-loading XP for me quickly here at home and leaving me to do the rest of course

, I kept getting errors like before- So I shout for Shaun ( Deon’s brother who lives just a few houses away), he pops over and is in some screens I haven’t even SEEN before- gets it running enough to load up photoshop – but still have errors on the thing! He say’s he thinks somethings still corrupt or missing. HUH??

I’m Telling Bunny all this now via mail on Waynes LT all the time and of course she reminds me to do updates etc etc. So I spent most of the night doing all the MS updates! Sheee’s bandwidth gone I tell you-

What happens the next morning when I click RE-START all ready to get going??- BLACK SCREEN with a error message! BWAHAHAHAHA- OMG, I swear I am a patient person, but I so felt like just putting my head down and crying like a baby.

Deon was here for coffee when it happened and said- WAIT, Leave it! I got similar problems when he downloaded IE7 and it changed some of his programme files ( graphics and CAD programmes)- HUH?

So my dear friend Bunny PHONES all the way from the States to give Deon instructions, and to remind him to do this and that-

and guess what! HERE I AM! FAST, CLEAN and NOT one ERROR at all! WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- OMG, I’m like a cat that got all the cream today-

Yes, I have a weeks work of catch up, lost some mail in the crashes- but NO WORK! WOOT WOOT- Bunny’s constant BACK UP mail reminders to all the DSO girls sure makes you do it- as well as from past experiences with this poor PC- hahahaha

Thanks Bunny and Deon- you guys are my HERO’S and I love ya both MUCHLY!!

Thats the short story to a LONG weeks saga! hahaha

OY- off to do some more copying! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Until tomorrow

hugs and loves

Monday, 25 January 2010


Hi folks!  Bunny here, just dropping a  little note on Kim’s behalf.  She is having pc troubles, which I'm sure she’ll tell you about when she gets them all fixed. LOL!  Anyway, just wanted to tell you guys she’s missing you all!

She DOES get email on a laptop but that's about it.  So feel free to comment below and leave her some digi-love.  She is going thru some serious design withdrawal.  And not having her pc is making her crazy. LOL!!!!!!!

“WE LOVE YOU KIM!!!!!!!!!”


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Passions Blush, REVEAL and offending plant

BWWWWWWWAHAHA- thanks for all the laughs about my *offending illegal plant* yesterday. Mrs Miles- that poem is just toooo funny!

And YUP, I did take photo's - but by the time I got to take photo's the poor thing was a little droopy and sad looking- lol



Looks like any ol' weed huh?- BWWWWAHAHAHAHA.

Wayne didn't believe me until I showed him the pics -lol. We've had a lot of sports, teasing and laughing about it since yesterday too. Friends killing themselves laughing and teasing that they would have fetched it yesterday - BWWWWAHAHAHA. OOOPS tooo late, I think the gardener has it and I really don't want to know- lol


Don't miss it- GONE LATER TODAY ;-)


5 Brand New CU ok products. 
Textures, prints and edges, all Quality Checked for your peace of mind. 
This purchase contains:
5 Full Sized products in JPG and PNG @ 300ppi

That's $1 per FULL sized product

Grab it here at DSO or DSV

FULL REVEAL-kb-TP-floralgrunge2





Grab it now while they are all only $1 per pack ;-)

And some more Inspiration from my new kit PASSIONS BLUSH.


Passions Blush

$6.00 $3.90

Save: 35% off

jc_kbPblush_LO_01 By Jodiann

more-i10By Vicki

Who has this AWESOME QP freebie up for you.passio10You can pick it up HERE

Elushia01 By Renee

kb-Mia-web By Me


By Becca who also got Gallery Standouts at DST for this one! WOOOOT WOOOT, Congrats GF.

And she has also made this stunner into a QP for us-


You can grab it HERE.

Until tomorrow, Hugs and loves

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

New Kit and illegal plants

BWWWWWAHAHA- did that catch your attention? Well it sure got mine too yesterday. My gardener of 15 years was here and I'm at the PC as usual when he stands in my kitchen shouting Madam ( pronounced MEDEM- lol), and he is laughing at the same time. He speaks in his native tongue Xhosa to Cynthia my housekeeper, who says *HAI* and starts laughing too.

I'm up going to see what's so funny, and in his hand is this rather measly sad looking weed. He says- Medem you're growing GANJA! lol

WHAT,HUH????- What you mean "Ganja" Johnston??, I mean dagga medem! BWWWAHAHAHA, OMG, I have never seen one in plant form before and he was really battling to keep his laughter in check.

He found it weeding my flower beds and I have no idea how it got there. to be honest, I'm sure I could thank a friend here and there who have watched the stars outside a few evenings over the years- BWWWWWWWAHAHAHA.

Nathan of course thought it really funny, and even phoned some of his friends. OY! But it was pulled out and went into the bin, much to LOT'S of teasing and jokes about growing a *vegetable* patch-BWHAHAHA.


Don't miss it- LAST DAY


5 Brand New CU ok products. 
Textures, prints and edges, all Quality Checked for your peace of mind. 
This purchase contains:
5 Full Sized products in JPG and PNG @ 300ppi

That's $1 per FULL sized product

Grab it here at DSO or DSV



Grab it now while they are all only $1 per pack ;-)


With the *love Season* just around the corner I couldn't resist making a *Romantic Valentines kit*.  It's not really very traditional though - lol,  and can be used in both modern or Vintage styled LO's and creations. kb-passionsblush

Passions Blush

$6.00 $3.90

Save: 35% offkb-passionsblush_01_LRG

16 Papers, 52 Elements, 1 uppercase and numerals Alpha.

 CLOSE UPSkb-passionsblush_02_LRG


And of course my CT have been playing and creating some STUNNING inspiration for us.

laugh10 By Vicki

Love--Mother&Sonrs By Jazzy

Live-Laugh-Breathe By Jenni

nessa (900 x 900) By Silvia

kb-Gatheredtogether-web By Me

And if you signed up for my Newsletter (links on the right) you will be receiving an exclusive ADD-ON in the mail ;-)

I have a QP freebie that I adapted from my LO for you today too-


You can grab it HERE.

Hope you all have a stunning day. Hugs and Loves

Monday, 18 January 2010

Monday Quicky

hee hee- just jumping on to show you another REVEAL on my JAN OVERLAY GRAB BAG ;-)

Don't miss it- ONLY 2 Days left!


5 Brand New CU ok products. 
Textures, prints and edges, all Quality Checked for your peace of mind. 
This purchase contains:
5 Full Sized products in JPG and PNG @ 300ppi

That's $1 per FULL sized product

Grab it here at DSO or DSV



Grungy Florals 2


Texture Pack- Scenic Wood.


Edge it 4 - mixed.

another tomorrow ;-)

And don't forget to grab these Freebie kits from my CT team's blogs- they all match my colour Challenge. WOOT


Loucee has this gorgeous one up on her blog-

you can grab it HERE.


Vicki has this stunner up-

You can grab it HERE.


And Jodiann has this striking kit for us too!

you can grab it HERE.

Hey Mrs Hoot- I LOVE the new blog look too! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

OOOH talking about blogs- I was asked by Ingrid ( Cute blog Layouts)to use my New Dawn freebie to make a blog background etc.


I LOVE IT- you can grab it here too if you like it ;-)

Now off to cool down- we just hit 35C now and it's still climbing- making it really uncomfortable - I think a little dip in the swimming pool is in order- lol

Hugs and Loves