Sunday, 30 December 2007


LOL- I'm doing a *sneaky*- While tha cat's(Wayne) snoring on the couch the mouse will play quickly. ( I promised not to work too long on the computer during the festive season-hee hee) So sneaking it....

I hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas with your families and loved ones? Mine was the most relaxing I've had in YEARS!! I didn't have to cook a thing! Just had to rock up at my sister houst and eat and well eat some more-ROTF!

The morning was raining and cool too which was a nice change to the heat- but the funniest was that for the first time the *PARENTS* had to wait for their son to wake up!! hahahahahaha- Wayne and I got up early- but Nathan slept in till 9am!!! We laughed at the change of roles as usually he would wake us at sparrow fart to open presents!
I've had family and friends from afar and it's been a wonderful few days holiday- Hubby took the week off between Christmas and New Year so I've been spending time with him. Besides catching up on sleep, we've finished the paving, some of the garden beds and refurbished my bedroom too! WOOOHOOOOO!

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday so I thought I had BETTER sneak on here now as I will never make it tomorrow- hahahahahahaha

Yup- friends are coming around later tomorrow afternoon to start with a cocktail evening! Then we are off to a venue where NONE of us have to clean a thing up on the 1st! hahahahaha

Sheeesh, hangovers are bad enough as it is- let alone cleaning up the glasses that still have alcohol in them in the morning- GAG-YUGH!!ahahahaha

Just to let you all know that my Jan Colour challenge is up ( yeah a little early too-lol, but oh better safe than sorry right-hee hee)

Here is a preview of the posting gifty for this month using the new colour swatch.

So come and have some fun with me and I will send you this gift for playing with.

I just want to take this time to wish you all a FANTASTIC NEW YEAR, may 2008 be full of love, laughter, friends and all that you hope for! I am so looking forward to starting my New Year with you too! Renee my wonderful South African CT member and friend sent me this tonight and I've asked her permission to share it here with YOU - my friends and digi-family.

It's just tooo beautiful not to pass on!

And now I hope you ALL LET THAT FRO-GO and do a DORK DANCE tomorrow night- actually bugger that- make that TONS of DORK dances- cause I'm going too- LOL. Until 2008 my friends-keep it safe tomorrow but oh have FUN!! We have a NEW YEAR ahead of us and lets see out this old one with a BANG!! loves and hugs Kim

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Wishing you and yours

hee hee- YUP- you are seeing this correctly- it's SATURDAY and I'm squeezing in a quick post- Was out the whole day yesterday- shopping LOL ( did get sidetracked in the morning when I bought things for my bedroom hahahaha) So have to go and do just a few more things today.

I won't be posting again till after Christmas - you know how busy it gets from now until LUNCH- LOL.

And had to let you know that
until midnight 25th December. Including the commercial use kits.

Check out these LO's to see what has been done with all the kits available- links will be under the LO's-
Doodle did this AWESOME LO- just LOVE how the red pop's on the purple!

This was from PK Doll - with a very SPECIAL baptism of her GD. ( was very ill in hospital when a baby)

This BEAUTY is from Beth- ( a scrap lift from "rsk" on DST)- Both use my A PURPLE CHRISTMAS KIT . My FESTIVE TREE TEMPLATES where also used for the tree in this kit(Commercial use allowed)
HOw CUTE is this- just loved the journaling and word art! This was sent to me by Rachel Lynn Sams who was RAK'd during the week by my AWESOME CT!! Thanks for sharing girl!

And my FESTIVE CHEER PATTERN OVERLAYS were used for the background papers.

And here is one for YOU , from my heart..... (um Nathan REFUSED to have his face on here-LOL)

Thanks soo sooo much to the WONDERFUL MRS MILES for her Christmas hat element freebie- it's honestly superb! Also used some of my PARTY ON kit also 35% off.

I really just want to thank all of my faithful readers and supporters ( YUP YOU!!!) for the constant support, the encouragement, the messages, the laughs, the sharing of yourselves, and for always just being the " solid platform" that I have bounced off this year - for helping me grow and most of all your FRIENDSHIP- there are soooo soooo many of you that have become *my family* and I hold you all so close to this heart! I have met some truely WONDERFUL people via my blog and I thank you all for adding just that little bit more colour to my life.

So I would like to take this opportunity to WISH YOU AND YOURS a VERY BLESSED CHRISTMAS and I hope that you will all have a stunning, love filled Festive Holiday with your family and loved ones. And for some, Christmas may not be a happy time- to you I would like to send a HUGE hug and just let you know that you are in my thoughts too.

And I made the *card LO* into a QP for you as a freebie today-

Add your own photo and sentiment and away ya go! - Well guys that's it for now- Until Wednesday that is- OH and GOOD news too- my sister and Caden are at home too- so they can enjoy their first Christmas together! Sending you all my biggest hugs and LOVES-Kim

Thursday, 20 December 2007


Hee heee- YIPPPEEEE, I was sent some pics via e-mail last night- Oh I was bawling like a baby myself-LOL! Shes' such a little miracle and I can't wait to hold her in person!

So I would like to introduce you to CADEN (pronounced kaydon)- My Sisters choice and OH it suites * the little angel to a T*!!!

I haven't had a chance to do a full page scrap- so did some quick ones for you-

This is my Sister Gaye with her precious bundle!

And here is Ben the proud Daddy

And here is the little ANGEL herself!!

Just how beautiful is THAT!! Hee hee- yeah proud Aunty here! LOL. Thanks to Rhonna Farrer for the pink frame- the rest were from my freebies. And now I've got to get back outside and finish helping with the tiling and stone work!! YAY- it's such a STUNNING, SUNNY day and it's so nice being outside. I haven't spent anytime really at the computer- hence the lack of freebies this week- LOL. But I'm sure you'll forgive this old fart as I'm sure you are just as busy with your Christmas goodies as I am- Still have shopping to finish too ( EEEEEEKKKKK)- but will get that done tomorrow- I HAVE TOO- ROTF, Hope you all have a wonderful day- hugs and loves Kim

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

I'm an AUNTY

WHOOOOHOOOOO- I'm officially an AUNTY!!! I'm soo soo excited! Gee's I've been waiting for ages for a niece or nephew! And *she* arrived way ahead of schedule too!

My Sister had been leaking water since Thursday last week- landed up in and out of hospital on steroid treatments hoping to stop the *leak*- she went home feeling fine and went to her Gyn yesterday for a check up and a sonar scan.! As they were walking OUT the docs office she *squirted this time as she put it* again! So he put her in hospital ( this time permanently on bed rest) but decided to do a ceasear(*sp*) for the baby's sake as the fluid loss was quite large.

At 6 weeks early they warned my sister about the baby going to ICU and incubators,pipes etc- WELL- my little NIECE came out screaming and kicking- LOL. She shocked the doctors and nurses and is in the NORMAL maternity ward!!! So last night was a scary and exciting all at the same time!!

But OH MAN- she's TINY!! LOL All of 2.1kg! (x2.2 for pounds)- that's MORE than HALF the size of Nathan who was 4.5kg!!!!


Ok- At the moment life has hit what I would call HECTIC- hahahaha- so I have no freebie today but I HAD TO SHARE MY NEWS-

AND - My CT are all on the look out today to hand out some EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESSIES!! YIPPPPEEEEEE- fun day all round! hahahahaha--

But here are just a few more LO's using my A Purple Christmas Kit-

This one is from Renee- and oh goodness looking at that picture- here comes AUNTY to SPOIL My little niece! LOL

And this is from Colleen- LOVE those decorations!!!!! Stunning!!
And now I'm running out again! LOL- Until tomorrow- hugs and loves, Kim

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Nearly done

Wooohooooo- well I had to drop Nathan off EARLY this morning so that he could go to Bushmans River with friends- and I decided to HIT the shops! YAY- I think everyone was still sleeping! hahahaha- Well it did start filling up about 10.30am- but I never stood in ONE QUEUE!! My type of shopping! So I got what I needed and wanted to buy from that shopping centre and I feel RELIEVED that some of my shopping is DONE! WOOOHOOOOO!

Gee's is it just me or is the NET QUIET at the moment- well I can understand it really- everyone is shopping, cooking or on holiday- but PHEWWWIEEE- my own voice is echoing around here- wahahahaha.

Ok guy's just a few LO's from my AWESOME CT using my A purple Christmas kit !

This one is from Doodle- who has used it for her friends Wedding photos!! Doodle you look beautiful and the kit matched your dress so well!

This one is from Silvia- Gorgeous LO for a gorgeous girl!!! I love the romantic edge to this kit- can be used for Christmas and all types of LO's!

AND - be on the lookout tomorrow- my CT have decided to have a little fun-LOL. Well it is Christmas and all and WELL- I won't give it away- LOL- But tomorrow I think Christmas will come early to a few people- wahahahaha.

And today's freebie is the last two QP's from A Purple Christmas- Thanks to the wonderful nutty MsKari !!She did a brilliant job for your guys and I'm sending you a HUGE hug and MWAHS!!

So now you have the 4 - *yesterdays post for the first two if you missed it*- Well let me get stuck into all the parcels on the table and hide some of them away-LOL. Easier that Nathan will only be home on the 23rd- but Wayne is a bigger kid and will go scrounging-hahahahaLOL. Until tomorrow- hugs and loves Kim

Monday, 17 December 2007

On the run-

Well it's been a rather crazy CHAOS day LOL- went to the first shopping centre and Wayne and I looked at each other and went * OH HELL NO*- wahahahaha. People were parking on the pavements, on anything that a car could fit on basically- so we just did a U-ie and made like Donald and DUCKED! hahahaha- Stopped at the new one on the way home that actually wasn't that bad and got a few things for the table and a few pressies- but oh my list is still WAY toooo long- hahahaha

We have decided to go in the evening after work!- Extended shopping hours now and I remember last year the stores are QUIET around supper time! hahahaha- So that's where I'll be going tomorrow night! To FINISH MY LIST!!

Also managed to clear out my cupboard this morning- YIPPPEEEE, ok one down three more to go- ( Wayne, Nathan and the spare room!) But at least it's a start! The carpet guy say's they can only replace my carpet in Jan(Water damaged spare room and passage!!)- so that gives me a chance to paint them again so I don't mess on the FLOOR!!! hahahahahaha- Don't laugh- with my luck I'll spill all the paint the day AFTER they replace it- hahaha

I posted my 'REVEAL' for my bag last night- * so check yesterday's post* to see what's inside- they will be up tomorrow @ 25% off for a limited time if you missed it.

And some LO's with my new favourite kit!!- A Purple Christmas

This one was sent by Renee- Oh man how GORGEOUS does that look!!

And from my newest CT member PK Doll- Wow girl love the paper fold frame!! GORGEOUS!

The kit is still on sale @ 25% off at the moment and is really versatile for all types of LO's! Check it out closer here!

And MsKari ( relocateddixigirl) has very kindly made you a set of QP's to mat
ch my kit!! These are AWESOME!

There is a set of 4 ( co-ordinating pages)- today you get the first two- ( they are large files due to the size) and I will have the other two for you tomorrow- AND AND an added bonus download- from the Around the WOrld Christmas kit too- Kim(kimscrapping) has also made some QP's from the Christmas kit and they are now available on her blog too- HERE. Thanks girl!- And now let me get these parcels off my diningroom table and see where I can stash all my goodies- hahahaha.
Sending loves and hugs Kim

Sunday, 16 December 2007

a *sneak* on a Sunday

hee hee- yeah it is ME- LOL. And it's Sunday evening- but tomorrow is a public holiday and I really really have to get some Christmas goodies and shopping done! So I thought because my GRAB BAG4 ENDS at midnight tonight I would show you what is inside- Yup, before it's turned off- so you have a chance to grab it still if you like what's in it-

6 brand new products-

Bead it- full of shiny crystal styled beads to play with- just add your own colour-

More Ties- Bows, ribbon and some added threaded ties ( in psd with shadows and eyelets on seperated layers)

Grungy and weathered- 6 sharp grungy and textured overlays that will bring any paper or element to life.

Festive trees- 11 png shapes for pattern, cards or ANY element during this festive time ( play with different styles for different effects.

Easy Peasy florals- 5 outlined designed floral overlays- fill with your own colours and use different textures for endless different results!

Build a Bag- Template format in PSD and PNG's- with different handles, latch options. Comes with doodles, ribbons and eyelets- all on seperated layers. Add your own papers or colours.

There you have it guys- not to bad all of that for only $8!! So grab it quick before they are all up tomorrow at full price. I hope you have all had a great weekend so far- it's POURING with rain here at the moment but I'm enjoying the 'peace' that always comes with a summer rain!

I hope to chat to you all tomorrow - eeek can't spend the whole day in the shops! LOL- I'll drive myself NUTS! Christmas crowds make me claustrophobic! I'm sooo used to shopping when it's quiet during the week anytime- so now it's always queues and bump bump bump! YUGH! hahahahaha-

Until tomorrow- Hugs and Loves Kim

Friday, 14 December 2007


Morning people- WAKE UP_rotflmao- WOOHOOO it's Friday and WOW what a STUNNING day it is here today!- I'm early this morning ( hence the GOOD MORNING-LOL) and most of you are still tucked up in bed on the other side of the world- but I have a full day ahead of me so thought I would chat to ya early today-

Oh my word guys- don't worry about you all laughing at the hole in my roof- I think I laughed the LOUDEST! hahaha- I can't help myself- hee hee. I really DO pack out laughing and Wayne is the one that gets upset - WAHAHAHA- then he eventually laughs because I'm killing myself laughing at whatever has happened- I never stress over things I have no control over- they happen and well it's just the * inconvenience* usually of getting them fixed. I'll tell you another story soon on what happened to poor Hubbys car after he had it for only 5 days! LOL ( yeah one of those where he cried and I killed myself laughing!- OH BOY, I do sometimes put my HUGE FEET in it! WAHAHAHA)

But I have a lot to tell ya today as it's Friday and the next time I chat to you will be Monday- so just a few reminders- and something new-

So don't miss it if you love my bags- For only $8 you receive $35 worth of goodies!
* check Bunny's blog for her comments and my comment boxes since Monday for what has been said about the bag so far*- must admit it is one of my favs! LOL

And here is a few more tips on what's inside-LOL

Paula this is just GORGEOUS!! LOVE IT! Thank you!

And today I have a very Special Kit in Store- this kit was a special Request from my dear friend Shelby who has really had a LONG and HARD battle with Cancer! She has purple christmas decor and asked me to design her a kit so that she could scrap her Christmas this year- Shelby for you - you know I would kill- a da bull! So here sweets is YOUR KIT!

A Purple Christmas- a little vintage- a little retro and full of pearls,beads, lace and all things pretty- I was going to do a mini kit- but I LOVED this one so much I could not stop- LOL- It has 14 papers and 32 elements in the full kit in store! It's ON SALE NOW @ 25% off!

Silvia sent me this LO this morning - Oh I love this PURPLE! LOL

Just how AWESOME does this look!! LOVE THAT TREE!! Thanks girl- and if you all pop over to Silvia's blog at all- please leave her some love- she's having a really hard time at the moment- HUGS GIRL!

And Last night I sat and made a LO- not because I HAD to but because I WANTED too- you know when you just have that URGE and well this purple really got me inspired so I scrapped this for my LITTLE Sis which I will print out for her for Christmas and frame- ( she's purple MAD-LOL)

I really LOVED how this came out- what ya think?? And I used a AWESOME NEW PRODUCT by none other than BUNNY!! Man I LUUURVE these- it's a set of 1940's PHOTO TRIM EDGES!(frames)- all authentic too!! She has a set for each year from the 1930's-70's!!! Go check them out- they are on SALE at the moment!!! The word art I used- I have no clue who did it ( sorry it was from when I first started scrapping and there is no initials or name on the file- but I THANK YOU!) - the rest is from my A PURPLE CHRISTMAS KIT- see it's so versatile that it can be used for any type of LO!!

And I didn't forget you all-LOL , Here is a rather large sampler ADD-On to the kit too-

Just a small taste of what's in the kit- and next week I have a few extra surprises made by none other than MsKari! She has made up a lovely gift to match this kit- but you got to wait till Monday-LOL So go check out the kit here to see the full * picture* so to speak-LOL! And heres your link to the SAMPLER- - and I think that's about all the reminders I have ( well at least rememver- whahahaha)- Remember to keep Jazz in your prayers so she can get better soon- have a WONDERFUL weekend and stay safe to all those that are being affected by all those huge snow and ice storms!! Sending tons of hugs and loves-Kim

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Contractors and lunch

Ok- LOL, Maybe I shouldn't be posting now- ROTF- I had my Friend Deon's(aka PINK) Christmas lunch- and well yeah- I didn't have coffee- LOL

Just got back ( that's a 5 hour lunch!!) besides my stomach being WAY tooo fuLL- my ass is numb too! hahahahahaha-

But I couldn't go today without showing you the hole in my ceiling- LOL. I've had a house full of contractors this morning- the builder, the carpet guy and of course the plumber yesterday! So been rather 'busy'- LOL- And then LUNCH!! So sorry guys there's no freebie today- but thought I'd share some LO's and the photo's!! I got my new camara!!! WHOOOOPPPIEEEE- so am playing with it at the moment! Gee's took me a while to figure out all the buttons- LOL, Never used a Canon before and got so used the the Nikon 'buttons'- but let me tell you!! WOW - I'm sooo sooo thrilled with the pics! The clarity and the sharpness ALONE have made me a Canon convert! LOL


So here is the hole in my celing- but check it closely- it looks like a HUGE BULLET HOLE!! That's the amount of pressure that came flying through there that it blasted a HOLE- not just filled the ceiling boards and dropped through!- hahahaha
LOL- trust me it looks BEAUTIFUL! hahahaha( i just close the door!!!WAHAHAHA) - the rest of the ceiling is now that patchy off white STAINED look! hahahahaha. Well it will soon be new again! I used my weathered frames that are in store too.

And this is the little man that gave me my colour inspiration for the Old Festive Cheer kit- Man this camara is AWESOME- this is a FULL 12x12 LO- and just look at the size of that photo! And it's PERFECT!! Crystal clear! WHOOHOOO- ( just to let you know this is default settings- haven't even tried looking at all the options yet-hahaha)

Colleen used some of my grab bag ( Still on Sale but not for long!) to come up with this beautiful LO! Remember tomorrow is Friday- and after the weekend its GONE and up again separately at FULL price- so check it out here to make sure you don't miss it!

Man How gorgeous did this come out! And That's it for now- LOL, there's some new stuff coming up tomorrow- so make sure you pop in to check and now I'm going to find a HUGE MUG of Coffee before my poor hubby comes home and I have to breathe on him- ROTFLMAO! Hope you all have a wonderful day- hugs and loves Kim

Wednesday, 12 December 2007


OMG!! ROTFLMAO- My Spare-room has been *cooked!*- LOL. I don't know if any of you will remember as it was when I had just first started blogging- but we had a problem with my geyser and the thing threw water around the roof that leaked through the ceiling boards all over the house??- Hell yeah- well that WAS NOTHING! whaahahahahaha-

*history*- We bought an OLD house and got a building contractor to renovate- I chose new taps (the single lift and twist ones) that would need a NEW high pressure geyser- LIke DUH?- Ok I like a good shower too you know- so please go ahead!- UHUM- and so the story gets messy- we had leaking pipes in our Linen closet!!! - the toilet wouldn't flush etc- so the builder FIRES his plumber contractor ( but not BEFORE he had installed the NEW geyser-) UHUM- New??- well that's another bone of contention today- seems its 2 years OLDER than I was let believe!! ( not like I climb in the roof to check you know- it looked shiny- ROTFLMAO)- so after the FIRST mess- I phone the builder who sends ANOTHER plumber- who say's he fixed it- ( stuck valve!!!)- LIKE HELL JA!

Last night Wayne had just got home and we had some slight rain in the evening and we were chatting in the kitchen when it sounded like HEAVY RAIN- Hello- we both look outside and UM_ the sun is shining- BOTH AT THE SAME TIME- shout OH SHIT and run like looneys to the bathroom area just in time to hear the EXPLOSION!! NO LIES!! LOL, Wayne doesn't even look he just carry's on running ( quickest I've seen him charge in YEARS!LOL) to find the MAIN tap outside to turn the water off-

I'm looking STUCK to the floor in the passage staring at this HUGE HOLE in my spare room ceiling! Water is SHOOTING out in a SHEET!!! And it's boiling HOT- the whole room is steaming up- so NO WAY'S IN HELL- am I running in there to save all the stuff in the way! LOL- Wayne gets the water off but the thing still takes a while to eventually get to a trickle!! MESS PEOPLE!!! BED, BOOKS,CHRISTMAS PRESENTS on the BED!!! ARRRGGGHH- actually just about everything in there is WET and COOKED! LOL

We do the general *drag outside* and push everything around out of the way-LOL. But Um now we have NO WATER and it's now 7pm- Cut a longer story- we eventaully figure out how to get water to the kitchen but no bathrooms! HAHAHAHAHAHA- so of course I'm teasing Wayne now about flushing the loo in the morning after his morning *sh-t*! WAHAHAHA- He had a BATH in the SWIMMING POOL this morning at 5.30am! With shampoo and soap mind you-LOL. And trust me we have an elevated garden- so the neighbours if they were awake would have had a WONDERFUL VIEW! ROTFLMAO- I wasn't so brave and have just *washed* in the kitchen sink!! hahahahaha- Feel gritty and sticky and couldn't wash my hair- which I DO EVERY DAY!! And there was a BUCKET placed next to the loo- compliments of my hubby too- WAHAHAHAHAHA-

The bank sent out THEIR plumber now to look at the damage ( house insuarance) and let me know that we were lucky to still have a ROOF! He said the geyser did NOT have a pressure valve ( UHUM!!!) and that it was under tooo mutch pressure- hence the spewing of it's contents- and because it just got hotter and hotter- it would have EXPLODED! Hell- thank Goodness Wayne turned the "main geyser switch and the water off"!!!!

So they will be fixing it today PROPERLY!! LOL-

* moral of the story*- the cheaper contractor is definetly NOT the cheapest in the LONG run!!

Hee hee- did you get this far- LOL, But I had to share as really cleaning your teeth and face then bathing in the pool is just tooo FUNNY! LOL!

Ok- Have you looked at my Designer bag yet???_ I cant' thank you all enough for your wonderful comments on the contents! Remember it's for both Commercial and Personal use. This LO was done by Croppy using some of the stuff in my bag! Don't kick ya self- it's 77% off the total value!

And I used some in this SECOND LO from our weekend away trip- LOL- ( thanks to Newlife dreams for the commercial use frame freebie)
So won't keep ya any longer as phew this was a long YAP today- hahahahaha.

OOOH Guys before I go- You have to go check out Bunny's new kit- called Watercolour Splash- it's GORGEOUS! Check it out here
And now the plumber wants me to turn off the electricity- WAHAHAHAHA- so got to go-
Here's the link to the matching QP that you got last week- Sending hugs and Loves Kim

Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Happy Birthday to you- Happy Birthday to you- thank goodness you joined *my Zoo*- ROTFLMAO- Jokes aside- Jazzy my dearest friend- I hope you have a absolutely stunning day and that the year ahead brings you GOOD HEALTH and lots of love and laughter! May it bring all you wish for and MORE!! Love you lots my friend! I hope you are feeling better today too- sending you HUGE BIG hugs and sloppy kisses-LOL!

Michaele Burkhart for word art, Sweetmade for flowers and the rest is from Tools in my new Designers Grab Bag

Oh boy guys- THANK GOODNESS I posted early yesterday morning- LOL, or you would have had to wait till today for your links to the Christmas Around the world kit!! Geeeee's, I had no electricity for most of yesterday afternoon and it came on only near 8pm again!! South Africa at the moment are doing what they call *load sharing*- They are building new power plants and trying to revamp and upgrade most of the older ones- so they just turn off the power to areas for HOURS on END!! We get a general warning but they never let you know which AREA is going to be down! Well it was my turn again yesterday ( hee hee, my dad is out now- different area of PE-) But oh man it's a REAL PITA!! They better sort out their shit QUICK!!! LOL

For all of you that sent me mails that you couldn't download the papers or elements from my portion of the kit- please try again- there was such a rush on 4shared it got logged down- the links will be up for a while so take your time and just go back and try again OK- mwah

Don't forget my DEC GRAB BAG is up and wow- thank you for all your comments already! Guys you rock! Thanks so much for your support and I'm glad you are enjoying this one! I did too- LOL! Only $8 and that's a WHOLE 77% off the REAL VALUE of what's in this bag- little early Christmas pressy-LOL.

Another hint for ya!hee hee

This one is from Renee- AWESOME girl!

And this one from our BIRTHDAY GIRL TODAY- Jazzy! This is BEAUTIFUL Jazzy!

And seeing that it's Jazzy's day today- I'm giving you her handbag- ROTFLMAO- Ok Ok- just the one I made to use for her card- I hope you like it- and remember you can add your own extra elements or type to it too-

It's a large size so you can use it for journaling too- Until tomorrow- I'm off to run around in the madness they call SHOPS!! EISH- I hate shopping at this time of the year- LOL.. Sending you hugs and loves-Kim

Monday, 10 December 2007

Christmas AROUND the World

Phew man- this is WAY too early for me- WAHAHAHAHA- I just got up and already Kimberly(fishinmom) has her whip out- * where's you links Kim*- ROTFLMAO- I'm here, I'm here- and what a Monday- Gee's there is ALOT happening today- so grab that COFFEE ( well I just have and wiping the sleep out the corners of my eyes too-LOL)

So BEFORE I get to this AMAZING AWESOME Collab kit that is HUGE!!!! I want to tell you what's up first! Ok??- Come on it's early- LOL, give me a little of your time- whahahahahaha!

It's EVENTUALLY HERE- My December DESIGNERS GRAB BAG!! Also a little late this month- but hell it's been a little topsy turvy right- hahahaha-

I think I filled this one with clues for you- LOL,
There are 6 brand new products never released and they are TOOLS to play with!! These will help you MAKE YOUR OWN kits and 'stuffies' for LO's!
They are Personal and Commercial Use OK!
Total Value of the bag is $35!!! Grab it now for only $8!! And if you know my others you won't be dissapointed! CHECK IT OUT HERE! (only for ONE week then all revert to NORMAL price- don't kick yourself!!)

Wanna some tips on what's in it- LOL

Silvia used some of my goodies to make this LO of her moms Birthday- ( used my bling clusters on it too) Love the purples girl! AWESOME!! But I will leave the other clues for tomorrow-LOL. Blogger is being a pain in the A**!!! And it's not letting me upload pics sooo easy today!

AND AND AND- wanna come and chat with us- SCRAP N CHAT tonight at DSO!!-, 9:00 p.m. Eastern .- Check it out here for more details!



LOL- Well my portion to the Christmas Around the World kit! Remember to check out This link for ALL THE OTHER DESIGNERS links to this ENORMOUS freebie kit(and if some aren't up yet- book mark it for later- some of us are still sleeping- WAHAHAHAHA! Here you go These are the elements ( rather large files guys be prepared-LOL) ( and the papers)

Have a WONDERFUL Monday ( mine started early-LOL) and I'll chat to ya tomorrow- Sending Loves and Hugs Kim

PS- Thanks soo soo much for all your messages last week! I'm BETTER and my headache eventually dissapeared on Friday afternoon! Spent the weekend just relaxing - so feeling 100% and READY TO GO!! LOL

Friday, 7 December 2007


Oh man- Migraines SUCK!! LOL- I get them every so often from bad sinus attacks ( Um due to a broken nose!) And I knew yesterday that the usual Asprin was NOT going to take it away!- So after all the meds and most of the day sleeping- early to bed last night all I have is the *after dull ache* and a feeling of relief that the bricks on my head have gone! LOL

This week has really been an Upside down one with the trip- Wayne leaving for Germany and me with my migraine! Today I'm off to fetch my sons end of the year report- that's why I'm posting early- LOL. We need a tree topper for the Christmas tree Nathan put up for me yesterday! He even checked all the lights too- AGGGH, I'm so proud of him- But he was clever too-ROTF. Usually when we do the tree it's me that's re-arranging everything and telling him where to put stuff- so with me on my back on the bed- he had no-one telling him what to do! WAHAHAHAHA- and it's perfect! Thanks my boy!

And Jazzy's puter is fixed!! YAYAYAYAYAY! And she sent me this GORGEOUS LO she did using my Sparkles and some of my Party On kit-

Love how you played with the colours!! TOOO CUTE- and here is another one from PKDOLL-

The *after the party*-LOL. Thanks girl it's gorgeous! Sale on the Party On kit ends on Monday guys- 25% off at the moment-

And because I've been MIA this week ( well for the most part) I made up some Extra's to match my Colour Challenge Posting gift- So now there is NO excuse not to come play with me- hahahahahahahaha- Check out my challenge here- and if you register at the moment you could be in for a great surprise- we are looking for our 1000 member and I think it's CLOSE!! So come have a bit of fun- and check out all the other awesome matching goodies in the forum!

3 papers,2 ribbons and 2 threaded ties- There you go-LOL, So get a LO done - post it in my December Challenge thread and you can get the posting gift shown in the preview! WOOOHOOO! LOL - Ok guys let me go get rid of the 'worry' now ( Nathan has butterfly's about his report and is now looking like he is going to pee his pants -LOL) I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I'm resting and waiting for my MAN on Saturday- Tons of loves and hugs Kim

Thursday, 6 December 2007


Sorry no post today guys- been on the bed with that headache from hell- landed up getting a shot and meds which made me DOPEY and sleepy(suites my blonde hair at the moment-hahaha) - will catch up tomorrow.
Hugs and Loves

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

What a Wednesday

YAY- I'm feeling 70 today- LOL, not 100- just 70!! Had a GOOD nights sleep ( in bed by 9.30pm- which for me is like the middle of the afternoon-ROTF) and woke up at 7am!! Feel like a new woman- except for the *man* with the darn bell in my head!! HAHAHAHAHAHA- My ear is still blocked and nose is still running but Oh man after feeling like I did yesterday- today is PARADISE!! hahaha-

Want to hear about the weekend??? HUH, HUH?- Well lets just say I was thinking it was DOOMED in the beginning- we were supposed to leave at 4am ( Wayne needed to sort out things before he left for Germany yesterday) so we decided to give him the time and leave in the early hours of the morning- UHUM- but you KNOW me right??- WAHAHAHA, Mornings I don't do on a NORMAL day- I heard the dogs bark and heard a faint shout - jumped up in bed and shouted to Wayne that everyone was here already- he sort of grunts and turns over and say's - It's not that time yet'!!! ( hahahaha- say's the morning person!) Well it was!!! EVERYONE was outside the locked gate shouting over the wall to let them in- because WAYNE had left his cell phone UNDERNEATH a pile of 'sleeping bags' he had thrown on the table just as we went to bed (12.20pm!!) and it muffled the alarm as well as the calls!!-So you can imagine- I was rushed to the shower while everyone GRABBED everything in a bag they saw and threw it in the bus- I ran out with dripping hair- no make up, NO COFFEEEEEEEE- Gee's! Torture a woman- REALLY!!! hahahaha- but it wasn't so bad- everyone was so excited that it was yapping one on top of the other and lots of teasing Waynes way about being LATE ( he's NEVER LATE- WHAHAHAHAHA)!!

We managed to travel about 2 hours before I told everyone if I didn't get coffee I would likely shoot someone- I was handed a BEER!! HELLO- it's only about 7 in the AM!!! COOLDRINK?, WATER?- err no - the cooler box the MEN packed while I was in the shower had NOTHING except BEER and a bottle of tequila!!!! GEE's WAYNE!!!! ROTFLMAO!!

And THAT is how the trip STARTED!!- I had the beer too! Was thirsty!! Ok the first sip sent gooseflesh all over but hey it was cold! LOL

And this is the first LO of us at 8.30 am!! They are busy working on new roads here and we had a 30 minute wait to let cars through from the otherside- no problem to this bus full of 'energetic overgrown teenagers- we open the doors- turn up the music and stretch the FUN WAY- we danced on the side of the road!! The car in front and behind us joined in too-LOL, Eventually people were sitting on their car bonnets/roofs and clapping with- hahahahahahahaha- I must admit- we laughed and felt like kids when we got back in the bus and everyone was waving and hooting as we passed!

These are my friends Charmaine and Roche - going for a * high five* as the car in front jumped out to join us- LOL.! I used my new Party On kit and funny it was perfect with the tones of everyones clothes ( you'll see more tomorrow-LOL) -

Check out the kit here- still 25% off for a limited time only-

And here are some awesome LO's done my CT team Using the Party On kit too- and we have 2 Guest CT members for Dec! Doodle and PK DOLL!!! Thanks guys!! MWAH
This LO was done by Crops!! Love how she used the large photo on this LO!! AWESOME JOB girl! And the one below is by PK Doll!! Its GORGEOUS!!

Hee hee- I'll have to do my story's in bursts for the week or you'll be here reading for days on one post!! ROTFLMAO! So I'll stop yapping now and give you a little something- hahaha

I made my LO into a QP for you- - Until tomorrow- hope you all have a FAB day- Hugs and Loves Kim

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Home safe- but hardly alive

hahaha- Gee's I'm DEAD!! Feel like I'm 100 and then some! LOL. What an AWESOME weekend- it's an experience that was WELL worth the 12 hour drive back! hahahaha- Well ok 4 hours into the trip yesterday I wasn't so sure!- The 'bus' was like a morgue on wheels! The only thing coming out of everyones mouths were snores or drool! and the only uttered words were, "I need a pee"- Pass the water- and is there any FOOD?-ROTF!! I stayed awake to keep hubby company while he drove us home- *he's always the designated driver on the return trip*- well he's the only one we trust to bring us all home safe- which he did!! * Thanks Waynie*-

But I will have TONS to tell you as I bring up the photo's through the week! * some starting as early as 8.30am on the way THERE!! Oh gee's I couldn't laugh anymore by Saturday night- my stomach muscles were KAPUT! (finished-LOL),

I've had a billion mails to stift through today- so if I missed anything that you wanted to know and haven't had a re-ply, please send again- LOL. And AND- I missed putting up the

Links to all the Christmas Charity stuffies etc that happened on the 1st December-


So here we go- Winter wonderland
The World Scrapping tour blog has an amazing Col lab kit from a ton of wonderful designers- My portion is in there too- (not all shown here)
Click here to see all the designers "portions'- All you have to do is complete a challenge for that specified designers portion(there are 5 up at the moment - but they run all month long) - and they are sooo fun!! Check it out here guys!!

And while we're on the World Scrapping tour- I just want to thank Kate and EVERYONE who joined in my challenges and competition while I was the featured designer there the last two weeks- It was a BLAST!

and the WINNER of my competition was-

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Lainey wins a free kit of her choice from my store as well as a personalized kit made to her specifications! Check out her awesome LO here-

And my new kit PARTY ON is in the STORE!!! YAY- It's 25% off at the moment too-

This Lo was done by my Guest Ct member for December DOODLE!! Welcome to the mad team girl and LOVE the LO!

And this one is by Colleen- hee hee- somehow looks familiar that photo- FUN!!!

It's a HUGE kit with tons of different options to work with- check ALL the previews here-

Phew- I'm getting there- and I know I'll forget something today- so you have to forgive me- LOL, My brains I think are still on the persons shoulder that was standing next to me on Saturday night- after the speaker blew them out of my ears! ROTF! I'm also still DEAF in the one ear( not sure if that's the speaker or my sinus that played up the whole trip-LOL) and have a headache from HELL! But I'm still smiling- hahahahaha.

Here's the One Night in Bethlehem Mega Christmas Col-lab kit too- ( and sorry for my late links guys!!) I know most of the designers listed here will have the links up for the rest of the week- Here is the preview of the WHOLE kit!

WOWZA's- that's 2 huge kits for Christmas here guys and they are BOTH STUNNING!! This one has the blog role here- keep clicking(right click and open in new window will keep you here) on the designers names until you have it all together- * Uhum- yeah I know mines the last one up-* SORRY! Mwah

Acorn Designs-
Angels Digi Scraps-
Anita Designs-
Amy W. Designs-
BooLand Designs-
Derek M. Designs-
Heidi G.-
Gina Maria-
JanniScrap Design-
Burkhart Scrapzone-
Mrs. Miles-
Rose Made Designs-
Sir Scrap-A-Lot-
SKrapper Digitals-

So here is my portion of One night it Bethlehem as your freebie today- ( Alpha too- just not shown in my pre-view, it is in the main big one)- Grab it here- and you can grab the alphas here- YAY- now you should have all the links to the kit- Now I've got to get off here so that I can finish unpacking all my stuff- LOL. It's all scattered around the room at this stage- hahahahaha- then a NAP!!! Until tomorrow when things are a little more normal ( hahahah- in my life?- Doubt it! ROTF) Sending hugs and Loves ME