Friday, 19 October 2012

Vicki's SA tour (so far)

Gosh thanks for all the messages about my dad.. I can tell you that he is recovering quicker than even the surgeon and physiotherapist expected! He is on crutches and at home with my son Nathan.. driving Nathan crazy as his hearing aid isn't working as it should due to him dropping it off the bedside table at the hospital- BWHAHAHAHAHA. Nathan and I have a little "Poppy" giggle everyday about something my Dad has done or said.. so I can relax a bit knowing he is really healing well and in good hands.

As you all know my friend and CT member Vicki made the long trip here from Texas USA last week Thursday and my team have been begging for updates and photo's of our "doings and outings"... so hang on to your coffee, tea or soft drinks as this is only one weekends adventures- BWAHAHAH ;-P

Friday last week (12th Oct) we spent the morning getting Vicki settled and unpacking cases and setting up all the electronic goodies... in the afternoon I took Vicki for her first "site seeing drive" around the area we stay in while we waited for Wayne to get back from work.. mmmmmmmmmm, well I don't know my own area that well (BWAHAHAH, only been here a short time myself) and we landed up on the "wrong side of the tracks"  so to speak in a little mining town called BRITS near our little town just following roads and checking the scenery! BWWWWWWWWWAHAHAHA- seriously..on a Friday afternoon of all things - it's home time for most of the area..and our local TAXI's where all over.. gosh did we giggle as Vicki got to see the stuff I would never have shown her normally...before she even saw anything else- lol. Nathan was like MOOOOMMMMM, what were you thinking?? errrr, I didn't- we just drove! lol

I decided to take Vicki to our little local pub ( as Vicki says' .. I come all the way to South Africa to land up in a IRISH pub- BWHAHAHA) as Wayne was catching a snooze after the chaotic week..

1 *taken with phone*

Well Irish Pub or not.. Vicki had her first typical South African shooter called a "Springbok"! Called that due to the "green and gold" colour (peppermint liquor and Amarula Cream) It was made to support our local Rugby team years ago.. hee hee, ok we had two of those each and a couple of beers and a margarita too.

We went out for dinner Friday night and Vicki got to eat her first SA meat - Springbok Carpaccio ;-)

It had been storming and raining since Vicki arrived and Sat morning the sun popped it's head out- WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, time to get out and show Vicki the BETTER part of our little area! LOL


First stop was the Aerial Cableway ( a few minutes from our house: They had renovated it and opened it about three months ago again. Wayne and I had both been wanting to go and Vicki was a great excuse to get there- bWHAHAHA.


WHEEEEEEEEEEEE- and UP we go! Ok I will admit I was a little nervous as I don't do heights that well and hanging from a few "wires" sort of set my teeth on edge.. but besides the little transition bumps as it went through the different "pylon" sections I had a blast going up- lol


BWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAHAHA- mmmmmmm, thought the view was supposed to be "pretty"??? lol.. OMG, I swear we get off the cable car at the top and this is the "first view" we are greeted with! Wayne saw me start laughing and grabbing my camera and he is saying "NOOOO KIM" (he knows me way too well- lol) ... but OOOOPS toooo late as I had already snapped the "view" .. Vicki's chirp was .. just say NO to crack! Well it cracked us both up - excuse the pun ;-P


The REAL view of the area I stay,  it's settled in huge Valley with a beautiful Dam.  We had a great time up on the mountain.. had a beer and strolled around seeing a good 180 degree view of the whole area. ( tons of more photo's but gosh.. would be here a week- lol)

We were then off to our typical South African Craft and Food market called the Chameleon Village ( .c-1

BWWWWWAHAHAHA- this Zulu warrior called Vicki his "Zulu Mama" which we all had a great laugh at.....


Dressed in his "skirt" and all- BWHAHAHAHA. Gosh we spent a few hours in the Craft Market and I think Vicki is going to need another suitcase to get home as we came home with gifts for everyone she knows- LOL.

Sunday we had booked a tour at the Elephant Sanctuary ( also just around the corner from us.. and even Wayne was looking forward to this one> Shopping wasn't quite his thing the day before but he never complained once- ahhhh, thanks Waynie! lol


Not the best photo as taken with my phone when we arrived but had to show the sign of course ;-P

We were all given a brief description of how the place works and just how the Elephants live, eat and just how easily you can become a "pancake" as our tour guide says it- lol.

First stop after a brief hike through the African Bush was to this young Bull Elephant who is the youngest Elephant in rehab at the centre:

e-3We all got the feed him to feel how they use their trunks as "fingers".. Well lets just say it's more like a Vacuum Cleaner on Steroids! BWHAHAH.

e-4  Even Waynie had a go ;-P

e-5 And of course I wasn't going to miss it either- BWHAHAHA.


We then got another little hike through the bush to actually meet up with the older calmer Elephants to "feel touch and learn" up close.. This was taken by the tour guide who said it's the "Facebook" update photo- bWHAHAHA


I won't even tell you what my comment was here- just know that poor Vicki nearly chocked laughing at it- it's censored- BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!


OMG... as you can see I had the best laugh at the "Elephant kisses"... this young Bull Elephant loves giving "kisses" and Vicki being first got a FULL MUDDY sloppy one that half sucked in her face and left a huge muddy "lip mark" around her face and into her mouth! BWHAHAHAHAHA

e-8  mmmmmmmmmm, maybe I shouldn't have laughed so hard at it was my turn soon enough! It's almost a shock when his trunk hits your cheek (ok half your face- BWHAHAHAHA) but lucky enough Vicki took most of the mud and I had minimal clean up afterwards- hee hee.

WE had a full and fun weekend ( with Wayne also making a tradional braai for supper on Saturday night). Vicki is now at the Kruger National Park on a 3 day tour to see our South African "Big Five" in their local surrounds. I am sure she will have filled hard drives with photo's from there and I can't wait to see them.

We are meeting up today and invading my sister Gaye's (GSCreations) little Village Dullstroom for the weekend............Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee, with  Jenni and her hubby Mark are also joining us... I don't think Gaye knows what she is letting herself in for- bWHAHAHAHA.

I know I'm sooo looking forward to seeing Jenni and my sister again... and sure Vicki will have a blast meeting them too.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and yup, my camera is already packed- lol

Hugs and loves


Jenni said...

I am sure Vicki is having an awesome time!! Love the photos!! Cant wait to see you guys again, and meet Gaye and Vicki, although I have to keep reminding myself I haven't met them yet LOL. See you later!! said...

Vicki and you look like you are having a ball! Hope you all have a good time this weekend, and behave yourselves, IF you can lol!

Jodiann said...

WHOO HOO!! Pictures! Tickled to see and hear how Vicki's visit is going! ...and more to come too...survive the bash tonight V! LOL! OH! MY!

Dance it UP Zulu-Momma!

Ruth said...

Wow! Love those photos! You guys really having so much fun! :)