Friday, 29 October 2010


Well it’s “BOOO” hello I’m here- haven’t been lost, just been hectically busy!  Can you believe it’s the end of October???? YOUCH, this year has been like a whirl wind on “speed”-lol

OMG- you all know I have been praying and hoping for some rain here right? I mean something's gotta give in this heat! WELL IT DID! WOOHOOOO- it' stormed like crazy on Wednesday night but put us in darkness for the most part! hahaha. Yup, NO ELECTRICITY. Three adults look at each other after an hour and just say Ok- good night! lol. If I had known what was awaiting me in the morning I would have put some buckets out!

I woke up on Thursday morning with Wayne moaning and grumbling about the water. WATER?? What about the water?? There isn’t any, he says. WHAT???? No lights last night and No WATER this morning?? you kidding right? – errrr NOPE! hahaha.

I had a good laugh tho, as Wayne took his little “tooshie” down to the “very cold” swimming pool and jumped in with shampoo in his hair!! BWWWWWWAHAHAHAHA- was the fastest wash I have ever seen- trust me! And then left me the VERY *pleasant* job(NOT) of having to flush his "morning routine” down the sewer because he was late. Thanks Goodness Deon did his own- with grimace I must say-lol! Filling buckets from the pool and dragging them upstairs is NOT FUN I tell you! hahahaha.

I had to do the “pool wash” too yesterday- not as BRAVE as hubby, I just filled the bucket – hahaha, as the water didn’t come on again till after 5pm! A real crappy day excuse the pun! lol

OOOOH- and was taking some shots with my camera through my office window while waiting yesterday - lol, any excuse to play ;-)


These are on the tree outside and are full of the yellow puffy flowers ( sure that’s what’s giving me get the snots and sneezes too- lol)


Look like pom poms on a stalk huh?


I saw this little guy and quickly got off a shot of him in the branches- but he got shy


And played “peeka boo I see you”- lol

Okies, as you all know this weekend will be the LAST weekend that the DSO store will be open.

REMEMBER to grab as much of my goodies at DSO at 55% off at the moment- ENDS 31st OCOTBER as a lot of my goodies are going to RETIRE ;-)


including all COMMERCIAL Use products.!

Please guys if you have read my other posts this past month you will know that DSO gallery and forum are not closing ;-) You can read about it HERE!

I’ve been busy getting my new stuff uploaded at Mscraps for the 1st, phew. I’ve had a lot to learn too. And thank Goodness I haven’t *broken* anything yet- lol

Wanna Peaky at what’s coming on the 1st???


And a few more too ;-)

I want to wish all of you that celebrate it a HAPPY HALLOWEEN this weekend. Don’t eat all the kids candy now- hahahahaha.

Hugs and Loves

Monday, 25 October 2010

Going where??

Yup, round and round in circles chasing my own tail at the moment- BWHAHAHAHA. Sadly with DSO closing its doors at the end of the month - *sob sob*, I had to make a decision as to WHAT I wanted to do once the doors closed. My problem at the moment is that it’s the *end of the year* and my plate is FULL of personal “dates” – like Birthday’s ( including mine-lol), trip back home next month, Wayne’s work Christmas functions, another trip back home beginning of Dec to sort out Christmas/summer holiday stuff, Summer holidays- WOOT, and then back here eventually in mid January.

Sooooo, with all that’s going on the next few months I didn’t want to make any permanent decisions yet. BUT with a LOT of “arm twisting” from a few dear CT members (you know who you are-lol), you will find my dear Sister (GS Creations) and I guesting at MScraps (Memory Scraps- or Mad Scraps as the girls there call it-lol) next month! Thanks Joyce for your patience and I did warn you I am totally “technically disadvantaged”- BWHAHAHA!

REMEMBER to grab as much of my goodies at DSO at 55% off at the moment- ENDS 31st OCOTBER as a lot of my goodies are going to RETIRE ;-)


including all COMMERCIAL Use products.!

OOOh and my whole CT team (including me) was RAK’ed by dear Ruthy.


Give Thanks.


* If you purchase this full kit, you will get the Give Thanks Word Arts set with * 22 unique word arts for FREE.


And I played with it this weekend doing one of the challenges at MScraps ;-)


And Ruthy has a freebie QP up on her blog too that matches this gorgeous kit-


Check it all out on her blog here.

And I have a little FREEBIE for ya today too!


YOu can grab it HERE.

Hope you all have a fantastic Monday. Hugs and Loves

Friday, 22 October 2010

Oysters and alive

BWWWWWWWWAHAHA- well it’s been quite a week this week. I’ve somehow lost the whole one again! –OOOOPS, lol

Yesterday I was sooooooo hungover- like BAD! And it’s thanks to my good friend Deon! Well ok, he blames me-I blame him and uhum Wayne blames both of us- BWHAHAHAH --- I don’t think the two of us need our arms twisted that hard to get into trouble- haha

Wayne had some suppliers up here this week from PE and I was asked to join them for supper Wednesday night. Deon and I managed to share 4 bottles of wine between the two of us! How the hell did that happen! No wonder I was talking the hind ass off a donkey. lol. Deon all of a sudden gets up and starts talking to the bar man- What you doing I ask- Nothing with a little “glint” means- I’m UP to something! lol

Next minute this tray of OYSTER SHOTS arrived! YUP- just as it sounds- or as my dear sister Gaye ( GS Creations) so politely said yesterday- Kim, don’t tell me it’s SNOT in a glass???? BWWWWAHAHAHAHA- YUP, a double one at that- with good Vodka, a splash of Tabasco sauce- a RAW OYSTER and black pepper!


(looked similar to this but without the lemon)

UHUmmmmmmmmmmmmm- being “alcohol BRAVE” and the only woman amongst the men- I’m NOT going to show I’m a woes right- OMG, it set my throat on fire! My voice disappeared! Wayne grabbed his beer and downed it- eyes watering! Deon looked like he was crying and his face was blood red! The poor suppliers were just grabbing hankies and their beer glasses- speachless!! BWWWWAHAHAHAHAHA.

Deon decided that we needed ANOTHER one but done the RIGHT way as the barman had gotten a little TOOO happy with the Tabasco- NO Sh---T Sherlock! lol

OMG- he didn’t get them right till I had about 5 and I couldn’t taste the difference by then ANYWAY! hahahaha. The suppliers at least had a ball and want a RE-DO next time. HA- I think I’ll send the men on their own next time! SAFER- hahaha

So yeah- yesterday I did NOT feel well, and don’t think I’m going to be “drinking” oysters in a LONG WHILE! lol

*** Can you help me help a friend out today??***

You all know dear Mrs Miles ( Barb)? Well, in True Mrs Miles style she is thinking of others again. She applied to the PEPSI refresh Project with her “idea” but needs our VOTES!

Taken from Mrs Miles blog -Perhaps I'm just a starry eyed dreamer, but I honestly believe most police officers are honourable and noble.  I think for most of them they chose their profession to better the world - to make a difference. IF I can make it to the top 3 then they will fund $25,000 to make my idea ( a luncheon to honour the local RCMP ) come true!

PLEASE Can you read the REST here and take the short few minutes to register and VOTE (I did and it’s easy) and lets help her make her dream idea come true this weekend! Thanks guys!

And keep a look out on MONDAY for an exciting announcement- tee hee!

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL day further and enjoy the weekend!

Hugs and Loves

Monday, 18 October 2010

GO Sharks!!

WOOOT- my team is through to the Currie Cup Rugby final! YIPPPEEEEE. GO SHARKS!!!! OMG, Sat was a rather tense affair-lol. Wayne’s team (The Bulls) were playing mine and Deon’s (the Sharks) to get to the final. More often than not the Bulls seem to pull off a win in the last 5 minutes of a game- but NOT on Sat. We went to watch at a local pub here and the “sharkies” were running around giving each other high fives and hugging strangers because of the win! It was soo much fun. I don’t have a freaking voice today again ( what’s new huh??- lol). Had FAR tooo many shooters with the boys. Jenni and I were also sms’ing each other through the game ( I think she lost her crutches again- BWHAHAHAHAHAHA) and having a great time “ripping Wayne off”- lol.  I had a blast! Now to win the cup!!! OY, and we do this all over again! lol

OOOH and I’ve been playing with my camera some more, on manual settings and I think I’m getting there- hahaha


Some Ladybugs at my sisters place that had me in the garden for over and hour-lol



Some still need work- but as I’m learning still I thought I would just share my pics as I go along- hahaha


Taken this morning in my garden ;-)



and some more of those birdy’s called Weavers ;-)



WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- can you see I’m having fun?? lol

Don’t forget my “good bye” sale now on-


MY WHOLE STORE- including all COMMERCIAL Use products is 55% off.!

A lot of the products will be “retired” as of the end of the month- so now’s the time to grab anything you want ;-)

Thanks for all your messages guys, they honestly mean the world.

I will be announcing THIS week what I’m doing- PROMISE.

Okies- off to grab something to fill this “hole that’s growling”- hahaha.

Have a great day everyone. Hugs and Loves

Friday, 15 October 2010

Happy *21 again* Bunny Wunny

My friend Bunny- my favourite COW ;-)

As you all know DSO has been my “digi home” for almost 3.5 years now ( sheee’s time fly’s) and besides DSV (which Bunny and I owned together) I haven’t been anywhere else. Bunny has been my rock that I have had to stand on daily. Hell, she’s the first one to tell you that I’m totally “technically disadvantaged”- BWHAHAHA and is forever fixing my mistakes or getting questions of HOW and WHAT.

Through my *start* at DSO, Bunny was not only my “boss” but soon became a close friend and confidant too.  Not easy in a “working” relationship where you have to pull the whip out a few times - lol.

Bunny soon became one of my BEST FRIENDS! Both in digiland and in real life. I treasure her honesty, the laughs, the long chats on skype( yeah I will get a mic this weekend dammit-lol) her warped sense of humour, but most of all the LOVE she holds for all she finds dear and the protectiveness that goes with it. She’s also the biggest marshmallow I know- hahaha ( she’ll deny this one with vengeance and I can hear you cow!) lol

Well ok I’m a whole day early today- but you know I don’t blog on a Saturday, so I’m getting in first-

Bunny what can I say my dear dear friend. I hope that this year will bring ALL that you hope and wish for. That it brings you peace, good health and lots of love and laughter. May your new ventures and old ones be successful too, as you so deserve it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COW ;-P lol  Love ya muchly!

mmmmmmmmmmmm- before I get to my little “gifty” for all to download celebrating Bunny’s Bday, I must mention that my store at DSO will be closing at the end of the month ( see here for details) and I’m having a SALE to say “good-bye” to my “old home”.

I AM NOT retiring – don’t worry. lol


MY WHOLE STORE- including all COMMERCIAL Use products is 55% off.!

A lot of the products will be “retired” as of the end of the month- so now’s the time to grab anything you want ;-)

And now a little GIFTY named after what Bunny keeps telling us she is- hahahaha

21 AGAIN ;-)


I’ve divided it up into TWO downloads because of size ;-)

You can grab them HERE-

Have a stunning weekend everyone!

Hugs and Loves

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Can someone please turn down the furnace?? lol. I am NOT used to these temps at all, as in Port Elizabeth we usually have mild weather with sea breezes that cool you off even if it does get too hot. But here it’s gone from 18C on a Sunday - 35C on the Monday and hasn’t relented -lol. Yesterday was 38C, DRY and no breezes, and then the electricity went off- OMG, NO FAN, NO AIRCON.. can you say “pant like a dog”??_ HAHAHAHA.

I tried to take a dip in the pool but dang- the water was a little toooo cold for a “fun one” hahaha ( I’m a woes and like the water at least luke warm- hahaha) - so just stood up to my thighs, bent forward and dunked my head in the water and DID shake it off like a dog- BWHAHAHA. Wayne’s even teasing me saying that he can see me taking a few trips home just because I’m hot over the next few months- HAHAHAHA. He knows me too well ;-P

My trip to my sister (GS Creations) on the weekend was AWESOME as usual. I couldn’t WAIT to see little “moppet” and man, every time I see her she’s got taller and cuter and cuter.


Coming down to visit Aunty Kimmy and Uncle Wayne ;-)


Sitting with Mom and Aunty Kimmy in the garden in the evening.


My walk around the garden with Uncle Wayne ( who tells me long story’s about all the trees and bushes-lol)


KIIIIMMMMMMM, put that camera away now-lol


Trying to touch my nose with my tongue ;-P

I played for hours with my camera in the garden and quite thrilled with the pics I took on MANUAL!! WOOOOOT-lol

OOOH and did we catch the Wench ( Kristine) out yesterday! lol. I thought she might have had a “clue” due to us not chatting tooo much- she thought we were just busy- YEAH, we were Wench- on your kit and talking behind your back - BWHAHAHAHAHA. Glad you had a good day and get better soon GF.

And I made some “styles” to match the *80’s* Hot pants for Wenches Freebie kit ( see previous post for links)


So i thought you might like these too -


You can grab them HERE.

Have a great day guys and pray for some rain! lol

Hugs and Loves

Monday, 11 October 2010

Happy Birthday to a favourite “Wench”

Before I get to the FUN stuff today ( ooh and there’s TONS of it- so keep reading-lol) I’d like to say thank you for all your wonderful e-mails this weekend while I was away. Holey crumbs my inbox was full and I’m still getting to reply’s so please be patient with me- lol

Yes DSO’s store is closing at the end of October ( you can read about the announcement here) and to be honest I haven’t really given where or what I’m doing much thought the last two weeks as I’ve had quite a few things to get done- uhum, some below-lol

I’ll be sure to keep you informed on my decisions of what I will be doing but at this stage it’s totally undecided. I WILL be continuing to design, I can promise you that, as I would go STIR crazy not being creative and yup- it would drive Wayne nuttier, as I’m usually as miserable as sh—one—t when not creating- hahaha.

So don’t miss these while they are up ;-)


Vintage Collab CU Grab bag

It's filled with 9 BRAND NEW Vintage/Heritage styled products.


Styles Grab Bag

And I’ve put up my PAPERMAKERS GRAB BAG Again too-


Paper Maker Grab Bag

(FULL previews revealed INSTORE for ALL BAGS)


I’d like you to join me in wishing one of my most favourite “online” and offline WENCHES a Happy Birthday ;-)

Kristine is and always will be a ray of sunshine in my life and the life of my Creative Team. She lifts us all up when we are having a bad day without her even knowing it-  with her “warped sense of humour”, “ potty mouth”, “gutter mind set” and her love of life and “cocktails and parties” she keeps us entertained and in stitches of laughter daily.

We had to HIDE what the team was doing from poor Wench (Kristine) and she must have been wondering why we have all been so quiet the last week - hahahaha.

We decided it was time to SPOIL our “Wench” for a change and got together to make her her own SPECIAL kit.

HAPPY BARFDAY WENCH, I hope you have a fantastic special day and are spoilt the way you deserve to be—LOTS!!!!

Kristine hates pastels and I get an ear full every time I put them up for my Colour Challenges- so the team voted on these-

Idea 1-80's

I must admit I battled a bit in the beginning ( LAUGH WENCH LAUGH- hahaha) But we all had a BLAST talking behind your back and creating these for YOU.

*please not that some of the girls are NOT up yet and to check back on them later for their downloads*


Jenni created this portion and it can be picked up on her blog HERE.


Bekah_E created this portion and it can be picked up on her blog HERE.


Loucee created this portion and it can be picked up on her blog HERE.

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- as you can see we all had a little theme going with Kristine’s love of STILLETO’s-lol


Paula made us these gorgeous matching QP pages and you can pick them up on her blog HERE.

And there’s more!!! don’t you just LOVE my team- OMG, I LOVE this kit! hahaha


Vicki created this portion and it can be picked up on her blog HERE.


Jodiann (Bean) has this “NARLY” alpha for you as well as----


These AWESOME styles!! WOOOOOT, you can grab them on Jodiann’s blog HERE.

Ruthy did this stunning fun LO for Kristine with all our portions


and had made the WORD art into a freebie for you too-


You can download them here on her blog.

Jenni played with the kit’s too and came up with this Funky fun LO that had me in STITCHES- yeah that’s ME in it with the glasses on-lol


BWWWWWWWWWWWWWAHAHA- got to love it Jen! Thanks!




I used bit’s of everyone’s kits and my own-



Close up detail ;-)

Which you can all download my Portion HERE.

All I ask is if you can leave the “Wench” a Bday wish to make her day ;-)

Hugs and Loves

Friday, 8 October 2010

Who stole this week??

ARRRRK- I just realized I only yakked with you the beginning of the week- SIES, that sucks! lol. But this week has been a blur- and a GOOD one at that.

I got to work with one of my favourite CU and Vintage creative designers on a collab CU GRAB BAG, Laitha Designs!! So this week was “designing fun” for me and I got lost in Photoshop and my camera! hahaha. So yeah, ok- we’ll blame this lost week on you Mariella ;-P


Vintage Collab CU Grab bag$6.00

It's filled with 9 BRAND NEW Vintage/Heritage styled products.

Close up detail of some of the goodies in the bag-


This is FULLY REVEALED and full previews are in store for you to peruse ;-)

kb_LTH_VintageGbag_02_LRG kb_LTH_VintageGbag_03_LRG

kb_LTH_VintageGbag_04_LRG kb_LTH_VintageGbag_07_LRG

kb_LTH_VintageGbag_05_LRG kb_LTH_VintageGbag_10_LRG

kb_LTH_VintageGbag_09_LRG kb_LTH_VintageGbag_06_LRG


Don't miss this great bargain at less than $1 per quality checked product! 

And Jenni on my creative team played with my goodies and made this fantastic freebie just for you- WOOHOOOOO!


Give her time to post as I’m EARLY today due to going to visit my sister GS Creations this weekend- WOOT!

You can grab it here on Jenni’s blog.

And I have some More STUNNING creations from my CT for BOSOM BUDDIES.


Bosom Buddies - Elements

jzv43t By Kristine

natali11 By Vicki

JillyBean By Renee

Audrey-5-months By Candace

ruth-HeartU By Ruthy

Who also used some of the styles in the VINTAGE GRAB BAG ;-)

I LOVE my team- goodness they can get you inspired at the drop of a LO ;-)


STYLES GRAB BAG – grab now before it’s gone!!!


Styles Grab Bag

Filled with 7 brand new products.
All in ASL format and tested in CS3, PSE 5 and 6
Totally seamless for ease of use with bigger elements and designs.

This purchase contains:
1 set 10 x Silver metal styles
1 set 10 x Gold metal styles
1 set 11 x Fall acrylic styles (one pattern,11 shade options)
1 set 10 x Wood Plank styles (5 styles, 2 options)
1 set 09 x White Paper crinkle styles
1 set 06 x Black Paper crinkle styles
1 set 08 x Rusty metal styles - include 6 PNG 12x12 mesh and wire sheets,+ pattern files.


My girls have used this bag and the other to add to their LO’s and freebies ;-)

And I have a CU FREEBIE SAMPLER for you today too-


Vintage styled elements and overlay for you to play with. You can grab it here-
Have a great weekend everyone- I’m off to get some good RNR and eat and sleep- hahahaha

Hugs and Loves