Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Happy Birthday Miss Rose!

Sending out a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Miss Rose- hope you have a fantastic day and that your year ahead is filled with all you wish for!! Thank you to all of you for your Birthday wishes for Wayne- I will save them ALL for him on Thursday- might make him feel better- ROTF!

Well I have had THE most frustrating day on my computer today!!! Well not my computer as such but my internet provider!!! GGGRRRR- I've had to "refresh EVERYPAGE" I've opened today! Can't get things to upload as I get time outs!!! Thank goodness I did today's template last night! hahahahaha LOL- But I had to do a tutorial today- Yup it's Tutorial Tuesday too and Man if you are looking at how big the "pictures" are- LOL, don't laugh! I couldn't edit the thing!! I tried for over an hour to make them smaller and I kept getting the BLANK page again- so I gave up'! You now have VERY easy on the eye's tutorial!! How to use Overlays/templates part 4! Please go over to SCRAP YOUR ART OUT and have a read and a giggle- cause I think my last sentence also got lost!! ROTF!!- Bring me a DRINK I tell you!

Well I want to show you my SURPRISE that I couldn't yesterday as it wasn't ready yet!
It's my DESIGNERS SURPRISE KIT BAG! Only Available until Saturday 4th August! It's on Sale for only $8!! The total bag is worth $32!! There are 5 brand new designer tools in this bag that are not yet in my store! They can be used for personal and commercial use- and if you peak around the Ad and at ALL the LO's on my blog this week you will pick up some "tips" as to what is in it-LOL, just incase you don't like to buy without seeing! In my STORE NOW>

- Oh I love this Birthday Template week- LOL, as it's giving me a chance to do some LO's that I have been dying to do for a while!! I've done a heritage style LO of my Dad -this was when he was in Grade2 and in his school uniform!

I can't tell you EVERYTHING that I used- *wink wink* but what I can say is that the ever talented Mrs Miles came to my rescue last night with that AWESOME pocket watch element!! So in your template today you will get the shape- but pay Mrs Miles a visit if you would like to use the watch in your Heritage LO's- IT's AWESOME!! Thanks Barb! What's your surprise today-LOL-
Hee hee- well it's sort of peeping out at you- LOL! I've left the heritage style OLD FRAME in the template for you- I've used it as a "backing" in my LO- but it is a large file so you can do a lot with it- you also get a "few" little tit-bits in there too- Well here is holding thumbs that when I hit PUBLISH- this is all going to work! ROTF!!! http://www.4shared.com/file/21036061/f63e3ca0/kb-gifttemplate2.html Remember to check out my tutorial to add to your others!! Hugs and Loves Kim. *holding thumbs*- hahahahaha

Monday, 30 July 2007

Oink Oink

Oh Boy- LOL, that's me today- I'm eating EVERYTHING I see or put my hands on - no jokes! It's SAD I tell you! LOL, And I'm still hungry!!! What's with that?? hee hee, I think maybe it's my poor old body telling me it needs "fuel" for repair! And to make matters worse- it's freezing again- so the combination of the two have made me a "oink oink" today! Actually I wasn't tooo bad on Friday night- but oh the men weren't feeling so good on Saturday - they just can't say no to woman dressed in skimpy outfits selling "shooters" ( or shots)- ROTF!!! It was a Schirmnoff Vodka evening- But we did come home with quite a few prizes- t-shirts, coasters, business card holders and a multitude of free drinks! Not that helped ease the headaches at all- hahahahaha.

I said there would be SURPRISES this week and there are a few- LOL. First it's my dear Hubby's Birthday on Thurday- and he hates them!!! ( Don't ask me why- lol, he just hates getting old- UMM like from the age of 21!!!-hahahaha) So we celebrate for him! I will be making a template freebie every day this week- but in that template "package" will be a little present for you -
Today's freebie template is what I used for this LO of my sister Kerry. And you get the flower in a seperate PNG file to recolour for your personal use. I used my Bygone kit papers and a "new designers tool" that I can't say yet as it's going through Quality control as I type- hee hee ( that's the other surprise).

This template is in jpg and PSD format for you. Remember you can change anything you want in the template as I have in my LO- but you get the idea- LOL. http://www.4shared.com/file/20966040/fa97bbb8/kb-Gifttemplate1.html Keep a look out tomorrow for the "other big surprise"- and I hope you all have a fantastic Monday further- now to go hide the rest of the food in the house! ROTF!!! Hugs and Loves Kim

Friday, 27 July 2007

YIPPEE- it's Friday

It's Friday already- PHEW- this week has FLOWN past! But I'm going out tonight with the "friends" and am looking forward to unwinding after this week! hee-LOL, Yeah my "peacock" hairstyle will just have to do for tonight again! Olga it might even just hide my horns!!! LOL hahahaha. Someone asked me who made my little "Angel with horns"- it was a present from my friend and CT member Renee- And I received this STUNNING LO today from tnchick - WOW this is really beautiful! She used my "Pretty Twisted" kit and my template freebie!

The journaling on this LO got to me- it wasso straight from the heart! Wonderful LO. Today is the last day you can get this kit on SALE . Tomorrow it's full price again. And while we are talking about my "Store" stuff- you better check here on Monday as there is a HUGE surprise on the way- hee hee- well lets just say there is a Birthday in my house and I'm making a "party" so to speak! LOL. But more of that on Monday - I promise!.

ROTFLMAPIMP- I had to share this "little joke" sent by my dear friend Ant- It's the 4 stages of life! Well I know that I am in the "third stage" by the pictures above- but I sure as hell will probably need the 4th stage one tomorrow!! LOL- just a little Friday "chuckle" for you.

And here is the second part to Ho Ho Ho- ( put the pic up for those that have only just found my blog-) If you missed the first part it's in Yesterday's post. I hope you all liked your early Christmas pressy- hee hee! OOOH OOOH OOH- before I forget- For all the PSP users out there- Bunny put up a tutorial at Scrap your Art out just for you- and you can pick up a freebie script too ( I think that's an Action in photoshop terms-LOL) Tell her I sent you- hee hee. An now for that link- hahahaha- http://www.4shared.com/file/20764972/a0661b23/kb-HoHoHo-part2.html Have a SUPER DUPER weekend- be good, - I promise I'll try- ROTF. Hugs and Loves Kim

Thursday, 26 July 2007


LOL- Ok, I had lots of tips for my hair and I tell you if I put any more "glue" in it I'm going to be permanantly joined to my pillow each morning ~ ROTF! So I need CEMENT!! hahaha- Bunny and BettyJo thanks for the "info"- going to see if I can find me some of that 'cement' here! A couple asked for a pic with my clips in- hahahaha, well Jazz sent me a "personal LO' that she did of my friends and I 'out on the town' and I had to use the clips to look a little decent- LOL, so you can sort of see in this LO what the "tufts" look like. Thanks Jazzy the LO is AWESOME and I LOVE IT!!

Well I'm the one that looks like the "mini-peacock"- ROTF! But it didn't turn out too bad! ( those where 6 little butterfly diamante clips). And did I mention Christmas in my heading?

Yup- well ScrapdigiStyle is holding a Christmas in July SALE! It's on NOW until the end of the day and EVERYTHING in my Store is 25% off- That includes ALL my COMMERCIAL USE items too! So if you looking for an early "present" run on over quick! Finish's today! And since we are so into Christmas in July I thought I would stick to that theme today- ,
So HO HO HO- you get this kit in TWO parts- the first download is today and the second tomorrow! The total kit contains- 4 textured snowflake papers, 6 ribbons (3 straight/3 curled) 3 buttons, 2 stitches, 2 snowflake brass pins, 1 red flower and and 1 large brass holly accent swirly. I'm sure you have some Christmas phot'os you could still scrap- or save it for the end of the year (which is just around the corner!!) And what's in today's download??? I'm not telling *done in a sing song voice*-ROTF- just like Christmas when you unwrap you presents- it's a surprise-LOL, Just remember to come tomorrow to fetch the second part too. http://www.4shared.com/file/20693242/53c5dbcc/kb-HoHoHo-part1.html Hugs and Loves Kim

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Wild hair Wednesday!

I'm a little late today- I had hospital duty this morning(volunteer work). EEEK man is it blowing again today! My poor "mid length" can't do anything with hair is all over the place! MMM- think I need to get hold of Andrew again! hahaha- Don't you just hate trying to grow your hair!! Mines at that stage where it's too short to tie up- and too long to style- so WHAT the hell do you do with it???- CLIPS I tell you! ROTF! I have them in little "bundles" on the top of my head making my hair stand up in little tufts! hahah- well it does still look funky- but GEE's it's a PAIN in the ASS to do it like that every morning! Patience Kim, Patience!! hahahaha.
Jazz sent me a new LO using my "Pretty Twisted" kit and OH this is toooo CUTE

This one I started on the weekend- then Photoshop decided to CRASH on me!!! I lost the LO and had to re-do it! GRRR- hahaha- got to remember to SAVE while working- lol. This photo is of my DH and my friend Ant trying to do some fancy "rock and roll" steps- but oh look at hubby's face! ROTF!! We had hysterics laughing at the two of them.

And I just LOVED this Quote ( word art junky I tell you)- says "And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter and sharing of pleasures-Kahlil Gibran". How true is that! Thank you to Leslie Reid for the word art. I also used my "Pretty Twisted" kit as obviously it was designed for these pictures- ROTF! It's only on sale @ 25% off until Friday- so grab now if you want it.

And you get the Template as your Freebie today! But that's not all- there's a SURPRISE in the download folder- hahahaha- yeah I thought it would be nice to give you all a little surprise to brighten up your day! It will DEF help with this LO- hahaha and that's the ONLY hint you going to get. Remember to check out the tutorial on Overlays at Scrap your Art out- it comes with the free overlay too if you missed it. http://www.4shared.com/file/20622525/51d8a918/kb-Pretty_Twisted_Surprise.html Hugs and Loves Kim.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

U can doo it 2

hahahaha LOL- OK OK- I thought the name was quite clever- hee hee. It's my Tutorial Tuesday and I've just put up another "overlay" tutorial for you. Yup this is part three, and it's the one Jazz has been asking for.. no it's not going to snow Jazzy- LOL. So I will keep today's post short and sweat. Please remember to vote for Jazz over at GDS-(links in yesterdays post)- WE WANNA WIN!!! LOL. Today's freebie is the overlay I used in the tutorial and 3 papers that I made from the SAME overlay- With the basics from part 1/2 and now 3 you should be able to do as I have made here! I promise you should! And yup I'm sending you over to Scrap your Art out to go fetch it- ROTF ( well I didn't do the tutorial for nothing damit! hahahahahaLOL). I hope it helps you gain a little freedom in using the materials out there and also inspire you to try new things. I used the colours of my new kit "Pretty Twisted" so this will match it nicely. It's still 25% off at the moment. So click on this link and go have some fun!! YIPPPPEEE- http://scrapyourartout.wordpress.com/2007/07/24/how-to-use-overlayspapermakers-part3/ Let me know how you found the tutorial- PLEASE- lol, Hugs and LOves Kim

Monday, 23 July 2007


Oh WOW!! What a wonderful way to start a Monday! With GOOD news-LOL. I just have to give a HUGE TOOT TOOT out there for my wonderful CT team leader and friend Jazz! Two of her LO's have been chosen for the "People's Choice Voting Gallery" over at GDS.!!!! WOW- it's an honour to have your LO chosen for this gallery- but 2!!! The queen of heritage has done it again- Jazz well done! And a little "toot toot" for me too- 3 of the LO's in the section of 10 chosen have used my Bygone kit! So please help Jazzy win by going over( just click on the link above) and just click on the "vote" button underneath her LO's! She deserves it!

And I am giving another "toot toot"- LOL ( sounding like a train this morning-hee hee) to Colleen Brady- One of my CT members! She has made the most AWESOME templates!
This is a LO by Colleen using her own freebie template! How great is this LO. I loved the blocked background!! So easy to do with a template, but a real pain in the A$$ when trying to do it without! LOL. She used my new kit "Pretty Twisted".

And here is one that I did using one of Col's templates , Yup- nutcase as usual-LOL, but I loved this quote and it just matched the " new kit" so well- "We are all the same age on the inside" .. OK, OK- that's my excuse- ROTF. So go over to Colleens blog and get yourself some AWESOME templates- and please leave her some *love*- they are really great!

And here is the 2nd part of the "Pretty Twisted"- samplers. I can't thank you all enough for the great fun in naming this kit! I still giggle everytime I type the "name"- LOL. The kit is in store now and is available at 25% off at the moment- it's only $3.75- now that's not too bad for a big kit and with the freebie's you have a HUGE one! LOL. Thanks again for all the wonderful comments and "chit chat"- I sooo love to read them! Until tomorrow- Much love and hugs Kim http://www.4shared.com/file/20464431/d34f6e60/kb-Pretty_Twisted-sampler2.html (hee hee- didn't forget!)

Friday, 20 July 2007

the Winner is???

hahaha- LOL- oh my word! I never expected such a great response! PHEW- THANK YOU!! Poor Nathan this morning was " MOM!!"- with those huge eye's of his open to his browline! ROTF- I copied and pasted EVERY comment onto a word document, then handed it to him this morning when he got home! Told him to read through them all and to choose the one he thought matched the kit- He came back with 5!!! LOL LOL- I didn't want to know what they were yet- so told him to choose the one he thought BEST- and guess what- You'll have to wait a few more "line's" - and to get HIS reason why he chose it - ( I didn't know if I wanted to kiss him or hit him over his head! ROTFLMAO!)

Just a quick reminder that My SALE ENDS TOMORROW!! So if you were wanting to grab a set of my overlay's- RUN QUICK-LOL. You can find them HERE.
And now- BIG DRUM ROLL...dddrrrrddddrrr-
The kits name is- Pretty Twisted.

Sally(aka- Winged heart) is the winner of this brand new kit "Pretty Twisted" that has now 12 papers and 34 elements! (hee hee, told you I would still be adding to it!) And WHY this name- and this is in Nathans OWN words people- Mom- this one is perfect because you are pretty * instert big laugh here* and a little "twisted"- ROTFLMAO!!! See what I mean! hee hee- so Sally your whole "perception" was not so far wrong girl!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!-

But there is MORE- the other 4 on Nathans list have each got a little "consulation" prize from me too-! And they are :
2.Fran B:- Merry-go-round ( because when I'm "merry" my head goes round and round!" ROTF)
3. EAL designs:- Spicy Funk
4: Silvia:- Swirlicious
5:Spanielmom- Paprika Spice.
CONGRATULATIONS to you ALL!! I really would love to e-mail you your links so if you could all check in the comments section of today for my e-mail address ( I know some don't like leaving them here for everyone to see) and just mail me so that I can get them to you ASAP. WOW- this was honestly so much fun and Nathan LOVED choosing the names- you should have heard him laughing! THANK YOU AGAIN!!
The kit is uploading as we speak and should be available in my store later today or tomorrow and it will be on sale for the first week too!.

And here is a little thank you and sampler-I used my favourite "Motto" if you could call it that for the "tag cluster", and it has 2 papers ( one is stitched) 2 fancy buttons and a bowed ribbon. http://www.4shared.com/file/20281487/876fbfd0/kb-Pretty-twisted_freebie1.html I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend. Thanks again for the fun and I think I will be doing this again soon- LOL. Hugs and Loves Kim

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Wanna WIN?

I'm late, I'm late- sorry Silvia! ROTF- but oh I have had fun today! I had my hairdressers appointment this morning and I know when I leave the house I have to write off the whole morning- I call it my "therapy"- my hairdresser calls it an "uplifting visit"-hahahaha. He has been my hairdresser for 15 years.. and we always seem to come up with something a little "different" for me- GO FIGURE!! LOL

I hated hairdressers before because when you said "trim" they chopped the whole dang lot off or were never adventurous enough for me- I found Andrew by accident through a friend and had taken a pic in of a hairstyle I really liked and thought I would give him a try- ( after hearing great things about him).. well he took one look at the picture and said- Kim- I might be a 'fairy'- but hell (now waving his comb) this dear is NOT A WAND! ROTFLMAO- that was me finished! He had me just through that 'comment' and now 15 years down the line I still get stopped and asked who does my hair- So Andrew- Thank you for my belly laughs and "feel good" day today- LOVE YA TONS!

And now- TADA - LOL, I am just about finished a kit that I want to upload TOMORROW- yeah TOMORROW, but Nathan is only home tomorrow morning(he always helps me with names-LOL) and I need to find a NAME by my time tomorrow morning for this kit- I've hit a BLANK!!!
This is the photo that inspired the kit- It's of my friends and I and I have a ton of them I have been asked to scrap- so I needed something easy to scrap for masculine and feminine LO's- (have a few with just the men in- )

So this is it- it's a little FUNKY, a little GRUNGY, a lot of FUN, and has flowery accents as well as "manly" stripes and dots- There are 10 papers and over 30 elements! (yeah- I just can't stop making elements! LOL) I can't put them all in the preview above but I am sure you can come up with something from what is here! HELP PLEASE! LOL- fill up my comment box if you want- I will get Nathan to choose the winner the minute he gets home so I can just pop in the name and upload it! The person who's 'name' is chosen will get the kit!!!! THE WHOLE KIT!!! I will have a freebie mini tomorrow of this kit of course so you will have a HUGE one to play with! hahahaha- So you wanna help me??? Start typing LOL. QUICK- what you waiting for- START TYPING!!!! ROTF- Hugs and Loves Kim

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

What a Wednesday..

LOL- I've been playing Mom's Taxi this morning again and taking kids fishing! Well I suppose you wouldn't call them "kids" anymore- more like "young men"- LOL. I still get a fright when they talk in the house now as their voices have "broken" and OH my word- when I'm busy here in the office and I hear these DEEP voices in the house - My hair stands on end and I go cold to my feet- LOL, Just not used to it yet and sounds like a whole lot of strange men talking in my house! LOL. Thank goodness they go back to school on Monday and I can retire the TAXI for the mornings anyway- hahahahaha.

Miss Rose, Gloria - the first part too the overlay Tutorial's are here- (and for all you that only found part2 yesterday and would like to see part one.) Thanks sooo much for all the comments- I was really worried I would confuse everyone! ROTF!! And Olga- oh man you are SOOO right! I think by the time I see the hairdresser on Thursday the horns have subsided! hahahahaha, It's always the weekend that brings them out! hahahaha! Silvia - find those glasses girl! ROTF.

Ok I did a LO last night as I was scanning some more of my Dads photo's- and I just HAD to use this one!! It's of my Aunt- taken in the early 60's- but oh goodness just check out that BEE-HIVE!!! You could catch fly's and a shit load of other things in there!! ROTFLMAO!! I know there are a few of you out there that had hairdo's like this- Just HOW LONG did it take you to tease all of that and to put it on top of your head??? I would really LOVE to know- and UMM could you balance???

Honestly though- it was such a beautiful photo- I didn't even retouch it! I liked all the scratches and the discoloured border. I did try to "fix" it- but then left it as it sort of lost it's "charm". I used my Bygone kit for all the elements, My Big ties and Knots for the sash(commercial use ok), and the Bygone elegance overlays on the background paper. And I liked how the LO came out so I turned it into a TEMPLATE for you to play with! -

And I have included the Word Art in it too- Great for a heritage LO if you haven't tried one yet or as you know- remove and add to it as you would like! http://www.4shared.com/file/20133844/e084d336/kb-Seeds-of-today.html . Until tomorrow- Loves and Hugs Kim

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Tutorial Tuesday- again-LOL

So you liked my new look? hahahah LOL- thanks all for the comments- they say a change is as good as a holiday-? Which reminds me- I'm having my MOP cut on Thursday- YIPPEE!! It's got a bit long now and I can't spike it up so much anymore..mmmm, will have to worn the hairdresser about my little horns that he can't see at this stage- ROTFLMAO!

Ok It won't be a long post today as I did a new Tutorial today for Scrap your Art out! ( phew nearly forgot too- was busy with my new kit- happlily creating and then remembered- OOOPPS) . But before I get there, this was done by Jazz using my overlays!!! How awesome are her heritage LO's- and Jazzy your blinkie is on it's way! LOL-

Todays freebie is aptly called - U can doo it- ROTF, because you can learn how to make these yourself using overlays! Yup you can ( well I hope that my instructions are simple enough-LOL). This Tut is how to include colour by using your overlays. It's the first of a few but it will give you the basic steps to make papers as they are above. So please pop over and pick up these three papers and a little "knowledge" too.. I used my Funky floral overlays for the freebie and they are also still on SALE at 25% off. . Loves and hugs Kim http://scrapyourartout.wordpress.com/2007/07/17/using-overlays-part2/

Monday, 16 July 2007

New Look

AND?? What do you think?? LOL- I just couldn't resist using my little "angel with horns" and well I decided that my blog needed a little "lift"- hee hee. How was everyones weekend? I had a ball (of course!!) but had a "jungle mouth" that took until yesterday to get rid off!! I'm telling you the dog and the cat and the canary that were in there just wouldn't leave until late yesterday afternoon! ROTF! Nathan arrived home last night looking rather worse for wear too- hahaha- It was -11C the last night and the shower that they all shared has run out of hot water by the time it was his turn to shower- so NO problem to my son he decides to walk from house to house in the area begging for a hot shower!!! I tell you-ROTF!! Oh my, I think I have a little mini me by my side!! He said that the first few houses thought he was nuts and then this old lady took pity on him and let him have a hot shower! I was told " I did clean up Mom and made sure there was no water on the floor and I did thank her very nicely"- hahahaha, Well at least he was polite! LOL. Don't forget that ALL my overlays are still on SALE at the moment at 25% off- These are just two of them that you can play with and remember to check out the tutorials on how to use them at Scrap your Art out. Try these fibre ones to change your paper to linens, hessian and carpet like looks! How great for heritage pages! And I'm giving you the one I used in your Freebie on Friday- Yup-LOL, so you can play with it and see what fun they are to use.
I will be adding another Tutorial this week on overlays, so keep an "eye open" for other ways to use them (yup- there's a lot of other yummy things you can do with them-LOL). This is a 12x12 PNG file. http://www.4shared.com/file/19974754/6dd0fb6e/Shabby_elegance-Overlay.html Until tomorrow- OOOOHHH Before I forget- PLEASE make sure you have all your Freebies from June- I have to make space at 4shared( and quick-LOL) So I will start removing them tomorrow. Hugs and Loves Kim

Friday, 13 July 2007

BOO- hahaha

hahahaLOL- yes I'm superstitious but Friday the 13th has always been a good day for me- No black cats Silvia-ROTF. I've won money (jackpots) on Friday the 13th- (reminder to self- Go visit Casino-LOL), but I don't have time today.. Just had my nails done for the first time in ages- Now I don't look like Medusa with long talons but a refined lady with a French manicure- LOL- yeah right- Lady? NO- not me..hee hee, well I try to look like one but I sure battle to act like one! My hair and make-up is always done- but oh man give me a motor-cycle, golf club or a few drinks and the "other" me pops out- the one that has HORNS! But there is no harm in trying now is there- ROTF. Which is why my good friend and CT member Renee sent this to me a few nights ago with a "short note" that just said _ I couldn't resist! Journaling say's "Good girls go to Heaven , Bad girls go Everywhere". ROTFLMAO- I love this so much I'm going to use it in my sig's! Thanks Renee! Well I'm out on the town tonight so I suppose I better warn everyone- hahahahaha.

I Got three new sets of overlays uploaded to my store last night. There are two sets of textured overlays ( one fibres and one grunge) that I have been using in my papers ( I used them in the freebie papers for today). And one set of "In flight" ornamental "flutter" overlays. All these come with a Commercial license.

ALL my overlay packs are on sale at 25% off until the 21st July! This includes the 3 new ones too.(At this time (late afternoon my time-LOL)they weren't up in the store yet as it's still early morning that side- but they should be in later today, so check them out later for a close up view.)- And they are all OK for commercial use. If you don't know how to play with them remember to check out my Tutorial at Scrap your Art out. I used the Oh Natural-Texture pack overlays with a floral one in your freebie today- remember you can use a few together to create different looks on your papers.

There are 4 papers (textured and print) , 1 shabby flower, 2 tabs, 2 ties, 1 staple, 2 ribbons, 2 brads. I used these to show you that ALL the elements have had overlays used on them (either textures and/or prints).

I also forgot to put all the credits up for Alyson's LO yesterday- but click on her name to see them all.-yeah yeah- another little blonde moment!

LOL- Don't forget to check out the "Christmas in July" competition at DSO to.. Lots to be won!!

And no I haven't forgotten the link this time- the bloody thing was so slow it kept timing out! LOL- eventually got there! http://www.4shared.com/file/19780552/b00febc3/Shabby_Classic.html I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks to all for "the little bit of warmth" you sent my way-LOL. DS phoned this morning to say he had forgotten his hiking boots outside his tent last night and they where frozen solid! LOL- Oh boy- rather him than me! Hugs and Loves Kim

Thursday, 12 July 2007


That's my teeth chattering- LOL, My son phoned yesterday afternoon to say that they had arrived safetly and that he was standing in snow! He was so excited! Don't know how excited he was when the temps dropped to -10C where he was last night tho! LOL. And Olga, thank you for that news!!! Good grief I lived in Beunos Aires for just over a year and it's very much like SA in that it get's cold but no snow! Boy I have some e-mailing to do! LOL.

I've just written my second Tutorial on How to use papermaker overlays and textures for PSE at Scrap your Art Out. Go check it out if you have never used an overlay or are not sure how to use them. And be sure to check back here tomorrow for some new overlays that I am uploading to the store today.
Alyson sent me this LO that she did of her youngest son who had his first swimming lessons this year! She used my "Fishtales template"- and man how cute did this come out! I loved the circle photo's held together with the pins and the water texture in the background. Great job girl!
I played a while ago at some doodly thingymabobs-LOL, these are slightly "rougher" and more sketchy- but I like the "handrawn" feel of them- more real with mistakes and all-LOL. I added two papers to match. Great for your summery LO's.
Hope you all have a stunning day and if it's hot where you are PLEASE stand in the sun for just 5 minutes for me! LOL LOL- Hugs and Loves Kim - oops I did it again. ROTF- heres your link> http://www.4shared.com/file/19707796/b5f4c7c0/kb-floralidoo.html

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Darby and Joan

heehee, yeah that's Hubby and I for the next week(Darby and Joan) LOL! Nathan was up with the sparrows this morning packing his hiking bag and was out the door at 6.30am ( OH goodness that is far tooo early for me to be up in winter! LOL) It's still black outside and the bed always seems to be just that much more cozy when it's freezing! But he is on his way to go hike in the snow! He has his thermals and new sleeping bag and hiking bag and I've got an empty purse! ROTF! So now it's UM- we can do what ever we like- but AAHH??, what do we do?? hahahahaha. OK OK- keep it clean now. hahahahaha! It's funny how parents get used to the "routine" of their kids schedules-and a break is always nice- but I know after two days I'm going to be missing the little bugger!(said with lots of affection-LOL).
Jazzie sent me a new LO last night and she used a couple of my kits to do this heritage LO

How AWESOME is this! Downtown Gadsden in 1946-47. Going to town was a big affair and you dressed up to the "nines". The photo's are of Jazz's parents. She used my All that Jazz kit and my Bygone kit too.
Oh man and it got me inspired to do one of my own- I've had this box of old photo's that I scrounged from my Dad's and have only managed to do 2 LO's with them- So here is one of mine- hee hee

This is Cecil and Gertrude Lambert- My Grandparents at a dance which they went to every Saturday night. I just Love the curls on top of my Grans hair! I also used my All that Jazz kit and I also used a new "torn" paper overlay that I have been working on- I think it turned out alright-LOL. Just a quick thanks to Atomic cupcake for their fabric action. Don't forget to pop into Scrap your Art out for new Tutorials and a few freebies! There is even a action freebie for you! Well that's it for today- I hope these LO's inspired you as well. It was soooo nice doing a LO again-lol. Hugs and Loves Kim

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Tutorial Tuesday

HAHAHA- Well at least it had the T in it- Actually I just did my first Tutorial for Scrapbook max users on Scrap your Art out. It's a beginners tutorial on shapes, but one I have been asked to help with before, so I thought I would do my first one a "beginners" one- LOL. It has a freebie attatched too for all Scrapbook max users. So click on the link and go and see what it is- hee hee.
I finished the invites- YAY!!! LOL, but man it was wierd going to buy brads and ribbons etc to make them- gee's we digi-scrappers are spoilt! Honest! The price I paid for the brads ALONE would have bought me a FULL DIGI KIT!! It's just soo funny when you compare that in the digi-kit I would have had umpteen papers and element/ not just a handful of brads or the sheet of paper that I looked at- EEEK, I tell you ONE sheet of paper was the same price!! SCARY! LOL.
My wonderful friend and CT member Colleen has just finished this AWESOME LO for the DSO Lyric challenge!
She used my All that Jazz kit. And honest if you havent checked out the challenges at DSO yet- go have a look- there is TONS to earn and win!!! I'm busy finishing off some new overlays for my store ( yeah yeah- I know I'm in love with the things..hahahahaha) So I am giving you one today as a "taster"...heehee, Oh OK, sampler- LOL.
Here is Grubby elegance! It has the OLD feel still which you all know I love and a bit of a "grunge" texture to give it that "old fabric" look. http://www.4shared.com/file/19559467/22da0c88/Grubby_elegance.html Aimee, you LO was stunning girl!! I loved it! Thank you sooo much for sharing it with me- and if you would like to e-mail me ( I have a little something for ya) or if anyone else would like to e-mail me ( it's hard to answer questions on blogger-LOL) then my e-mail address is in my TOU or on my digital piracy poster that comes with all my freebies. I hope you all have a FANTASTIC day and I will see you all tomorrow- Hugs and Loves Kim

Monday, 9 July 2007

Manic Monday

Too much to do and too few hands to do it- LOL, Short post today as I have Wedding invitations to finish by this afternoon- and Yeah I ALWAYS leave it to the last minute!! LOL, but I sometimes find I work better that way- got to be done, so you just do it! And we LOST the rugby- boo hoo!! hahahaha- Well at least the Bokke kit is Australian friendly too (It's their colours as well!!) Rub it in Lani!! hee hee..
Just a little reminder for those that don't know;
The next DSO Scrap 'N Chat is Monday, July 9 at 9:00pm Eastern /6:00pm Pacific. Come and get a free 12x12" template and join the fun! If you post a layout in the DSO gallery using the template (with any kit),you will get this fun summertime posting bonus! (Remember, you need to be registered in the DSO forum prior to the chat in order to be able to login.)
Darlene has this wonderful little mini as a posting gift. I did a Quick page for you today as I wanted to show you the "Other Love" in my life- LOL, His name is FUDGE- and well my dad calls him "Fugly"- (you can do the math on that name!) hahaLOL, but he is such a lovable BABY.
He's a Shar Pei and man he is sooo ugly he's beautiful! LOL- He was named because of his colour- Fudge, now my son wants a black one so he can call it "Liquorice"! LOL-
I just called this QP Moody- as well the background to me reminded me of "a moody sky"- I think this QP would look great with some Heritage photo's too because of it's "tone". Got to run- so here is the link if ya want to get it http://www.4shared.com/file/19493575/b51ce812/Moody.html - Until tomorrow, Hugs and Loves Kim

Friday, 6 July 2007

Go Bokke

Phew- I survived the kitchen stint yesterday and last night- LOL, Actually I'm not a bad cook- I'm just not very good at baking! Everything I take out the oven always looks wonderful- FOR 1 SECOND- um, and then it falls as FLAT as a cent coin- ROTF!! Honest -I've tried all the tips and all the hints and I'm just hopeless! So I BUY!!! hahahahahaha, I think I'll just stick to what I know and not torture myself when it comes to cakes! LOL..
I've got another LO from Renee- and of course it's stunning as always!
She used my All that Jazz kit- and if you hurry- ALL MY STUFF is 25% off here until the 7 July. That's everything including ALL Commercial use items too..
There is a new Tutorial up on Scrap your Art out too- go check it out and grab the little freebie there too (Awesome Tut- Lexi!!!)

You know I have seen soooo much Red/white and blue around that I decided to do a little "patriotic" freebie myself today- LOL- As you all know I'm a little bit of a rugby fan (OK OK- a BIG ONE-hahaha) and I've done a LO for you today showing you just how much of a FAN this family is-hahaha
Notice that WE ALL have the official rugby jersey-LOL, we wear it for EVERY game!-And we are playing against Australia tomorrow ( OH BOY) and their colours are Gold and green- ours are Green and gold- LOL, - Thanks to Hannah for the template of the tear. And all the photo's were taken by my DS Nathan. And thank goodness they were taken BEFORE the match- ROTF- we don't look quite as "good" after the match! hahahahaha
There are 4 papers and I LOVE these- they look like marble/watercolour papers! 2 ribbons, 1 springbok pin, 1 heart, 2 ribbon ties, 1 rugby ball, 1 staple. http://www.4shared.com/file/19307862/a5cc1a3d/Go_Bokke.html And don't worry- even if you aren't Australian or South African these will be quite handy for most any LO's- hahahaha! Have a WONDERFUL weekend and sending Hugs and Loves your way. Kim

Thursday, 5 July 2007

B-day and hectic-LOL

EEK, I'm late today- but it's my Father-in-laws 75th birthday today- and well guess who's cooking the dinner- and guess again how much REAL food I have in the house! ROTF!!! So it's been shopping day for food and all the nice stuff that goes with any birthday- CAKE, cookies, cream etc etc! But oh heavens, BBUUUNNNYYY, want to come help me in the kitchen! LOL LOL. I hope all The Americans had a wonderful day yesterday- hope you lit some crackers for me ( they are banned here!) and I miss them!!LOL..
I was over at Colleens blog and she was telling a story on how she started golf! I was laughing that the tears were running as well- UM, I've been there and I'M STILL THERE! ROTF.. So here is a LO with a little story today-

credits: G.Mendes- freebie mini-Grapefruit

I play golf with the MEN- so I always seem to Over-compensate when it comes to hitting off the tee- I wind that poor Driver around my kneck sometimes to try and get that little white ball just a little further and then normally EVERYTHING goes wrong! This time was NO different-LOL, My ball flew about 1 inch of the ground at the speed of lightning! ( not a good shot as it should be up in the air and ones that my dad call's UM- worm rapers!!!) But it was going and that was all that mattered at the time! UNTIL- UM this wonderful little Meekat decided it was time to stand up and have a look around- in front of my flying ball!!! Which hit it full force !!!! Oh Gee's I stood there with my mouth open and the men thought this was the funniest thing they had seen in years! My ball stopped dead and OMG so did the Meerkat!! So now I have this wonderful golfing NICKNAME called "Kill the Wildlife Broedelet"!!! I can't live it down ( excuse the pun- hahahahaha) ROTF.. and well that one is NOT the most embarrasing story but I'll save that one for another day-hahahaha.

I'm sorry there is no freebie today as I just haven't had the time and I have to get stuck into the kitchen today!! But if you pop over to DSO and have a look in the forums under all the challenges you will have great fun picking up posting gifts- and please come and say HI-in my colour Challenge! I'm giving away a wonderful little mini kit- But I'm sending Free Hugs and Loves to ALL. hahahaha-Kim

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Happy 4th July

Ok I know that all my American friends and fellow scrappers are celebrating today- so this is a really short post and I'm sending you on a little "trip"- LOL LOL, To get your freebie today you have to blog hop to a NEW BLOG called Scrap your Art Out! It is there to help all designers, newbies and fellow scrappers alike- lots of tutorials and freebies too.. and yeah I'm one of the contributors- hahahaha- stop laughing! I know I battle to even do these posts correctly but I do have a few tips I can share..hahahaha.
And guess what- I have a new CT member!! Colleen Brady- this is her new LO with my All That Jazz kit, Well done girl! And CONGRATULATIONS!!! And if you are looking for some killer templates- pop over to Colleens blog- she has some up for grabs!

So here is Born in the USA- and ALL the elements are what I call EASY elements! The hard work has been done for you. For all SBM users these are a TREAT! And for all those in a HURRY- well just drop them where you want them and PRESTO- they just work-LOL.

There is an EASY paperclip( just line it up to your paper!), and easy paperpin, ( plop it where you want it-holes already made!) and a star/heart brad. 1 background star/grunge paper. And now that link- LOL, http://scrapyourartout.wordpress.com/ Remember to leave us a comment on what you think- or if you would like to contribute to the blog in anyway ( read Bunny's post from yesterday). Enjoy your day- Much love and hugs Kim

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Christmas in July?

Sun is shining and the weather is easy- tra la la la la- hahahah, Ok OK- I can't sing but have been since last night- You'll see why further down in this post and if you don't have the song stuck in your head for a while- you're tooo young! LOL LOL.. So who of you celebrate CHRISTMAS IN JULY? If you don't -well here is something to get you in the "mood",
Credits. Flower by Saab, Ribbons by A-gus
This is a photo of my nieces Mia and Saskia taken for a postcard at Christmas- they live in Australia.
We do, but it's normally a fundraising event for Charity. But you can with this AWESOME competition- Bunny (aka-the Boss) at DSO is holding a Christmas in July competition- it's worth over $300!!!! Yeah you read it right, but you can read it again-hahahaha! That is what the winner will walk away with in prizes! No jokes! Just click here to read about it- and you will be celebrating Christmas early!(remember to just register for the forum).

And if Renee's Lo does not have you singing then I don't know-ROTF!! How AWESOME is this, she is having a field day with my "All that Jazz" kit- Love it girl!! Only a few days left at 25% off!

And seeing that most of you are ALL feeling sunny and warm- Here are a few "roses" to add some summer colour and freshness to you LO's There are Nine Ribbon roses in summer colours for you to add to your collections. http://www.4shared.com/file/19101655/72b80f80/Coming_up_Roses.html
Olga- I wish I could go play in the snow but it just takes so long to drive there!! Would take a whole day there and a day back, so I am just hoping that one day I will see snow for myself-mmmm, maybe in Switzerland(hint hint Waynie-LOL), BettyJ- oh goodness just rub it in! Me with my heater and you with your FAN!! LOL, Fantasy- SWAP tomorrow ( and I'm even allergic to the sun- but I will take it ANY DAY to the cold-ROTF), Glenda- thank you and anything below 125k would be great! And now I've got to go and fetch the kids at the golf course- Oh hell holiday's drive me nuts! LOL LOL! Until tomorrow- Hugs and loves Kim