Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Today Monday?? (grab coffee)

LOL- today has been one of those UPSIDE down days so far ( oh and sideways and backwards)-hahahaha, got woken up this morning with my DAD shouting down the passage MORNING MORNING MORNING- HUH? What are you doing *old man*?- you could have given me a heart attack- hahaha, He had come to *borrow* my gardener for an hour this morning and decided the house needed to be woken up too- lol. Nathan jumped up ( YES he is HOME- WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO) with such a fright- we both sort of stood in the kitchen looking befuddled-hahaha. Poor boy takes after his mother who needs at least 30 minutes to sort of wake up enough to say anything intellectual- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Then Wayne phones me just after that to see if I'm up- UHUM not really, still in my PJ's- Well I'm fetching you in 15 minutes to meet my boss- WHAT?????- Holey SMOKES DAMMIT! lol. I have never speed showered and put on make up so FAST in years! Still went with my hair all wet and hanging all over the place- ARRGHH, give me SOME warning you know- hahahaha. But all's well, he's a relaxed guy and laughed at me- UHUM, well ok I laughed at myself too;-).

OOOH and I have a story I have been wanting to share ( GRAB COFFEEEE- lol)

I don't know how it is in your households- but in mine, Hubby is the one that is SH_T scared of gogga's( insects and spiders) and get this FROGS! He has this phobia about frogs since he was a KID- we all know it and have teased him many a time over the years about it-


I have a little kitty cat right- and being summer with lots of rain we have this WONDERFUL array of frogs singing in the garden late at night ( you are sooo getting the picture here already aren't you- hahaha). THREE oclock in the morning I get woken up with EVERY light on in the room- the main one, the side lamps- the bathrooms- lol. I'm BLIND first of all as I don't know what the hell is going on-

Wayne is standing by the bathroom door peering IN like someone spying on someone- I'm still sooo asleep - I just ask WHAT??- He says FROG!!!! in a panic voice - I go *OH* and turn over and go back to sleep- BWAHAHAHA. ( I am so not good in the early hours)-

I wake up the next morning and sort of remember FROG- and yet Wayne is up and in the kitchen already- he looks at me and says- OH before we go to the shops can you get the TWO frogs out the bathroom- WHAT HUH??- TWO frogs??- UHUM how BIG are they??- so he starts off with a HAND size and brings in down to small- but HELLO- you just trying to get ME to do it aren't you- NO WAY'S HOZE- lol, I don't want to do FROGS!

He said he eventually threw a TOWEL over each of them in the bath so he could go back to sleep and he knew they would be there for ME to do in the morning when I woke up- RIGHT??- OOOPS SOOOOORRRRRYYY-NOOOO! lol

So after another hour the man decides he is going to be a MAN and THIS is how you CATCH A FROG- NOT-lol


THROW ANOTHER TOWEL over the one ALREADY in the bath as you don't want ANY bits of the TINY frog sticking out now-


FOLD the towels in under the TINY FROG - but do only ONE fold at a time and jump back each time before doing another fold in-lol


GRAB the towels holding it as FARRRR away as from you as humanly possible- ( check the size of the towels for a little frog- HAHAHAHAH)


RUN FOR YOUR LIFE with the towels so far in front of you you look like you are going to loose your balance!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm now crossing my legs laughing so much that I couldn't even take anymore pics and had to run to the toilet! To make it even funnier- he FLICKS the towels out on the grass- and you guessed it - NO FROGS- BWAHAHAHAHAH, OMG, you should have seen the panic on the mans face- he wouldn't even come into our bedroom- I had to check it for him first. But I found them eventually - the Cat had come and fetched her TWO frogs obviously after he put a towel on them and left me the remains in the dining room- ( that I had to clean- YUCK! lol)

Ok- Warned you to get coffee- hee hee, I used the wonderfully talented Flergs frames from her Dusk till Dawn mini kit freebie.

And seeing that tomorrow looks like I'm BACK TO SCHOOL shopping etc I might not be able to get on to blog ( so giving you a real good one today- hee hee)

I'd show you what is in my GRAB BAG

This will be gone FRIDAY midnight-


There are 6 new FULL products in here-


Texture Scratched and Worn overlays


Some Metal bits to create with


WHITE ribbons, bows and ties-


100% close up detail


Vintage Styled overlays




Twirled Ribbons

All this for only $8- total Value is $40!

Grab it HERE in my store.

You still with me- ???- hee hee, well if you are, just look at this-



and don't you just think those butterfly's are the BOMB! I love them - and it's a freebie too!( with a matching QP!)

And there are MORE from my girls in there- Holey SMOKES they have been playing this month-lol. Check it out to grab all the kits that co-ordinate with the colours. It makes a MEGA I tell you ;-)

And I got RAKKED!!! I did Idid- WOOHOO, by my wonderful Friend AMY W! She sent me all her new goodies that will be on SALE on Thursday for the Mid-Month Madness sale DBD. (only .98c for them- that's something NOT to be sneezed at I tell you, there is even some CU in there- WOOHOOOO!) Thank you AMERS, and girl I LOVED the flower too ;-P

Phew, I have had a cup of coffee and already made myself toast with banana on- lol. But if you are still with me then you can take away a little gift for listening to me yabber ;-)


It's a CU Textured print Overlay freebie( have included the paper for Personal use too)-

And this will only be up till FRIDAY ( no exceptions ;-0). lol

You can grab it here. Sorry this link has Expired. . Sending hugs and loves Kim


Bonnie said...

ha ha ha!!! oh my that was HYSTERICAL! The photo's are too funny!! So what happened to the frogs then?? If Emma was there, she would of picked them up in a tic!! Thanks for the laugh!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good morning Sweety!!!!!!!!!
TY for making my day with the frogs & pics!!!!!!!!
I'm under the weather the last few days & this made me feel a little better!!!!! LOL

txbubbles said...

Love the pics, thanks for the overlay and the laugh!
Big hugs,
Vicki in Texas

Anonymous said...

What a great way to start my day! Laughing.... Not to worry Wayne. We're not laughing AT you - we are laughing WITH you. Maybe the wayward frogs are payback for not giving Kim more notice when meeting your boss LOL...

Reminds me of seeing my ex standing in the middle of the bed, hollering "Get him, Get him," when my poor little hamster got out of his cage... My hero! LOL

Thank you for the great overlay, Kim. Have a MARVELOUS day!

Luisa said...

HAHAHA Thanks so much for the freebie and for the laugh!! I could use a bunch this morning, LOL

Tirza said...

Thanks for the overlay.

Mrs. Miles said...

Hay, thats how I stand around in the morning... befuddled, for at least an hour. I think I sort of stand around like the little sheeps in shaun the sheep for an hour just blinking and watching my Mr. Have you ever SEEN shaun the sheep? Wahl, in caste you have not:

Now, this 15 minute warning to meet the boss... yeah, that WOULD be a little tricky, but sounds like you pulled it off. Sheesh, sounds like you could have kept the pj's on for a REAL good laugh.

Oh KIM - I love that word GOGGA's ... oy!!!! I think that would make a TERRIFIC name for a kit full of critter insect things. I can see word art like "eeewww!" and frog toe patterned papers and ... well, you get the idea.

Sounds like anybody with a boy (cept Wayne's mother, obviously) would buy it for scrapping their kids.

Oh my gracious, I snorted coffee thru my nose at the frog tale. haha, Wayne's the frog prince hahahaha. I am so glad you caught all the action on film and now I think you need to send the link to the boss in retaliation for the 'get ready in 15 minutes' thing he did for you haha.

Of course your products etc are fabulous, as usual! Is that an oxymoron, or what, how can something be fabulous and usual. Anyways, its GOOD its THE BEST.

Wellll, I just got snagged on a chat so must run! Fanks for sharing your funny husband's antics!

Love, Barb

xashee's corner said...

oh i LOVE the frogs story and pictures!!! lol Thank you sooooo much for sharing that AND the AWESOME overlay! my favorite part of the story was when the towel was empty!!! of all things!!! LOL oh my goodness! Have an AWESOME day! :D

Tami said...

Thanks so much for the overlay!

txgwen said...

I howled so much at the frog story DH came to see what was going on! It made my day - haha! Thanks for the story and the great overlay.

BrittneyFerguson said...

LOVED THE STORY!! I always enjoy reading your blog, always makes my day! Thanks for the freebie!

HoleyCow said...

Im with ya wayne! Im TERRRRRIFIED of frogs.. I mean id run ove my granny to get away from them.. POOR GUY! lolol

Vicki said...

Scared of frogs? Whoever heard such a thing? Hahahaha!! You gave me a good laugh for the day!
I have been telling myself I must get your grab bag all week and now I've seen what's in it - I am going right now!! Hugs x

Mariscrap said...

I loved your story...and of coruse Thank you for the freebie!!

LouCeeCreations said...

your Wayne would love to visit here... NOT... my neighbour has zillions of frogs in the summer. What is it about cats and frogs!
Well luckily I did have a coffee made just before I came to visit.. just as well.. Better than reading a magazine lol!
Thank Ya Kimmy.. for making me laugh :)

Judgirl said...

that is so cute ...way to go Wayne.
thanks for sharing Kim ..I have posted award onmy blog for you...I am hoping I am doing it right. have a great day


makeyesup said...

Thanks for good belly laugh. Is your hubby going to delete all those pics so none of his manly friends ever see them? I had a similar situation with toads, at least I've heard they don't hop like frogs. About 6 years ago, when I went to clean my window wells, saw families of them in each well. So I called my son-in-law and asked him to come clean them for me. He brought his approx. 10 year old nephew with him and it sure was funny watching how they jumped away everytime one of the toads moved. Now, I just get out my gardening glove, little shovel and plastic bag and do it myself. Oh yes, thanks for near overlay.

charlie said...

lol..thanks for the funny stories Kim..I nearly snorted coffee through my nose this morning..hehehe

Beth said...

WAHAHAHA!!!!!! Thanks for the BIG LAUGH this morning Kim!!!! I was getting a bit 'teary eyed' from the giggles too!!!! LOL! My husband is scared of frogs too... (what is it with these guys...???) We had one in our garage once... a TINY one... and he wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole! I just went over, scooped it up... and let him go somewhere else. Big macho man isn't he??? Hee hee hee....

Judy said...

Those photos of Wayne are priceless but I don't know why I am laughing cos I would do the same......frogs ugh!!!!!!!! Horrible critters!!!!

Melinda said...

LOL!!! Thanks for sharing the great frog story! What a way to start the day, the picture were the perfect touch to this hilarious moment :)
I'm loving your newest grab bag!
And thank you soooo much for the great overlay!
Have a fabulous day!

Andrea said...

HAHHAHAHA terrified of frogs, eh? That's HILARIOUS!!! I used to get woken up as a kid to fetch birds {the ones our cat would bring in the house to play with} and release them if they were alive enough. Apparently, since I had a pet bird, that qualified me as the *bird catcher*!!! I also had to be the one to retrieve lizards sometimes too. HAHAHA

Didn't know that cats would eat frogs? eeewww that must've been a FUN mess to clean! yuck!

LOVE all the goodies in your grab bag! And Bunny's cc kit is AWESOME!!

Thanks for the little freebie!

Manu said...

*ROFL* Too funny!!! Great pictures :)
Thank you for letting me lough out loud and the freebie, too! *hugs*


Two of a Kind Photography said...

Fun overlay. TFS!

DigiLover said...

My goodness my computer screen looks all blurry now I've been laughing at your poor Wayne so hard I can hardly see from my tears!!!

Men!!!!!! aren't they such little wooses!!! My hubbie is terrified of spiders no matter how big/small they are. He reckoned one chased him around his grandma's clothesline and back up her back stairs when he was a kid and he's been scarred for life ever since. Whenever he sees one he practically empties a can of insect spray on the poor little thing.

My pet peeve is ants especially if they make their way into my kitchen and with us having so much rain of late that seems to be where the little rotters try and head for.

thanks again for the morning laugh and for the great overlay!!!


Anonymous said...

Fab! Thank you!

Miki said...

2 frogs?!?!?! That's way too funny & great photos! Thanks for the neat freebie, can't wait to try it out.

tajicat said...

LOL! With photos, hysterical! Thanks for the cute freebies! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 14 Jan [LA 10:43pm] - 15 Jan [NY 01:43am, UK 06:43am, OZ 05:43pm] ).

Jodi said...

Kim, I gave you an award on my blog...Thank you for your stories and your products! I love them!

Katjie said...

Oh, and thanks for the freebie too!

Gayle said...

Thanks for the overlay and for starting my morning with a laugh. Wayne must really be a good sport - letting you take pictures, knowing you're going to exploit him on your blog! LOL! :)

Kathy said...

Oh my gosh - I needed a good laugh and that my friend gave me the fix I needed. I laughed so hard, I had tears rolling down my face. Thanks and thanks for the lovely freebie.

Jazzy said...

Great story and I love the ohotos..poor Wayne.Wish you had gotten the look on his face when he saw thyem gone ROFL.I have gotten used to all kinds of critters with 2 boys growing up in the house with me.I think we have had snakes,hamsters,guiena pigs,ducks,chickens,frogs,lizards spiders and heaven only knows what else.I got afraid to go in the boys room LOL THanks for the it

Shelly said...

OHHH love this! Thanks for making it CU! Gotta get to work on your color challenge!

Kimberkatt said...

ROFL! Now THAT'S hysterical!

Thanks for sweet freebies... I think I just went back and grabbed a bunch of them! I love your work! Thanks again! Have a great day! :)

Sherrie said...

I LOVE the metal bits! They are gorgeous!

Denise said...

Sheesh, you should have warned us to strap on a diaper too!

I feel for Wayne! With our last mouse, i never saw IT, just the evidence (we had already hired someone to come find it who couldn't but IIIII stumbled across it!) and a wee bit of fur or ear or something--something dead that long i was not going to view fully, i'll tell you! N E Hoooo.. it was IN my basket of clean (but obviously not yet put away, smirk) towels, so i took all the ones off the top till i go to where if i lifted one more i'd see it, then i reached under and took the next two (goodbye gifts from Munchen!), did the folding bit, put the roll in a plastic bag, then took the bag to the gas station and put it in THEIR trash! The worst is when you go through all that and find the stupid thing later: Surprise! fortunately, that did not happen to me in this case. yet. It's stopped stinkin' so i don't know....

Great pictures!

Deanna said...

HAHA that story is toooo funny!! I LOVE your overlays!!! thanks so much for sharing!

Jewel Goodwin said...

That frog story is toooo funny! I guess now hubby knows all he needs to do is lock the cat into the bathroom with the frogs and be done with it:)

Thanks for the overlay - have a great day!

Success Coach - Kristi said...

Love your frog/DH story, but better yet, is the wonderful way you tell tell/photo it!!!!! Thanks so much for a delightful laugh and a sweet freebie treat!

Ladye said...

Oh my gosh, I can tell you Wayne wouldn't like it here in the Texas Gulf Coast, we een have a Toad named for our area...LOL Frogs abound here and in the spring sometimes we even get young from in the showers, rain that is, not in the house.

You gave me a great laugh and as usual your blog is so much fun to vist, now I really need to get your color challenge done.

Amy W. said...

Wahahahaha! That was too funny! Reminds me of when our mens went out to sea and my neighbor would call me down to her apartment to kill bugs or something. thanks you for the little goodie and I'm glad you like your goodies too! I even got a plug because you're so very cool! Giant hugs my friend,

Bren said...

Your BLOG entries are always amazing! Thank you for the new scrappin' freebies.

Stop by my garden sometime.

The Allens said...

Fun pictures, and thanks for the freebie!

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

Just love the frog story! Reminds me of a pal who found a frog in the garden and tried to pick it up to have a closer look. Don't tell Wayne that! Anyway she managed to grasp the frog. "I've got it!" .... "No I haven't!" as it jumped off her hand.
"I've got it now!".... "No I haven't!" "Got it!"... "Oops, no!" and so it went on till I think the poor frog thought it would be better to give in gracefully. Norma finally got hold of it and we were able to have a real good look before she put him down on the grass again, and boy did he make a hop for it then!

Cindyrelly said...

Love the froggies story AND the Overlay ;) Definitely gonna use it in my contribution to the Color Challenge! Thank You :)

Mrs. Miles said...

knock knock....

oh Kimmmmmm?

You must be outside letting frogs go.

Oh well, I'll come back in a while and see if you're about.

Um, don't ever make frogs legs for Wayne on the Braai, right?

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

ROFLMBO!!! Oh Barb, you IZ too funny girl and to think I grew up on frog legs!!! ACK!

ANYONE READING THIS BEHIND ME: Kim B's GRAB BAGS are not EVER to be missed!!! They are worth their weight in gold I tell ya!!!

Kim love, I LOVE the dangling chain and have used it to hold a VERY lovely charm in my new blog freebie, along with a few of your EXCEPTIONAL overlays, a toe and LACE!!! SOOOOOOO pretty!

You surely make designing MUCH more pleasurable for THIS girl and I thank you from the DEPTHS of my being darlin'!!! Your goodies are TOP NOTCH and SO much fun to play with!!!

YOU IZ a HOOT and a HALF I tell ya! POOR Wayne would not get on well here in my neck of the woods as we have LOTS of FROGGIES on board at certain times of the year, although I've not found any in the house and I am sure that my kitties would snatch 'em up before I could ever see them anyhoo, eh?!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

You have got to have some of the FUNNIEST albums to share with your future generations!!! When I read your stories and look at your ALL too telling photos, I think of AMERICA'S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS!!!

WOO HOO! They would LOVE to come to your house!!!

Leaving you some LOVE girl - BIG HUGS TOO,
Linda *hearts*

Kim's Scrappin' said...

LOL The photos are too funny! But I have to say I understand his Frog Phobia , as I have one too since childhood. Can't stand them, my sons used to laugh while chasing Mom (me) around with a frog. Just recently one of my grand-daughter's tried so hard to explain to me "A frog won't hurt you, you aren't really scared of them are you Nana?" LOL I don't want them ANYWHERE near me!!

Thanks for the overlay :)

candy said...

Please consider leaving your links up 48 hours. I don't get yesterday's links until 11 AM the next day, when they've expired. While I wish I had the time to check each blog individually, I rely on an aggregator, and it still takes me literally all day and evening to look at everything I want to check out.
You've got some great stuff!

Kim B said...

Please consider leaving your links up 48 hours. I don't get yesterday's links until 11 AM the next day, when they've expired. While I wish I had the time to check each blog individually, I rely on an aggregator, and it still takes me literally all day and evening to look at everything I want to check out.
You've got some great stuff!
Friday, 13 February, 2009

Hi Candy- I didn't see a mail addy so thought I would reply here-
this was actually up for over a week- this is a JANUARY freebie and it's now Feb- My blog post does state that it would be up for 48 hours- I actually left it there for the full weekend too ;-)
Sorry you missed it.