Wednesday, 30 April 2008

More holidays and end of the month crazy

Who decided on public holidays at the end of the month- WAHAHAHAHA?- Well I forgot just how many of our public holidays fall in this week! Boy- Tomorrow and Friday are holidays here too- NICE for most, hahahaha, but it's the end of the month crazy for me ,  Yup, it's new challenge time!! WOOOOHOOOOOOO, Let me just say -if you haven't gone to browse my colour challenge threads yet - What's wrong with you???- hahahahaha. I swear, the girls have outdone themselves AGAIN this month! WOW, I get so excited to see what they all produce each month, and how the SAME set of colours can be turned into something UNIQUE each time! The LO's are just AWESOME and I LOVE sitting with my morning coffee and browsing through all the creations! What an UPLIFTER for the day! Thank you girls!! And yes- I am just as excited to see what you will do with May's colours ( hee hee, but you will have to wait a few hours for those!) I feel like a kid who wants to go Ner ner ne ner ner! hahahaha.

OOOOHHHHH and I have some super duper LO's from my CT to show you ,

Look 800

WOW- Andrea did this minimal LO as she calls it with my new kit- An ordinary Day- but I think it absolutely STUNNING! She also made LO of the week with it at Scrapshanty! CONGRATS GIRL!!

Aunt LoriRS

Our Dear Jazzy did this very moving LO of her late daughter Lori(who has only just passed) using my Forgotten Not kit. Jazzy your journaling always goes straight to my heart!


This Stunning LO is by Croppy, I just love how she used the elastic to connect the Alpha Title! And he looks like he is staring at that bird! AWESOME WORK!


This *sunshiney dream* was done by Jenni- ABSOLUTELY love that hanging frame! She used the stuffies in my grab bag! and she so kindly made a freebie from it too-


If you haven't grabbed it yet- check out Jenni's blog HERE.  AND- OOOOOH, Jenni(chaos Lounge) has a GORGEOUS FUN new kit coming out! hee hee, I've got it and have already been playing with it- I'll let you know the MINUTE it's in the store!

Well guys I got to get to upping the colour challenge for you, so I'm going to run QUICK- WAHAHAHAHA, sending hugs and loves Kim

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Holidays and a REVEAL

Oh goodness I'm fine-LOL. I had a few mails asking if I was ok yesterday due to not posting-  We as South Africans celebrated FREEDOM DAY yesterday- and for those that don't know about the history behind it I thought I would let you know why we celebrate it as a Nation- Freedom Day is an annual celebration of South Africa's first non-racial democratic elections of 1994. Peace, unity, the preservation and the restoration of human dignity hallmarks Freedom Day celebrations on the 27th of April of each year. A new non-racial Constitution came into effect on 27 April 1994, the day the nation as a WHOLE cast its vote in the first democratic election in the country(including Nelson Mandela himself). The ANC was voted into power and Nelson Mandela was inaugurated as the President of South Africa on 10 May.

And yesterday you can blame my DAD for me not being here to post-LOL. We went to him for a family lunch, and let me tell you that my Dad can cook up a STORM! He loves cooking ( will be 70 this year) and made us a fillet of Kudu ( which is a delicacy wild meat from a  SA buck), cooked the FARM way wrapped in bacon and slow cooked till it is YUMMY! LOL, with roasted fresh butternut halves stuffed with peas and corn, rice, roast potatoes and gravy! OH MAN, I ate myself FULL that I couldn't breathe! LOL. That's besides the pudding of custard, peaches, ice cream and chocolate cake!!!! GO DAD! And we have a really wonderful saying in Afrikaans(our second language) Maagie vol, oogies TOE! Which in English means- stomach full, EYES SHUT! WAHAHAHAHA, which is exactly what happened! I woke up in the evening feeling rather LAZY! LOL.

But after my hospital duty this morning I am sure I walked off some of those extra calories;-). *mouth watering again-LOL, time for some LUNCH! WAHAHAHAHA*

I thought I would REVEAL both my BAGS today as its the LAST DAY you will be able to grab ALL these goodies at these prices-

So here are the contents of the DESIGNERS MEGA GRAB BAG- still only $8 until midnight!


There are 6 overlays in here not 5 -LOL,


7 unique vintage/shabby frames


10 PNG doodles that can be used to make ANY type of element or paper designs!


Some real metallic bead accents


My favourites-LOL, some grungy scratched print overlays


some different ties and bows.


And some hinges and keys!

PHEW now that isn't bad for just $8!! But grab it NOW as this will be gone at MIDNIGHT and it will be all up at normal pricing tomorrow ( over $40 worth!)



6 Plain textured papers


10 coordinating patterned papers


29 Elements and doodles


A uppercase paper and card alpha


And my Ct's favourite, the suspended frames.

You can still grab all these at ONLY $2.50!!

Phew that's a lot of pics on here today-LOL, but it's nicer seeing them larger than all on one LO - Don't forget that if you e-mail me your invoice number when you have purchased BOTH BAGS I will send you a 25 page brag book for FREE ( it's in last weeks posts if you want to check it out)

And I have the last of the extra's that matches the Kit and papers in the PU bag-


There is a rope stitched shabby red tag, with a matching doodle flower and a glitter swirly too. . Thanks soooo much to everyone for making my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY at DSO so much fun and great success! Sending big hugs and Loves Kim

Friday, 25 April 2008

yay yay it's FRIDAY! and a long weekend

WOOOOHOOOO- well now you must know how busy I have been this week as I DIDN'T even KNOW that Monday was a public holiday here until last night! WAHAHAHAHAHA- Sad I tell you- but it's TRUE- both Wayne and I have both had a hectic week and he came home last night to say that he'll be another day behind because Monday is a holiday- UHUM?? IT IS???? LOL. So tonight we hitting the TOWN!! Watch out P.E here we come! My friend Ant ( Antoinette) is having her 'flat farewell' tonight- well I think it's any excuse at this stage to get ALL the FRIENDS together- hee hee. She's moving on Monday into her new one so want's to go out with a BANG! And who am I NOT to help her right??- WAHAHAHAHA. One of our favourite DJ's is also in town so we'll be popping in to see him too. WOOOHOOOO! Going to throw this old booty on the dance floor! Thanks goodness I had all that exercise on holiday to keep me at least a little fit- hee hee!


So just a little forewarning for those that are sending me their invoice numbers- the BRAG BOOK links might be a 'tad' late tomorrow- LOL

For those that don't know- I have 2 ANNIVERSARY BAGS in my store at DSO


This Personal Use one CRAMMED with goodies for just $2.50 and this one


BIGGER than usual a Commercial Use bag for only $8! And if you send me your invoice number ( e-mail in my profile)- you will be sent this for FREE!


25 pages made by my AWESOME CT TEAM!! WOOOOHOOOOOO it's really stunning!


So please don't forget- this will only be AVAILABLE till TUESDAY next week ( and well you know it's a long weekend here so I have to put the reminder up NOW_LOL)

Pk Doll ( Paula) did this really gorgeous LO using the stuffies in the PU bag- and one of Bunny's New Template set.


Love how his clothes and the poles match the papers!! Great job girl!


Renee did this awesome fun Lo using goodies out my CU bag and also one of Bunny's Templates! I LOVE this as it's sooooo typical of what happens here at home! LOL And trust me I think the adults have more fun on those things than the kids do- WAHAHAHAHA-

And Elaine sent me the QP she used in the LO from yesterday!! Thanks sooo sooo much Lainey! It's STUNNING!!


Just add your pic and some journaling to the tag if you would like and away you go! WOOOHOOO- this one is a 12x12 too! And that's it for today I think- I need to catch a snooze before I meet up with all the friends I think- LOL. Sending you hugs and loves and hoping you have a fun and safe weekend. Kim

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Normal day

HAHAHAHAHA- YAY, I'm having one of those TODAY! So far so good and hitting the wood on my desk HARD! hahaha. I had a wonderful nights sleep and woke up feeling ready to conquer the world- UM, how long that will last - who's to say- LOL! I might be sagging by 3 pm- but so far so good!

Oh guys you sure making me feel soooo GOOD about being here for a YEAR! WOW- I can't thank you all enough for all those AWESOME messages - LOVE YOU ALL TOO!! Goodness, I wouldn't be HERE if it wasn't for you all! THANK YOU!!

OOOOOOHHHH- and Mindi at DSO has just brought out a SUPER FANTASTIC set of papers. Now you all know I LUUURVE papers and couldn't resist snapping these up-


These are NATURAL photo's made into layered textured papers - They are on SALE at the moment and are a STEAL! - check them out here There are 3 different sets ( I have them all-LOL)


I did this LO for my sister last night- I used one of the backgrounds and Flergs Easter border freebie. I added some lace and some of my bling. I love that lock on this paper! Great work Mindi!!

OOOH and you want to see another TIP LO at to what is in the Personal Use bag???- LOL,


Lainey (remember the Story Book Romance Kit winner?)- sent me this last night! OH Goodness just how GORGEOUS did this come out! Love it Elaine and thanks soo soo much for sharing it with me! And CONGRATULATIONS on being published in the April issue of Bella Magazine- WOOOOHOOOOOO, you go girl!


And this stunner was sent by Kat !! Kat this is AWESOME!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it- (full credits on Kats blog).

AND WOW WOW WOW WOW I was nominated twice more for the stunning and humbling PICO award! 

 Judy- Oh goodness, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words and for this amazing honour! I have LOVED watching you grow with your scrapping too, as well as reading about your life and of course that of Mrs Miles- tee hee!

Boo (BooLand Designs)- Girl what can I say- we've been going *together* for a while now and YOU KNOW I love seeing what you create and get all excited when I see your post in my colour challenge thread- LOL. I thank you too from the bottom of my heart for your continuous support and encouragement and for your VERY humbling words! THANK YOU to you BOTH! MWAH! (ps- if you don't know already Boo has been giving away 100 DAYS OF FREEBIES!!- YUP that's 100 FREEBIES! - so pop on over and check it out;-)

Did you grab the QP on Beths blog yesterday- and if you are like me- I like matching pages-LOL

Ordinary Day QP2 preview

So here is the matching one- WOOOOHOOOOO- YOU ROCK GIRL! Pop in and grab it HERE- and remember to leave her some LOVE.

And Dodo- ROTFLMAO!! How WELL you know me already- wahahahahahahaha, LOVED your comment yesterday and guess WHAT- Yup here's a few little trinkets that match the kit- just for YOU- LOL


I love things to hold my papers and photo's done- so made these little bling pins for you ;-) And now I'm going to get something to fill this growling stomach! LOL. Hope you all have a super day further and tomorrows- FRIDAY- YIPPPEEEEEE, LOL. Sending hugs and loves Kim

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

MWAH ( kiss for those that don't know the shorthand)

That's to ALL of you! WOW!!! You guys ROCK!! Thanks so much for making my day so much fun yesterday! Hee hee - Ok we had a few hic ups in the beginning(well poor Bunny got them) as the cart and pay pal decided to eat all the orders coming in- WAHAHAHAHA ( SORRY BUNNY WUNNY!) and then everything got sorted out and my mail then went on the blink again! It was working perfect, and then it decided to send me mails 4 hours later than SENT! LOL. Some I am missing completely! OH BOY_ it DID choose it's day didn't it! WAHAHAHAHA. Fun and games all round- but it was an eventful, crazy, FUN day- THANK YOU!!!! And now I need another holiday- LOL.

I had hospital duty this morning too and after getting sick a couple of times last night ( nothing serious people- just toooo much rich food- I can't seem to hold it down, but OH it was nice at the time-LOL), the rest of my team didn't show up- so it was only me and the poor girl who makes the coffee and soup- so we ran around like mad things locking the kitchen up every time we left it to go and serve- so feeling a little like I've run a marathon too- Good for the computer butt though- maybe it should happen more often-LOL

Ok BEFORE I get to the bags etc and some wonderful hints-LOL, I want to show you a LO I did with Bunny's BRAND NEW TEMPLATE SET! These are so AWESOME as they really really focus on the PHOTO -


I took this photo of Wayne showing Nathan how to tie a special knot in his fishing line- I just loved the photo and how they are facing each other in it too- It was sooo easy to do with the template- Word art say's- Any man can be a father, it takes someone special to be a DAD. It's by Elegant Word Art( which I changed slightly). And my CT did some ASTOUNDING LO's with the set too- Check them out here on Bunny's Blog.


Have you got it yet??- You can sort of see what's inside and by the freebie yesterday you should have a BIG clue as what's going on in it-LOL,

But here is a LO sent to me by Colleen using the goodies inside it-


HOW STUNNING IN THIS!! Oh it just makes me want to go adopt them too!! thanks Col it's stunning!

And then Jenni sent me this stunner last night too-


WOW- girl you going to have to watch your daughter like a HAWK- she's beautiful! LOL, LOVE the border you created!! GORGEOUS!!!


And don't forget this one is a MEGA bag this week! Just for the Anniversary celebrations- so don't miss out! Both bags are 80% off!! That's one hell of a saving- LOL And Boo, thanks so much for my review!! WOOOHOOOO-

Don't forget if you BUY BOTH BAGS to send me your invoice number to get that AMAZING HUGE BRAG BOOK from my CT team- it really is STUNNING!!!! I don't want you to loose out on it- so hit my full profile at the top of the right hand side of my blog- it's under my pic, and you will find my e-mail addy ;-)

Want a little sampler of the work that is in the BB- Beth has kindly upped a 12x12 QP freebie on her blog-


So go grab the matching QP and leave Beth some love too ;-). Phew- I think it's time for some coffee !!! LOL. Until tomorrow- much love and hugs to all of you for your wonderful wishes and messages yesterday! MWAH's and more MWAH's -Kim

Tuesday, 22 April 2008



Yup- I've been selling at DSO for a full year! Can you believe it??- Gee's I can't! The time has flown and I just can't thank YOU enough for ALL your wonderful support and for your encouragement and for helping me grow ( which I still am). I couldn't have done it without YOU!! I've made so many AWESOME friends too!! I never dreamt when I started designing just how much I would LOVE this community, just how passionate I would get about it either! I LOVE what I do and I can't wait to share the NEXT year with you too! And even though I might not get to say Hi to ALL of you as much as I like too- please know that I REALLY appreciate you all in a really humbling and BIG WAY!


My WHOLE STORE will be 60% off!!

Yeah you read it right- LOL. But it's only for today- so RUN if you have been waiting for something- this is a BIG THANK YOU to you - but it won't happen again till UM_ maybe next year again- ROTF! This includes ALL my COMMERCIAL USE STUFFIES TOO!!! WOOOOHOOOOOO-


Thanks sooo soooo much Doodle for this AWESOME ADVERT!! It is clickable too- so hit it before it's GONE!(12am tonight!!!!)

AND AND AND- hahahaha, I couldn't let my 1st Birthday so to speak go without some goodies now could I- NAAAH-


1. A MEGA MEGA Commercial Use OK Grab bag!! YUP- this one is crammed with MORE than the usual goodies!! Total Value is OVER $40!! That's 80% OFF!!! WOOOHOOOO!

7 brand new products in here to play with- all at the quality you are used too.



2. A PERSONAL USE grab bag!!! Yeah I know I haven't done one for a while! LOL, But it's here! For only $2.50! It's total worth is $12!! Also 80% off!! It's got my CT excited too- YAY!!! I love it when they get excited cause it means I got something right-KWIM??- hahahahaha

AND AND AND- yup there is MORE!!!! ( now you know why my life's been a little hectic the last few days- wahahahaha)



YUP- if you BUY BOTH of the bags above- send me (via e-mail which is in my PROFILE) the invoice number ( just the number will do)- I will send you a 25 page BRAG BOOK!!!!! FREEEEEEE. WOOOHOOOOOO.

My Ct have been busy all weekend making up this most AMAZING brag book- It's truly BEAUTIFUL!!! and it matches all the stuff in the bags too! How great is THAT! Thanks sooo sooo mcuh my girls!! I can't thank you ENOUGH for your support over the last few days and for all your HARD work too!! Love you lots!

Both bags will be available for ONE WEEK ONLY.

Phew- I think that's enough to chew on today don't you??- hee hee, But I couldn't let you go without a little pressy either-


Here is a Freebie that matches all the goodies in the PERSONAL USE BAG and the BB pages. WOOOHOOO- . I hope you all have a stunning day! I'm going to celebrate by getting some long lost SLEEP- WAHAHAHAHAHA. Sending lots of hugs and loves Kim

Monday, 21 April 2008

Busy busy busy

Oh my GOSH!! What a busy weekend this turned into- LOL. I had it ALL planned out - you know, early to bed Friday, Nathans Birthday with friends on Saturday, do some work on the PC, Sunday the big family Birthday lunch ( work in the morning a little and in the afternoon again)- HUH??- HAHAHAHAHA, I should have KNOWN not to try and plan anything! It NEVER works out- Friday afternoon Deon phoned to say he was popping in after work for a quiet drink and just to say HI- then Loryn phoned- she's also popping in- Um so did Ant, Gaylene, Reyno and Sarah! ROTF! So what was supposed to be a QUIET Friday landed up being a little of a LOUD one with the fire going and well the last person left at 3am!!! So it was up on Saturday to get all Nathan's things ready etc- but thank goooodness they went fishing so I had the afternoon (headache and ALL-LOL) to get some work done! Yesterday we had ALL the grand parents, God parents etc here for the big family lunch!

Well they started arriving in the morning at about 11am- ROTF!! And my dad and his lady friend were the last to leave last night! BOY - was it crazy here! Nathan had the time of his life yesterday as HE LOVES the family gatherings- his *poppy* ( Waynes dad) doesn't drink ( he'll have a beer or two and that's it)- but yesterday because it's got chilly her brought some red wine- Nathan was eventually crying from laughter as the dad was eventually taking his teeth out and pulling faces, telling story's that well should have stayed put in his mouth- WAHAHAHAHA. But it was great fun!

I'm not going to yabber toooooo much today as I have a ton of stuff to do for YOU- hee hee,

TOMORROW there will be a HUGE announcement and celebration!!! WOOOHOOOO- I promise you DON'T want to miss all the excitement-

All the lucky DSO mail subscribers will be getting a little inside information later- so keep a eye out tomorrow- here is a LITTLE tip of what you can expect-


AAAAWWWWWWW- that's my BOY!!! LOL, This was taken yesterday AFTER he begged me not to get a cake and candles! BUT BOY!!! It's your Bday and I couldn't RESIST- here we were all singing and he was BLUSHING! Take a look at the candle! WAHAHAHAHA- it's a tea light- as I had to do it on the sly so he wouldn't notice! I used a brand new kit that will sort of be revealed tomorrow- LOL ( sounds cryptic enough doesn't it)

Used a template by Andrea Gourley. Ok guys I know this was a SHORT post but I PROMISE to make it up to you tomorrow- With much Love and hugs Kim

Friday, 18 April 2008

Wanna extra day- PWEEEASE- hahaha

the week is gone! OH MY WORD! And my boy turns 17!!! Wayne is having a small mid life crisis- wahahahaha, for the last three nights it's been- Oh gee's I'm getting OLD- like HUH??- you  the same age as you were last week though aren't you???- hahahahaha, But my boy is 17- that makes me feel old! Oh Waynie, you are only as old as the woman you feel- and that's OLD!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Sorry I just couldn't resist this morning as I have been teasing Wayne since last night- Nope I'm not the best sympathiser but her sure gets to laugh with me- hee hee

Ok guys I don't have time today for a long post- so I thought I would just show you WHY I said I needed a REST after our holiday- hahaha. YUP the BREAK was good, but I did more EXCERSICE in 10 days than I have done in a YEAR! That and my stiff sore ASS have sure made me think about doing at least a 9 hole golf game with Nathan once a week- SHHHHEEEEE's I was so out of practice- and you'll see where I played MOST of my golf game- tee hee!


Ok- there's Jet bikes which is at Water world( and that includes boats etc etc etc)- this is GREAT FUN!!!! Love bikes as it is and well on water it's no different-LOL


GOLF! The family challenge - and let me tell you this COURSE is a nightmare for anyone who isn't PROFFESIONAL-(uM that's ME-hahahahahahahahaha)


Yup- me in action- but I thought I would show you all the WATER that is around and boy- my ball got VERY THIRSTY!!! hahahaha and those are ducks at the waters edge- hahaha- but the pun sounded good with me tee-ing off!


AND HERE is where I found MOST of my balls!! LOL- do you see just How TALL this grass is! Well I had no ARMS left when I finished this game- but we sure had LOT of giggles! That grass sticks up EVERYWHERE where it's NOT supposed too- hahaha.


I MUST HAVE been SMOKING something to do this!!! Nathan asked Wayne to show him how to play SQUASH!- which was great fun watching from the seats- Until Wayne said that MOM used to play at school too- UHUM- that was SCHOOL WAYNE!- But as Nathan was still learning Wayne just asked me to hit a few balls to him- well we're toooo competitive and barefeet and all we landed up hitting a lot more than a FEW- hahahaha- YUP even in my cargo pants! I was DRENCHED afterwards - but it was fun ;-)


I WON THIS CHALLENGE- WOOOOHOOOOOOO, it's the ONLY one I did as you don't need brute strength to play it- haha.This we played EVERY evening and had great laughs as Wayne can't hit that ball softly and it lands up shooting out the windows and doors and well- you get the picture:-)

NOW do you see???- I mean this is BESIDES the walks, the fishing, the ten-pin bowling OH and the boys did go-carts too! PHEW! Thanks GOODNESS we forgot the tennis racquets this year- WAHAHAHA

I used Bunny's Photo Trims ( there is a  CU version and some PU versions in her store too) with the little arrow that was a freebie this week-

And the last postcard to end the week- and this is the one that made me laugh the loudest! I tell you small things amuse small minds-


It's the FACES on these Zebra that had me in stitches!!! WAHAHAHAHA- toooo funny! Anyway- got to run!! Got Bday party stuff to do and a WHOLE lot of other things too ( hee hee- that's coming next week). Hope you all have a SUPER DUPER weekend, Sending hugs and loves Kim