Friday, 31 August 2007

Camals, ostrich's, panties and boobs?

What??? hahaha- those are just "some" of the topics that we discussed at a "DSO meeting" last night! OH my word- a bunch of woman all "typing at once!"- I laughed till my belly ached! Thanks 'girls'- my family eventually joined in by laughing at ME- hahahahaha. As for the 'panties'- I went with very "conservative beige cotton bikini's"- ROTF!!!! And after ALL the comments yesterday I have to leave you this joke that my friend Ant sent me-

What's the difference between 1920 panties and 2007 panties???
In 1920 you had to open the panty to see the bum,
In 2007 you have to open the bum to see the panty!
ROTFPIMP!!! hahahahaha- Sorry, I just COULDN'T resist after all those comments!!! WAHAHAHA.
Hummie asked if I'm this 'chipper' in real life- Oh girl, unfortulately YES! hahahaha, I have my 'off' days when I'm quiet ( then EVERYONE asks if I'm sick???) but that is usually not very often and only if I'm extremely tired.. Hummie has a great "tailgate" Party going on- it's the run up to Digital Scrapbooking Day!!! ( yipppeeee) - just click her name to read more about it! I will be bringing you some news on the events over the next few weeks.
Guys THIS WEEKEND is the LAST CHANCE to grab Bunny's and My Designers Bag!!! Remember to check the Lo's from this week for clues and go over to Bunny's blog too- Hee hee, Jazzy did a LO there too!!! AWESOME STUFF!

I decided today ( as it's Friday-hee hee) to EVENTUALLY fill the request for some LO's of WHERE I LIVE! I used Seebee's cluster frame for this LO.

This is my little City- Port Elizabeth! And guys- I mean it's small- LOL. But I wouldn't want to live ANYWHERE ELSE on this earth! It' beautiful- and I can go from the one side of the city to the other in 15 minutes!! LOL. I have the beach 10 minutes from our house! It's filled with history too and even has it's own "heritage trail" and the oldest running steam train that takes family's every Sunday for a picnic just outside P.E. And if you look at the picture of the dolphin jumping- behind it is a set of buildings- Well that's where I get most of my hangovers from!! LOL- and in Summer you can sit on the balcony's having your "cocktail lunch" and see some of the dolphin show too!

This is to show you JUST HOW MUCH we have that is "just around the corner"- and I mean that- LOL, The Lion Park is 5 minutes from my house. They have everything from 'obviously Lions" to Girraffe, zebra etc etc! But you have to watch for the baboons! Man if they grab hold of your hair- there is NO LETTING GO- hahahahahah LOL. The Addo Elephant park is about 30 minutes drive and as you can see- you can drive right up next to them! OH Hell- best surfing spots- tree topping on a "foofie slide" and even riding an ostrich! I LOVE MY HOME- LOL
I made you a template freebie of my second LO and have even included the GRUNGE OVERLAY and the WORD ART as well as the 'arrows"- The Frames too- LOL.. I hope you all have a AWESOME weekend and I'll let you all know on Monday if I made it to Australia or not- ROTF!!!! Hugs and Loves Kim.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Frustrating Thursday

Ok- LOL, this is the THIRD TIME I am trying to post this post! GGGRRRRRR, I am having MAJOR internet issues again today! I think the WHOLE of South Africa is on line and the server is having a nightmare!!! Always at the end of the month! Everyone's trying to pay everyone or send something and then pages crash left right and centre! FRUSTRATION- I tell you! And I tell you what- its sooo bad that blogger can't even save my posts either! Now I really look like I've stuck my hand in that plug- ROTFLMAO- I have honestly been pulling my hair!hahah.

Ok moan is out the way- Phew- I feel better already- hahahahaha, I need to go shopping again later as I need to buy panties! Don't laugh- honest! I just remembered that I don't have panties I can play golf in on Saturday! I have a drawer full of g-strings and low cut french hipster things- but OH man- I played my first game of golf in a g-string!! NEVER AGAIN PEOPLE!- Besides the 'painful experience'- ROTF- I looked like I was scrounging in my bum the whole round!!! ( which I was of course- hahahahahah) and those hipsters fall down after two swings and then you're pulling them up all the time- so yeah I've got a drawer full of "pull me outs and pull me ups"- So I have to do some undie shopping later- hahahaha.

Mrs Miles(Barb) left me some AWESOME jokes about golf last night but I had to share this one with you- because well its ME!!!!! ROTF!!
Golfer: "I'd move heaven and earth to be able to break 100 on this course."
Caddy: "Try heaven. You've already moved most of the earth."
I have 'moved' so much earth that I think there is a hole all the way to Australia already- maybe on Saturday I'll make a 'breakthrough' and wave hello to you Lani- hahahahaha.

This Lo I received from Jazz yesterday and OH I just LOVE IT!

Look closely as it has a few Hints and Tips about what is in that HUGE BUDDY BAG!!! hee hee- Still haven't got it- Check the LO's from the last three days... UMMMM- hahahah Not telling- LOL. Grab it here guys- $60 worth of stuffies for only $10 and it's all Commercial Use Friendly!
Ok- you got "thread it" the other day- Now you can have "hang it up" freebie- HAHAHAHA, I was playing around making some key-ringy holder thingy's- hahaha, with a twist of course and they have an opaque plastic centre so you can insert names or dates or words under them with no problem! I added 4 matching pins just for fun- But you have tons' of stringy things now too- hahaha. I am now praying and holding thumbs that when I push publish again now this works!! I have seemed to save my post sooooo far so I can now go back at least- hahahah LOL. . hee hee- before I forget! Till tomorrow- hugs and loves Kim

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Wadda ya mean it's Wednesday?

EEEK- it's Wednesday already! LOL, I feel like the Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland- I'm late, I'm late- hahahaha, Actually I think I feel like Alice too! hahahahahah. Anyone got some extra time they want to sell- I would pay for some extra hours this week! Amy- I can soooo relate on the "crazy end of the month story"! LOL- We have so much to get done and uploaded by the first! And I'm playing golf on Saturday ( Dear Lord- please don't let me kill anything or anyone!)- hahahaha. But we have the "function" for the golf day on Friday too ( hee hee- this is a compitition and I'm panicking people!) - So my week is a little short! But I'll make it- hahahahaha- *saying that with WILD eyes and hair that looks like I stuck my finger in the plug*! ROTF.

Have you GRABBED our Designers BUDDY BAG yet????! Honestly guys, this thing is HUGE!! It will only be availabe for a limited time! So do it quick!

And I promised to show you some little "hints"-

This LO was done by non other than JAZZ. This is her with her grandparent! I Love that photo! Now I can't tell you AT ALL what she used- ROTF! But I'm sure by looking at this carefully you will get an idea what you "can unwrap" from that BUDDY BAG!

This is one I did- and THIS is MY BOY-Nathan !!! He makes me sooo PROUD! He does so well at academic's as well as sports! The Photo wasn't of that great a quality as I still had my old camara and I was on the boat taking it-LOL, but I played a bit and got it the best I could- but I still had to use it- LOL... I've made this LO into a template as your freebie today- LOL. Special thanks to Tia Bennett for the background paper. (Dude-Totally) and Atomic Cupcake for their actions!
As usual it holds a "little freebie extra"- hahahahaha, and comes in the PNG files for DIP users. And Bunny has put up a NEW TUTORIAL at Scrap Your Art Out for threading ribbons through an eyelet or hole or anything- LOL. Go check it out and grab the freebie there too. Hugs and Loves Kim

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Tut Tuesday and "nuts"

Nuts- well yeah that's what I would call BUNNY and MYSELF - ROTF ( well I would go as far as to say she is crazier than me- but shhhsssshhh- don't tell her I said so -hee hee!) HOnestly now- the two most nuttiest,wackiest Designers got together ( yup- I'm telling the truth! hahaha) and worked on a BUDDY BAG together!!!! Now let me tell you- Bunny has a HUGE whip people!! she cracks it like there's no tomorrow!! hahahahROTF- Just kidding-

But between us this bag has OVER $60 worth of goodies in it for ONLY $10!!

Told you we were NUTS! (we even have our 'mug shots' on there!!) ROTF!!! And NO- I can't tell you what's in it- but what I can tell you is that it is PACKED with tools that you can use!! ( but of course if you check this preview out carefully- you will spot some of the goodies that are waiting to be unwrapped!!)-

I'll be leaving clues this week in some LO's too- (check yesterday's boys will be boys- LOL- HAH, not telling!!! hee hee). GRAB IT NOW- it's 83% off for a VERY LIMITED TIME and then they will all go up at full price!! Don't kick yourself later or say I didn't warn ya- ROTF!!

No- I didn't forget about your Tutorial(or Tut as we say for short)- LOL. It's called THREAD IT!! ( now I know Heather and I have seemed to be thinking very alike the last few weeks!! ROTF) and I started this one last week,but just didn't have the extra time for posting- so I am going to add it today as the technique is a different one to Heathers "Hang it".

Your Freebie today is a WHOLE LOT of items that you can use my tutorial with- LOL, as you can see I made it to match my "Father and Son" kit ( last week LOL). Tags, strings, zipper pulls, lace and staples! I added the extra paper in too! Please check out my tutorial HERE on how to thread and lace all your items. I'm leaving the download link for the freebie here and at Scrap Your Art Out. (check out the cool blinkie on the right too- hee hee!). Until tomorrow- Loves and Hugs Kim

Monday, 27 August 2007

Monday AGAIN

Oh heavens, I think Monday's are coming around quicker and quicker these days. My weekends seem to FLY by and I never get to everything I want to do(or need too-like clean the spare room of all it's clutter hahahah!) LOL. We went to friends on Saturday night to watch the Pre-Rugby world cup match between Scotland and S.A.- and only landed up coming home after 1am! the World Cup starts now in September and there is a HUGE hype already building around here! LOL- Oh save my liver and my voice!!!

And OH my Goodness- Dearest Bunny nominated me for the NICE MATTERS AWARD!!! Thank you Bunny and I love you too!! What a great surprise this was- I had a huge lump in my throat and warm fuzzies all over! I mean I know there is the "rocker blogger" and a couple others, but this one seems so special!
This award will be awarded to those that are just nice people , good blog friends and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others that are there to lend support or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!
I have to nominate in return

SYLVIA- who is one of the warmest people that I have met via my blog- I feel like I have known her for years! I love reading her blog and finding out what she has been up too. And even through all the troubles at home she makes time for 'her friends on line"
This person does not have a blog- - JAZZ- my wonderful CT team leader and friend! I wouldn't be half the designer I am if it wasn't for this wonderful woman who has become a CLOSE friend and confidant!! Jazz keeps me sane- and will take out her 'wet noodle' to defend me and my fellow designers! LOL. Silvia and Jazz are two woman I would truly love to meet one day!
And MELANIE who has the most amazing word art on her blog and who through her own pain ALWAYS finds the time to support others!

MRS.MILES- for having the most inspirational blog to read! Not to mention her wonderful 'trinkets' that she so kindly gives out to all of us!
There are soooo many special blogs out there that it is ALWAYS so difficult to choose ! Love you ALL.

I played a bit today and made a LO with some photo's I have been dying to scrap for a while!
These are two of Nathans friends from school- they came fishing with us one day and Gus jumped off the boat to hold it- but sunk to his KNEE's in the mud! LOL- Matthew(with yellow hat) decided NO WAY's was he helping Gus get out- far toooo messy for him- hahaha, so Gus decided to have a MUD BATH! He eventually crawled out! hahaha.

And I made you a template for your Freebie- it includes PNG's for the DIP users too. And I added the frames and my little Dragonfly I used in my LO for you too. - Until tomorrow-(yup Tutorial Tuesday0 LOL) Hugs and Loves Kim

Friday, 24 August 2007

Clean Up

Yeah it's that time again- LOL, and no not for the house ( that needs a miracle!) but for 4shared- Please check all the posts for July and make sure you have all the freebies that you want- I will be removing them all on Monday morning my time.. I need space! hahaha. Well this morning I posted my parcel to my Sis and I also posted the box of decorations that I have been painting all week! YIPPPEEEEE, *doing a jig*! hahahaha- I feel so relieved now that they are gone! Now I can play full time again- ROTF- Honest guys, I have two desks- one for my crafts and one for my 'puter'- and I leave my mailbox open while I am painting - so everytime I hear a *ping* it's just another excuse to put the paint brush down and sit at the computer- hahahahahaha.

On a very good note- Renee is feeling better and she has just sent me a LO ( actually she sent me two- One has a bit of 'adult content' and I don't think I should put it up here- ROTF!! But it sure is STUNNING!) She did this one for the "Quote Challenge" at DSO.

STUNNING- Loved the Quote! Glad to have you back girlfriend! She used my Pretty Pink freebie kit and my Zip it Up kit. How cool is that extraction?!

I also managed to play this morning ( was painting all day yesterday-LOL) and have this photo of my little sister and I enlarged in a frame at home . So I decided to use it this morning as it's one of my favourites.

The photo is a B&W and I don't know why- but I love purple with them- LOL. I used one of the folded zippers in my Zip it Up kit ( still 25% off- back to full price Monday morning) and the ribbons flowers and stitches from past freebies. The word art is from a bonus download from RPenn. The background paper I made using my In Flight Overlays ( Ok for commercial use)- and yes- todays freebie is the papers I made and a frame with a wrap around ribbon to match-

So in keeping with the word art- LOL, Here is Sisters Joy. OOOOH, before I forget too- Lexi put up a AWESOME tutorial at Scrap Your Art Out on how to make those ' flat flowers' come alive with a button!! Got to read it- will help with those bloomys from yesterday and the template flower shapes! Now you can have fun with them!! Yippppeeeee- thanks Lexi! Oh My Gosh- nearly forgot the link again! Need sleep people- I tell you! hahahahha- Have a AWESOME weekend and wait for a little surprise on Monday- Hugs and Loves Kim

PS.. I was just told there was a problem with the "tear me up" paper download from my Tutorial Tuesday last week- I'm not sure if you all had a problem with an 'empty folder'-LOL, but it was empty for me when I tested it- so I re-uploaded it and here's the link if you didn't get yours.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

FOOD- I have FOOD!

hee hee- No, this time I didn't leave the trolly full of groceries at the shop- ROTF- we came home with it! So now the fridge is full and so is my stomach today! hahahah- I mean COME ON- who can resist that NEW packet of biscuits staring at you in the cupboard- it's saying- eat me eat me eat me!! So I listened and ATE them!!! hahahahaha. Oh and I am SOOO excited- my sister is having a girl! YIPPEEE, I can buy pink! I think Wayne is going to 'confiscate' my credit card in due course! hahah- but I can't resist- I've always bought for boys and there are such CUTE things in PINK!!! So I've just finished packing a parcel to send her tomorrow..( hiding the slips too- *wink wink*).

You all know my friend and CT member Colleen ( who is on holiday at the moment)- well she was chosen in the Peoples choice voting gallery at GDS for this awesome LO she did using my Bygone Gents kit and a freebie template that is on her blog.

Please click THIS LINK and help her out with some votes- She can't gather support as she is not here until next week and my CT team really try so hard that it's the least I can do FOR HER.

Jazzy did this wonderful LO of her grandsons! And how she wished she could hit the pause button to stop them getting older- i want one that I can hit for my son too-LOL, Love it Jazz- she used my ZIP IT UP kit and the father and son freebie from earlier this week. ZIP IT UP is still on sale @ 25% off- but only a few day's left!

I was asked by Katjie if I could do a tut to make those flowers I used in my Template no6 from yesterday, 'come alive' as she didn't want to change them as they looked so nice . LOL- Katjie you might have had to wait for a while, so I made some that you can use.

These are the exact shapes from yesterdays template and I made a few that you could play with in a "antique style" and a 'modern style'- Play with them, change the hues if you don't like the colours - stamp with a brush on the 'card and paper' ones- But I hope that they will come in handy for you all. . Until tomorrow- YAY it's Friday- LOL. Hugs and loves Kim

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Hospital Wednesday

LOL- Don't panic- they didn't commit me yet! ( YET_ROTF), It was my day for hospital duty- volunteer work. So today is a little HECTIC..hee hee, I have a EMPTY fridge again- and I mean EMPTY this time- as in UM- ok there's supposed to be some of that 'white stuff' you put in your tea or coffee- but the isn't BARE!!! ROTFLMAO- So I'm going to the shops later with my DS ( oh give me patience!LOL), he has this wonderful knack of wacking the back of my ankles with the bottom of the trolly!!! I usually want to turn around and belt him one- but then he packs out laughing and say's sorry sorry sorry so many times in a row - So now I get the "hibbie jibbies" when he is behind me- so I make sure he is WAY far back or in front of me- hahahahahaha.

Oh my CT are on the ball this week! YAY guys!!! Carol sent me this beautiful LO of her family reunion.
She used bits and pieces from all my kits! And Jazz sent me this of her 'Miss Lily' ( a GD of her cousin)
HOW STUNNING are these LO's! I am sooo thrilled! They both used my new ZIP IT UP kit.

And I was asked yesterday about the colours of the zips- so I thought I would clarify it here quick- LOL. These Zips are ALL recoloured- means you can add YOUR OWN COLOUR to them to match any kit or LO. They are also in PNG format for use in all programmes- but I have put 6 PSD files for ease of use for most designers too. They are on SALE NOW @25% off for one week only.
And I even re-did the preview just so it's easier to understand- LOL. I got so carried away with adding colours to them on the first preview- I never even thought about showing it as it should be! ROTF! ( yeah my little brain get's sidetracked OH SO easy!!)
So here you go- LOL. Go check it out HERE if you would like to see them in more detail.

And I made you a template for today's freebie! I'm such a ONE photo page girl that for the last week I have been 'scrapping out my box' so to say and this is one that I did to use for myself later-

Some of you that use DIP have asked me for PNG files of my last few templates- I'm really sorry guys- I just haven't managed to find the time to get to them- so what I have done is save this one in PNG, PSD and JPG- for ALL users. How's that?? And I will do all my templates in future like this- OK? Well it's been a long post again today- hee hee. So here is that link. Loves and hugs Kim

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Tut Tuesday

So glad you liked my "fishing' little mini- LOL, I showed it to hubby when he got home from work last night and you know the first thing he said!- *YUGH- you can't use that!* - I like look at him as though he has 20 heads-(because well I was really pleased how it came out-LOL ) and he say's and I quote- * My stomach looks bigger than the fish*!!!!! WHAT!! LOL- Wayne Wayne Wayne- it's the WHOLE LO you have to look at!!! ROTF!! My man is worse than a woman I tell you! hahahaha.

I have a brand new product in store ( after lots of begging from a CT member and a "co-designer"-LOL) called Zip Me Up!!

Very realistic ZIPPERS! There are 6 in total! 2 straight, 2 open and 2 folded! Each come in gold and steel teeth! The Zipper bases and the teeth are all in SEPARATE PNG files! Making it easy for recolouring! I have also included the 6 PSD files if you find those easier! It even comes with 4 BONUS zipper charms. ( in gold and steel). These are now available in my STORE at 25% off for ONE WEEK only.

My Brand new CT Member Beth sent me this LO yesterday - She used the Zip Me Up kit and my Pretty Twisted kit too! By the way this is the FIRST time Beth has used a zipper in a LO and I think she did a BRILLIANT JOB!!! You can see in this LO the texture of the base and the zipper pull- Thanks Beth! So grab them now while on SALE.

Now I know it's my day for a TUT- but time has really been short this week (I'm painting again-lol) So I am sending you to "STICK IT"- hahahaha-ROTF-- that didn't sound so good did it- But honestly this is the BRILLIANT TUTORIAL put up by Bunny yesterday(how to make your pins stick through papers/flowers etc REALISTICALLY)! I even learnt from it- as you can see from the "butterfly pin" through my name card!!! This was a challenge gift that I had made, but only gave it out a few times- so instead of it going to waste- I'm giving it as a freebie to you!! But you got to do the Tuesday Fetch! LOL- Hugs and Loves Kim

Monday, 20 August 2007

I can move-LOL

HEE HEE, today I woke up and at least I can sit without feeling pain! ( in the butt that is- LOL) I wasn't toooo bad on Saturday- but Sunday it ached a bit-OK more than a bit!! hahaha- serves me right! And boy- after reading some of YOUR golf story's- I don't feel tooooo bad- ROTFLMAO!!!!I've had a productive and AWESOME weekend! I sobbed like a baby on Saturday morning ( yeah I'm a cry baby too)-

Hubby told me he had to go into work for an hour or two to check on the 'guys' at work- I was sitting playing at my computer happily- when I hear HELLO- I'm back- WHAT? That was quick!!! Got told that half way down there work phoned to say everything was fine and he didn't have to go in!!!- He calls my son and I take no notice of course- and they walk in with a WHOLE SET OF LADY'S CLUBS AND WOODS( and bag)!!! It's the set that the golf club had asked me to test for them on Friday!! ( Hell I haven't hit anything sooo straight in years- that's why nothing got injured- ROTF)- He knew I had so much fun with them and that I always got the 'hand me downs'- So he just went and bought them! ( of course that means I now have to play with my 'boys' on the weekends- LOL, which is NOT a bad thing!)

Honestly- I was so shocked I just burst into tears! He wasn't expecting that reaction and didn't quite know what to do- hahhahahahahLOL, But he hasn't surprised me with a gift like that in YEARS! We always discuss what we are going to buy- LOL ( practical- but no surprises really)... So this REALLY got me!! hahahaha- I just had to share- I was soooo excited! Now at least I might not kill or injure anything anymore- hahahahaLOL.

Some more news too! I have a WONDERFUL new 'nutty' Creative Team Member! Beth- who plucked up the courage to approach me and send me her links to her gallery!! Beth- THANK YOU, your timing was perfect!! WELCOME to our NUT HOUSE! Renee my dear friend and CT member from SA has been in a very bad car accident and is now at home slowly recouping! Sending you loves and Hugs girl to a speedy recovery!!!

I redid a LO of my Hubby and my Son on their first ever Deap Sea fishing trip together! I've learnt a lot more since the first one! LOL- I used my Tie-me- laces kit for the huge lace in the middle- these are HUGE laces and are meant to be CHUNKY and textured. (they are the width of my little finger!;-)

I LOVED how the background paper came out- I made two overlays and played with them to get this result! It worked- LOL.. So I am giving you the little kit I made with two extra grungy papers to match! Thanks to Atomic cupcake for their actions too!. Let me know what you think-? OOOH, and if you still want to grab my AGE IT QUICK- better do it now- Goes back to normal price tomorrow. Until Tutorial Tuesday tomorrow- Hugs and Loves Kim

Friday, 17 August 2007


Oh my- I'm back from the golf course- and well the wildlife is still alive and so are the "humans"- ROTF- they survived my awful attempt at a golf game- But I don't think I did! hahaha- EEEEK, I forgot just how LONG 18 holes where -ESPECIALLY when you haven't played for nearly 2 years!! I feel like I've got "tennis elbow", "bowlers butt" and runners feet!!! I tell you -I am going to wish I had my "dancing" stiffness tomorrow morning as I think this is going to be worse!! HAHAHAHA> But I must admit, It was soooo nice to be out in the sun and wind! ( yeah wind- just to make matters a little worse-LOL). I've laughed so much that my mouth feels like it's had a coat hanger in it! And I even got rosy cheeks! LOL.

I had to show you this LO done in My freebie- Hibiscus heat. I think it's AWESOME!! I love the journaling/quote- Silvie- THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for sharing it with me! And Grammalouie- girl, ANYTIME and yeah we WILL be crawling - but 'OUT' the pub- ROTFLMAO!! Olga- Loved your joke! And next time I'll warn you before hand- hahahaha.

Colleen ( who is now on holiday) sent me this LO that she did for the DSO Book of Me challenge! Guys this challenge is AWESOME this month ( thanks Heather) and I even made the effort to do it! Take the time to have a look and try it out- because it WAS a challenge for most of us ( being a woman that is)- Col used my new AGE IT QUICK kit on this page!! (Back to full price in a few days time!- Catch it now while still 25% off!)

I LOVE the effect she got here too- she looks like she is "just peeking" out the frame! GORGEOUS stuff COL! (for full credits- check here.) And just because I was dragged out the house before it was light ( hell I'm so NOT a morning person- LOL) and spent nearly 5 hours torturing myself with a golf club doesn't mean I forgot about YOU guys- LOL. I had played a bit on Wednesday and came up with a few little "thingy's" for you.

It's three ruffled ribbons with raffia eyelet flower accents- I asked Nathan what he thought when I was busy with them and he said OH CUTE- LOL ( I always ask him to Crit my stuff as he is so honest he's rude sometimes- asking Wayne-I'm never toooo sure if he is just being nice in the hopes that maybe he might just get "lucky" that night- ROTFLMAO-hahaha) So Cutie Pie it is- I've also included the flower in a seperate PNG file for you to play with. Please leave me a "hi" if you download- then I got lots to read on the weekend- LOL. Until Monday- I hope you all have a SUPER weekend and be good( well ok, try at least) and I'm puting this tired body on the couch! ROTF! Hugs and Loves Kim

Thursday, 16 August 2007


I'm playing GOLF tomorrow- hence the OH OH!! And that's not for me people- that's for the OTHER players on the course!!! LOL. Besides the "wildlife" I seem to 'connect' with my ball- well UM Humans seem to get in the way too!! And that was when I still played regularly!!! I haven't played in over a YEAR- OH OH- hahahaha. Well I'll tell you the "other" golf story-

My sons school had a fundraiser Golf day- supposed to be Fun-(hee hee), and all was going well until we stopped at the Par 3 ( which is a short hole and you should reach the putting surface with ONE shot). There were still players putting on the green so you have to wait before you tee off ( or you could just kill someone-LOL). So I was yapping away to Wayne and he say's OK they are gone- I turn around and there is about 20 golfers now standing waiting at the tee box!!! I Swear they could have seen my knees buckle!- hahahaha. I have no problem hitting the ball- but when there is an audience- FORGET IT!! hahahahaha, Well I HAD to Tee Off- so stood up to the ball and like always SWUNG with all my might- heard a UMMMPFFF, and when I looked up the poor gentleman standing 90 degrees to my right was on the ground!!!!!! MY ball went STRAIGHT SIDEWAYS and hit him in his "very precious SOFT spots"!!!!! hahahahahaha-

I stood there with my mouth WIDE open and burst out laughing ( I just can't help myself -it's sad I know-LOL) - everyone else was pumping his legs and asking if he could breath and I was BRIGHT RED!! To make matters worse I STILL had to Tee Off AGAIN!!! EVERYONE who had been waiting ducked!!! I got that ball to the green out of sheer will power I tell you! And the whole way around the course that day if anyone saw me they hid behind trees, their golf carts or just ducked!!! ROTFPIMP- So THAT is why I say OH OH - for tomorrow! Bring your helmets and ball boxes- Kim's on the course!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Jazzy sent me this LO this morning- WOW- Queen of Heritage she is- (I even made her a blinkie!) I love this Lo Jazzy- thank you. She used my Bygone Gents Kit as well as the new Age it Quick set(still 25% off at the moment) . How well did that turn out - MWAH. Watch is a download freebie from the great Mrs Miles.

Bunny (aka-the boss) has this AWESOME FREEBIE 'Back to school' template (printer friendly) on her blog- and she used my "Old Boy" kit from yesterday!! - YOU ROCK BUNNY..

And here is the'Old girl'- LOL, I used a "vintage pink" which I think worked so well with the "old theme". Grab it here now-
Well Until tomorrow( will be late- LOL) Hugs and Loves Kim.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Windy Wednesday

It's hang on to your "clothes" day- or they will fly right off your body if you don't- sort of wind- hahahahah. Last night I heard this "rumble" and asked Wayne if that was Thunder?- He say's NO it's just the plane going over- HAHAHAHAHAHA- 2 seconds later it is pouring so hard you can't hear yourself think let alone talk!- PLANE???Gee's that must have been one HELL of a plane Waynie- ROTFLMAO! I'm so glad you all enjoyed the Tutorial yesterday at Scrap your Art Out- You know I always worry a bit when I put one up because I make the Tut's on how I DO it- I don't know if it's always the "right way"- but it's how it works for me- LOL. And by playing with those Tutorials you will learn how to use your programme more.

I promised to show you the torn edges and tears for your papers that I have made! And here they are- AGE IT QUICK. There are 4 "aged folds" and 3 "tears and holes" to make your Heritage/ Old papers look realistic. They are all in PNG format so they can be used in ANY programme.

These are OK for personal and Commercial Use. And if you read the Turorial from yesterday- you know how to use them- LOL. They are on SALE @ 25% OFF for a limited time only. I have also included "Instructions on how to use the holes and tears(with screenshots to make it easier for you"). Check them out in my STORE HERE.

Still On the "old theme"- ROTF- I've had a photo of my Dad when he was 'but a babe' and still in his Pram! Just check out this pram- OMG, can you imagine trying to push that thing around the shops today??? hahahahaha

I used all my "designers tools" in this LO- hahahaha, they are all available in my store. I also used the new "Age it Quick" tears and fold here too- so you can see what they look like. I made the "Vintage pram" paper for "baby pics"- LOL

And Yup- I'm giving it to you today as well as the "bent cluster frame" from my LO- and the Name of the kit comes from my Dad ALWAYS calling my gran- the "OLD GIRL"- so I HAD to name this 'the-Old Boy'- hahahahahahaha. (love you daddy-mwah). And for all those out there that are screaming- ENOUGH BLUE- hahahaha, your OLD GIRL will be up tomorrow- and yup it's a vintage pink set the same as the above. So grab today's freeb and come back tomorrow for the "female" version- hahaha. Hope you all have a AWESOME day- Hugs and Loves Kim
Popping in again -LOL, seems 4 shared is having one of "it's days"!!! LOL- Bunny just let me know that the site seems to be down at the moment- please try again later if you don't get your freebie downloaded now- and that's for all the others too- LOL. Hugs again. Mwah

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

TUTORIAL TUESDAY-curled paper edges

So I'm going to "try" keep it short- LOOL, hell I just spent an hour putting up a new Tut for you and I feel quite brain wacked. I hope you don't feel like that reading it- ROTF-hahahaha! It's on how to get those CURLED EDGES and PAPER TEARS that are in all my BYGONE GENTS Lo's.

And Jazzy came to my rescue a few minutes ago by sending me this AWESOME LO and she used my new edges in it!!!!(Check back tomorrow -hee hee) Thank you Jazzy- your timing is ALWAYS PERFECT! LOL. This is another LO using my BYGONE GENTS kit and if you haven't got it yet- check it out quick- tomorrow it goes back to full price.

And here is your freebie- LOL, it's one of the "other torn edges" from my new set of designer use tools. And I am sending you on the usual Tuesday chase to fetch them! ROTF- hell I know you guys will at least try to read it won't ya- LOL?. So here is the link to Scrap your Art out. to get the link for this set of papers that by the way match and co-ordinate with the BYGONE GENTS kit too ;-). Hugs and Loves Kim

Monday, 13 August 2007

a WOW Monday

For once I'm sitting here on a Monday morning- rearing to go! LOL. A quiet weekend can do wonders to the soul- let alone the body-HAHAHAHA. We hadn't planned anything for the weekend but did land up seeing ALL the family- My little sister popped in yesterday to say Hi and it was SOO nice as I haven't seen her in ages! ( she's a newly wed- *you know*).. Got my shower fixed!!! ( might snow again- hahaha) Wayne EVENTUALLY got the plumbing sorted out(um after a few months- ROTF) and now I have a shower I can use! (in our M-E-S)YIPPEEE.!!

And to top that I was nominated by my dear friend Melanie as a "Rocking girl blogger"!! WOW- ( Melanie I hope we are *talking* about my blog here and not my "escapades" on the weekend- ROTF)- Joking aside though- I was really humbled and VERY chuffed! Thank you Melanie for the honour!(be sure to check out Melanies blog for AWESOME word art!)( remember to right click and open in new window if you want to carry on reading)- and now I've got to nominate 5 "Rocking bloggers" too- How HARD is THAT!!! I'd love to Nominate EVERYONE- but I'm not allowed! (PHWWET-*pulling tongues*) hee hee. So here is my list!

1. Bunny (aka -the boss)- Cause if I leave her out she might fire me- ROTF, No I'm joking- but I love reading Bunny's blog because it's "Just Bunny"- it's REAL and it's exactly who she is! Take it or leave it- so my style! - hee hee

2. Kristine ( aka -the wench)- Because we share the same awesome talent of being able to still put our legs behind our heads! Even at our age ROTF- and because I found ANOTHER nutter like me- and it's real, full of laughs and uncensored!!! (be warned-heehee)

3. Heather- One of my wonderful fellow DSO designers- and if it wasn't for Heather I wouldn't have been doing what I am now! Thank you Heather! Her blog was one of the first that I found when starting digi- and it was through Heather that I am now a designer at DSO! Hugs Girl!

4. Silvia- who's blog I think WE ALL visit on a daily basis- she spend hours listing all our freebies for us! Not only that but she is a WONDERFUL person who I would love to sit down and have coffee with one day- ( should have walked across that sea Silvia- LOL).

5. Colleen - Now Col's blog is still "new"- and she is on my CT- and I have to give her this award because MAN can this girl make templates!!! I love them! She also *talks* alot which I so love reading! LOL- and she has just been chosen for LO of the week at DSO!!! KUDOS girl!

Phew- Ok, there are really so many others that I would have put down too- so to ALL those blogs I vistit regularly- I'm sending you my vote anyway! LOL. Hugs to you all!
Su sent me this AWESOME LO using my "BYGONE GENTS" kit!! Su this is STUNNING- I'm so glad you liked the kit! Thank you for sharing it with us! It's still on SALE at 25% off- but only till Wednesday.

The Designers Grab bag of the week at DSO is by our Wonderful Designer Lynn! Packed with 6 designer tools for you to play with(all commercial use OK) - Go check it out here.

And if you have made it this far-ROTF- KUDOS to you too! hahahaha. I did the "August Challenge" at Scrapbook max ( theme "fall" and two colours) and made a little mini kit with the colour swatch- so I am putting it here for you all.
All papers are 12x12, and elements PNG's @ 300ppi. - Until Tutorial Tuesday tomorrow- hee hee ( and yes I'm doing a request- but you got to come back to see- LOL) Hugs and Loves Kim.

Friday, 10 August 2007

Fantabulous Friday

LOL- Ok there is no such word- but its a FANTASTIC, FABULOUS day today! Have no idea where that Extreme cold is that they predicted on Mon- but I'm not complaining I tell you! My ass is warm for the first time in WEEKS! ROTF!! We had a little "car" misshap this morning- and as such I am now stuck with out "wheels" for the day- Hubby's clutch slipped or snapped on his car reversing it out the garage- LOL, yeah fun and games! So he took mine. But it's a great excuse to send my DS on his scooter all over the place- hahahahaha. REVENGE of the "taxi-Mom"..hahahaha.

And this is your Little Friday Chuckle! I had to show you this one today as well it reminds me of ME!!! hahahaha- Slippers included! Only thing missing from this pic is my "kitty"- hahahah ROTF!

I'm so glad you liked my Bygone-gents kit. I am having sooo much fun doing LO's again. I tend to forget how much I enjoy doing them when I'm in "designing only" mode- LOL. But this is a LO from my friend and CT member Colleen- And you will see just how versatile this kit is.

Col used a photo of HERSELF at work! Now this is a lady you DON"T want to mess with - LOL. She used a FREEBIE template on her blog! So go on over and grab it and have a read at Colleens amazing job! This LO was also used in the DSO Element Challenge for August. Please pop in and browse these awsome challenges! You will be surprised at all the "posting prizes" you can get.

I did this one with the BYGONE GENTS kit too. It's my dad when he was 8 (1948) . My grandfather bred Scotty's and this was my Dads dog-Scampi. Everything in this LO is available in the kit. And it will only be on sale for a few days. Grab it while it is still 25% off now in my store.

And here is the BYGONE GENTS "Extra's" that I had left over from this kit. If you have bought the kit (or are going to-) you will have 20 papers and over 50 elements with the two Bygone gents freebies added to it.! Wow that is one big kit! LOL. This one had 3 papers, 3 ribbons, 1 journal paper and 1 folder. I hope you ALL have a wonderful weekend! I'm having a quiet one thank goodness-LOL. Tons of Loves and hugs Kim

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Heat-we have heat!

I think I must do more "Pink"- ROTFLMAO, It feels like a summers day here today and I am LOVING it! WOOOHOO- 28 C and it's GORGEOUS!!! My ass isn't cold! hahahahaha. It's a holiday and I have just got back from shopping with hubby- but UM, we went to buy groceries and had great fun walking around the shop teasing and laughing- filled the trolly to the brim ( hell, I havent' been shopping for a while again- LOL). Did a slow stroll to the check out counters to find que's to the back of the shop!!! LOL, I swear, I think everyone in Port Elizabeth was buying groceries!!!- Wayne and I both looked at each other and went "you have got to be daft"-both at the same time- I packed out laughing! Looked at the trolly and then back at Wayne and he made me leave it like that just there where we stood!!! I felt so guilty walking out, but I really didn't need that cucumber that desperately to stand in those que's for an hour!!! LOL. So we came home with a pizza instead! hahahahahaha. Have any of you done that? Man please say you have- it will make me feel better! ROTF!

Well I have a NEW KIT in the store! I'm really thrilled with this one and have been "faffing" with it for over 3 weeks! ( yeah Jazzy I hear you-LOL)- It has been changed twice and NOW I'm finally happy- LOL. It's a HERITAGE style kit for MEN!!! I have a BOX full of photo's of my "male ancestors" and -well they don't look so good with lace and crochet! So I made this for all those "masculine" LO's.
Here is BYGONE-GENTS. Full of texture, rust spots, a bit of grime, and definetely MANLY. It has 14 papers and 39 elements in this kit. And yes, a little realism that I love so much. I would take up this whole post again showing you all that was in it- so please click the links to get a closer look as NOT ALL ARE SHOWN in the preview! It's on SALE NOW @ 25% off for a few days only.

But I did receive this AWESOME LO from Jazz to show you how wonderful it looks with those "old men"- (excuse the pun-LOL). Jazz even has photo's that where done on tin!! How great is that!
Here is the reason for this kit- My Grandfather and my great grandfathers photos! I just loved the clothes-hat's and cars!!! I haven't "tweaked" the photo's at all and have left them in their original state- ( it's how I like them-heehee). This is my grandfather and some of his friends watching my Gran play in a Nationals bowls tournament in 1958! The photo itself was printed in out local newspaper too.
And EVENTUALL we get to your sampler- LOL. This has 3 papers, 2 ribbons, 3 buttons, 1 stitch, 1 old journal paper, 3 ribbon ties. Click on the link ( for the newbies) and remember only on SALE for a little while. Hugs and Loves Kim