Friday, 30 November 2007

Hot HOT and HOT

WHOOOPIEEEE- YEBO Summer!!! LOL, that is what is said here for a local advert but we've all sort of picked the phrase up- and girlfriends-it's HOT outside ! Perfect weather! No wind either and the sun is a SHINING!- *dork dancing here*- hahahahaha. Just dropped the kids off at the cricket grounds as South Africa are playing New Zealand here in our little City! Great excitement and the kids went 2 hours early so that they could get good seats! Now all I have left to do today is PACK!! Yup- I'm off for the weekend! Going to a concert ( which good grief is on a Sunday!!- but I suppose everyone is now on Summer leave and schools are out so days are of no real importance- UM- unless you still working that is-LOL) I've bought the coolerbox supply's and the snacks and made sure I have enough HEADACHE and stomach meds- LOL

We leave later today and will only be back late on Monday night- so I won't be here on Monday-
but I sure as hell will have lots to tell on Tuesday- WAHAHAHAHA, Oh gee's I'll probably be feeling rather 'worn around the edges"- LOL, but soooo looking forward to this weekend! 8 of us in a 'bus' - well we call them Kombi's here- "touble people in CAPITAL letters'- hahahaha!

But before I dissapear on you- This is kit that I used for the Festive Chill QP's-

It's in store now for ONLY 99c!!!!! Yeah it is- and there are a few others in there at 99c too! So if you were looking to add to your QP collection- go check out this little kit here

And are you ready for a laugh- hahahaha- My good friend and CT member Silvia did a LO just for me!

WAHAHAHA- that's ME- the ' Cookie lover eating monster'- ROTFLMAO!! Oh I laughed when I saw this!! Thanks girl- LOVE IT!!!! Credits can be seen here.

AND AND AND- Yup it's finished- I did it and the NEW KIT is being Quality Checked!!!(so hopefully if it all passes it should be in my store this weekend!- LOL) But because I'm not here on Monday I'm giving you a little sneaky peaky-I just had to show ya-LOL it's called PARTY ON!!!- hahahaha- LOL- yeah it's a me again- LARGE, full of realistic elements, a little 'worn' and a touch of bling! Rich in colour with bold accents- WANNA SEE- WANNE SEE?- hahaha

Tons of beaded accents - beaded bows and ribbons-glitter bows- party twirls-sequins-oh and a few realistic elements thrown in- LOL. Not all elements are shown here- 18 patterned papers and 40 elements! Add today's sampler and it's a good sized one- LOL!! It will be 25% off for the first week too!! YAY-

And Silvia has been busy already and done a wonderful LO with it-

How AWESOME did this come out- but OH MY WORD- I WANT THAT CAKE!!!!! YUMMY!!! are those Italian 'kisses' on top???- Oh gee's mouth is now watering!! hahahaha- thank goodness I posted Bunny's box already- LOL!!

And here is the little sampler for you- it has 4 papers ( 3 sort of plains, 1 layered paper), 1 sequins ,1 ribbon, 1 Beaded Bow cluster, and 1 beaded star hanging and a gorgeous gold star. I hope you enjoy them- and don't forget that if you look over at DSO- my NEW COLOUR challenge is up too- *it's up early Melanie-LOL*- sorry for missing you girl!!! Did a quick copy paste of all the previews from the forum thread! - Ok guys I'm off- WHEEEEEEE- Have a great weekend- I know I'm going too- ahahahaha
(4 shared was a bit of a PITA today- so if the link is not working properly- SHOUT QUICK and I'll re-upload it ok!) mwah

Thursday, 29 November 2007

I was LOST

hahaha- LOL, Oh gee's talk about the MOST frustration two days!!! I had no INTERNET!!- NO TELEPHONE- NO MAIL- no NOTHING!! BOOOO HOOOOO, talk about feeling left out in the cold!! hahaha- What is up with customer service these days??- It's so funny that the 'tole free' number they give you to dial here for enquiries and for problems is CHARGED at normal Cell phone rates when you use your mobile phone- ??? ERRRRR HELLOOOOOO- How can I dial it on anything else if my 'land line isn't working and it's DEAD???"- So besides having to wait at least 20 minutes on EACH call listening to BAD electronic elevator music- you get someone that is telling you every few minutes that "you will pay full cell phone call rates phoning from a cell phone'- EISH!!! ( pronounced like ice but with a very big LISP-hahah) and then you get the 'er, ahhh, UMMMM, agh-I'm not sure!"- What do you mean you NOT SURE????? I waited 20 minutes and listened to music that will make me PUKE to hear- errrrrrr????

LOL, Oh gee's I swear I haven't lost my temper like that IN YEARS!!! Poor Nathan came running from the lounge with his eyes WIDE open- I just don't loose my temper much- but oh Incompetence and just plain STUPIDITY really gets my goat!- Then CUT me off from my 'work and my friends'- and hell you have a 'little dynamite package' ready to BLOW- Um ok- it did! hahahahahaLOL

But we working today again(since late morning)!- SLOW- but it's here- hahahahaha No wonder we call them HELLKOM!!! ( actually Telkom)

And Jazzy SO came to my rescue today- she sent me the frame she made in this LO-

CREDITS- Papers and elements from Kasia 'KitiW' WyszogrodzkaScrappyBlueStones Bluestorm kit..a freebie BlueStorm alpha recolored...I made the word art and the frame...heart from KimB's Designs Sparkles font is Leftovers
Just love that Quote too!! Thanks sooo sooo much Jazzy-

And because I had a bit of extra time yesterday I finished my new kit!! YAY- So tomorrow I will have the 'Sampler' for you- But today I took Jazzy's awesome frame and made you three more in different styles for your pages!
So here are Jazzy's frames! Remember to check back tomorrow to see the NEW goodies! And now let me get back to my 'inbox' from hell- hahahahaha LOL, Sending hugs and loves Kim

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Monkeys Weddings

LOL- Ok since I was a little girl my mom would always say it's a Monkey's Wedding when it rains and the sun's shining- Well I must tell you that I think over a million monkeys got married today- ROTF! It's been raining here most of the day since early this morning but the sun is shining! It's beautiful to watch - all glistning and sparkly- glare can blind you though-hahahaha. Is it called a "monkey's wedding" where you are?? I actually want to look up why it's called that- or what the story behind it is?.

Just done one of those flying slides into my chair here at the puter- LOL. Been out all morning- went to the Post Office to post all those parcels haunting me in my car- hahahaha * yeah Bunny- your cookies are on the way* as well as a few others- but UM you might only get it the END of DEC- LOL, I always leave it toooo late- but hey it's the thought that counts right??? right??- hahahahahLOL.

I sat and watched Hairspray with Nathan now and LOVED it! Oh I love musicals and John Travolta as a woman is just toooo much! He's way toooo light on his feet! hahahahaLOL. Must admit that the 'march song' with Queen Latiffa brought tears to my eyes! Man I haven't had an 'unknown' song affect me like that in a LONG LONG time! It was almost just too much for my poor system to take in and the tears popped out! Much to Nathans amusement!! But I'm sitting here with a 'smile' on my face- bring on the next one !!!- LOL.. it's got me in the mood for all the old musicals again! Nooo I won't start singing- I promise!! LOL

Guys I havent made a freebie today well UM - I was watching a movie and posting things- hahahahahahahaha

But I have made you a preview of ALL the absolutely AWESOME kits that are in my COLOUR CHALLENGE thread!!! If you havent been there- please pop in and register-

There were sooo soooo many this month I couldn't even put all the 'names' in!! But please if you download any of these AMAZING kits- leave the person some LOVE!!! They worked hard on these and honestly- they are ALL BRILLIANT!!! So check out my challenge here- and guess what- if you USE ANY OF THESE kits in my challenge to make a LO- yeah that's all you need to do- just post it in the gallery that is linked in my thread-

YOu will get this co-ordinating posting gift TOO!!! What you waiting for- LOL, only a few more days left! hahahahahahaha. GEEE"s can you believe it's nearly the end of Novemeber- where the hell did this year go!! Someone give it back- hahaha, And as I wrote that I just realised HOW FEW days left I have to get my Christmas shopping DONE!!! HELP- hahahahahaha- I hope you all have a wonderful day- Hugs and Loves Kim

Monday, 26 November 2007

Monday Madness

Oh MY Word guys!!- LOL, I went out on Friday afternoon after I had posted my blog and when I came back that night CHAOS had hit my inbox!! ROTF!! Poor Bunny first of all had overslept * smaking hands here*- hee hee, and then a few of you were 'thrown' with your trolleys right out of the store! hahaha- I swear- and I am really sorry here- I KILLED MYSELF LAUGHING!! And I thought I WAS NUTS! hahahahahahaha- Your messages where just to dang funny! And all I got from Bunny was the big Oh F word! ROTF! The store thought it was being hacked and shut itself down for security reasons and then threw you guys out! Oh Chaos all round- But by the time I got to read it all- it was over- BUT BUT, because there was such crazy chaos going on- we did open the store again at 70% off that evening! WHEEEEE- but you would only have known about it if you were on our mailing list for our DSO newsletter- Oh but I so hope you all got what you were 'looking for'- I also managed to grab some things too- LOVE your BLACK FRIDAY- hahahahahahaha-

Well Deon found a town house and we helped move him in yesterday- it's awesome and brand new! Suites the man down to a T!! Can't wait till he's completly settled so I can mess it up again- ROTFLMAO!!!- (he's one of those very few men that are EXTREMELY TIDY!) Now we just got to find him a wife!! ROTF!! ( yeah Dee- I hear you*)-MWAH .

Some news quick-

Bunny has a new E-book out- So you think you should sell- a good read for anyone thinking about becoming a designer or selling their designs.

Kimberly(Fishinmom) has a new kit out called Snofolks

Andrea has her first kit in store called Tickle

And we have a BRAND NEW SECTION in the store just for all the Chritmas Stuffies- Holiday Kits

And it's the LAST WEEK to grab that AWESOME Fairies kit @ DSO!!!! Just do some of the challenges guys- that's all it takes- check it out here!

And tomorrow I'll put up all the wonderful kits that have been done for my colour challenge this month!! WOW WOW WOW- is all I can say!

And I made you an Alpha to match your 'QP's"- LOL, thought you would find it handy -

There's uppercase(with snowflake element) , lowercase and numerals(with snowflake element)- also added a few 'accents' too! Hope you enjoy them- Now it's back to work- LOL, been at the shops already today to get tickets for a concert this weekend (uHUM- so yeah got lots to do before then-ROTF)- Hugs and Loves Kim

Friday, 23 November 2007

Fantabulous SALE FRIDAY

WHEEEEEE- I have no clue what Black Friday is-LOL, Someone want to give me a little history lesson?- Did you have a good Thanksgiving??- gee's Bunny sent me through some photo's of all the food she made!! I was happy with my little PB sami- until I saw that YUMMY stuff that made my mouth water- Thanks *Cow*(said in a teasing way people! LOL) OOOH- I really wanted some of that PIE- talk about getting me back for eating your cookies!! ROTFLMAO

BIG NEWS- DSO is having a

YOU READY FOR IT!! GOOD GRIEF!!- Hold on to those pants guys-

It's just started!!!! YUP- you reading it correctly!!!- 70% off!!! MY WHOLE STORE!!! So if you were wanting something- NOWS THE TIME!!- hahahaha, the sale only lasts for 7 hours!! Then it's GONE! Check out all our FANTABULOUS designers who have their stores on sale too- ( I think it's most of us-LOL) - Hell I'm going shopping now too- WHEEEEEEEE!!!!

Ok Ok- it's Friday I know, had tooo much coffeee already and got up WAY toooo early-hahahaha -It's a wet one here, and we have major flooding in the towns surrounding us. Just hoping that the HEAVY rain stays away- don't mind this solid rain as at this time of the year it's great for the gardens!

And keeping it QUick- (I want to go shopping dammit-hahahaha)- here's the last of the Qp's in the set-

I hope that the set will help you with some 'Quick pages' for family or Christmas too- Well I'm off to go shopping- Coming with??- Oh you there already??_ I'm on my way-hahahahaha

Here's the link guys, have a super duper weekend and as we say here in South Africa * give it Horns!!!*- Hugs and Loves Kim

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Wow my e-mail box is quiet today- LOL. You all cooking?- So I'll keep this short and sweet today- Happy Thanksgiving to all of you that Celebrate it- I hope you all have a wonderful time around the table and with your family's- *sniff sniff*- say's me eating a Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich- ROTF!! Hope you all at least have a little bite of Pumpkin pie for me!

The sun is shining again today and all we had is a drizzle- LOL- The kids are swimming and it's a nice sound to hear from in here.

OOOOH- YOU HAVE to check out DSO tomorrow- HONEST, There is a STOREWIDE SALE with a REDICULOUS amount off on ALL PRODUCTS!!!- YEAH, it will only be for a few hours ( limited I think from 4am-12pm CT) But I will confirm it here for you tomorrow!! So if there was anything you were *drooling over in the store*- hang on to your pants because you are going to PEE with excitement!!! LOL

I did a LO for my own challenge at WST using Jenni Rousseau's mini kit - Secret Garden- It's a freebie on her blog

This is my little sister and I in fits of laughter at a photo sitting that we had done- Oh Dear- the photographer asked me to lie on top of Kerry and then look at him- and I sort of whispered in her ear that she had better not FART! That was Us! We broke out into laughter and the photographer caught it- I love the photo as it's so 'naturally us'! I played with the photo too and added a B/W copy over the top- played with the opacity and erased a little of Kerry's hair- I like how it 'glows' with the colours of the page.

And here is the Festive Chill QP3

No4 will be up tomorrow- so you should have 2 double pages! It's nicer when they match- well ok, I think so-LOL. Now go and eat all that YUMMY FOOD! Have a wonderful day- hugs and Loves Kim

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Waiting for the Weather Wednesday

Man I tell you- it feels like evening at the moment! Dark and dingy and HUMID! We've had weather warnings (floods for the West of us) for heavy rain since yesterday ( Eastern Cape) and it' hasn't arrived yet- but Gee's it's dark outside- and getting darker- so I think it's on it's way- but it's funny when it's all dark like this- makes me want to curl up on the bed with my book- hahahahaha. Won't be a long one today as Deon is arriving in a few minutes. He is looking at some townhouses and has seen one he likes- but want's my opinion. HAHAHAHAHA- Well lets see- has it enough place for us to PARTY in???- HUH? HUH?- at YOUR place??- hahahahaha- He's in a flat now- but of course you know that you can't make much noise in there so we always land up at my place- YAY- now we can mess up somewhere else-LOL

And Andrea has her FIRST new kit in STORE- Congrats girl! It's called Tickle!- Check it out here.

Just a few LO's that have been done in my WST Quote challenge-

This one by Jazzy-
This was of her Sisters 50th Bday party- LOVE IT. She also used my Bowed Blooms.

This one by Silvia

Oh I want to go do that again too- LOL, Silvia used my weathered frames and my Pretty twisted kit.

And Beth added hers there this morning-

LOL- you got to love those faces- hahahaha, She also used my Pretty Twisted kit.

Remember that I'm hosting a compitition there too- go and read about it here-

Well the drizzle just hit- oOOOH love that smell- so fresh! Always makes everything feel soooo clean and new after a summer rain.

I'm so glad you liked your QP yesterday- because here is no 2- and by Friday you will have the 4 matching ones-

So here is Festive chill QP2- - Until tomorrow- Hugs and Loves Kim

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Tempted - *to eat cookies* Tuesday

You all know that I bought a 'box' of goodies for Bunny for her Bday- UHUM- yeah well, UM, LOL, by the time I decided to make the trip to the post office -It was like 4 days before her BDAY- hahahahaha. It was all my favourite goodies- chocolates, cookies(biscuits), some crisps- oh- a little bit of 'South African confectionary'- So I decided to send Bunny a Gift Card instead- and the box stood here- I promised I would post it-hahahaha, but well a few day's later I wanted something sweet- there was nothing in the house- so guess what I did- ROTF- I opened the box and ATE the cookies! hahahaha- sent a message to Bunny and said I was eating her biscuits- well you can "just' imagine the reply- hahahahaha, so I ate the chocolate too- and now it's a 'internal DSO designers joke' that I ate Bunny's cookies and she's still waiting for them-LOL-

So this was sent through our 'designer mailbox' this morning- Oh gee's I laughed- it was just titled- Bunny and Kim

WAHAHAHAHAHAHA- Ok I felt bad enough- now I've filled it again-hahahaha, going to post it first thing in the morning so it doesn't shout- eat me, eat me, eat me- hahaLOL
Jazzy sent me this awesome LO using my posting gift in the WST challenge-

She also used my Sparkles kit- available in my store- And Jenni sent me this AWESOME LO using them as well

hee hee- she did send me an e-mail moaning at me for puting my glitter wings up AFTER she finished it- LOL- Sorry girl! Love the LO though- MWAH

Have you done the challenges at DSO yet??- Better hurry- it's nearly the end of the month- and there is ONE AWESOME Fairies kit to get if you complete them all- and even if you don't you can still get a portion of it!!!!!- Hurry over to check them out!

And because my poor little plate is overflowing at the moment- (Um no not with Bunny's cookies-LOL)- I decided to make some QP's for you using my 'Christmas in July kit"- which was handed out at the Chat at DSO in JULY- I'll be giving one away each day here- so you should have a set of 4 by Friday-

It's a 12x12 QP in PNG format- so you can pop in a photo behind it if you would like- Until tomorrow-

OOOH- is there anything you guys would like to see up at Scrap Your Art out??- I know I haven't put a Tut up in two weeks but thought I would throw it out to you??- Suggestions? Hugs and Loves Kim

Monday, 19 November 2007

Monday Harmony

I quite like that title this morning-LOL- Besides feeling rested and just at 'ease'-today LOL -

I did go 'shake what my Mama gave me' - ( oh and a lot more that wobbles-trust me!) on the dance floor on Friday night- that I have STIFF stomach muscles this morning- but it felt GOOD!! Told you I shouldn't have played my party music on a Friday morning-ROTF! By the time Wayne got home (3pm) and all our friends too(they all popped in for Friday drinks HERE after work-hahahaha) - I was rearing to go- amazing what the right music can do-WAHAHAHAHA!- Deon (*aka Pink*) said I was making him tired even BEFORE we went out! LOL-I had to get rid of the energy on the dance floor-which is what I did- dragging everyone with me! hahahahaha- No one complained though- hahahahahahaha

The rest of the weekend I spent READING!!! Yeah eventually decided to try and finish my book! (not there yet-but at least past the first chapter which took me 6 months to read! hahahahaha) I'm now on chapter 17! YAY ME! LOL

And the title is also in honour of HARMONY- (Bunny's beautiful daugher). We honestly have such a GREAT bunch of girls at DSO that when Bunny sent through some of Harmony's Pre-party photo's- Pammi, jumped in and said it would be so nice if we could all make a little something for her that matched her dress- so she would have her OWN kit for her party pics!

AWESOME idea- and we have all jumped at it-

So I did a LO just for Harmony today- I tell you what - this little girl has an amazing effect on me- When I see her face and smile- mine lights up- she puts an instant smile on my face! She has one of those 'special faces' that GLOWS - that when she smiles it goes straight to her eyes and SHINES from the soul!


Bunny sent us a 'scan' of her dress she was wearing and this is what I used for this LO ( and for the freebie)- I extracted the 'embroidered' flowers from the dress and used it with my Sweet Belle overlays to make the background paper- thanks to Petit Moineaux for the template(revised) and K Pertiet for the word art quote.

And this GORGEOUS Lo is by Croppy-it's of her Mom and I know how much this photo meant to her- great job on the 'photo work' Crops! She used my STONE CASTLE KIT! It goes back to normal price at midnight tonight- so grab it while it's still on sale- and don't forget the FREEBIE ALPHA from Friday's post!

And have you checked out my Competition at the World Scrapping Tour blog- if you own ANY of my kits that are in the store ( that includes the grab bags)- you better go check it out-LOL, You have nothing to loose and a BIG PRIZE to win! And check out the 'Quote Challenge" too- OMWOOOOORD- did I laugh my sides sore this morning at the LO's already posted! Thanks guys- you really made my pooor already tight stomach muscles ache more- ROTF!

And here eventually is Harmony's Dress

You get the papers I used in the LO- plus a few extra's that I made to match- 5 in all, plus the ribbon tie pin, clusterframe, matching wrap belt and the 'embroidered' flowers. Hope you like it 'Sis'- MWAH. Lots of loves and hugs Kim

Friday, 16 November 2007

Want to play along with me?

heehee- no my Birthdays gone (*phew*) But today I am the FEATURED DESIGNER at the World Scrapping Tour blog!! (well till the 30th of November that is-LOL) But if you have never visited here- it's a brilliant concept that features designers from all the different Country's of the world! And the month of November is South Africa! And that's what I am- a South A-freak-in, hahahaha (according to Bunny and the girls at DSO)- LOL.

So because of this wonderful honour - I'm hosting a challenge and a contest there-

Hee hee- had to make it a ME one though-KWIM?- So I've made up 4 lots of WORD ART and you just have to choose ONE and use it in a LO- post it in the given gallery there- and you get the posting gift as a thank you too! And if you use ANY of my BOUGHT kits from DSO- and use it in the competition forum- there's a HUGE prize for the winner of the best LO posted during my 2 weeks(will be chosen by my CT team!) - YOU HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT HERE! Trust me-LOL - So come along and play with me- just register in the forums- it's free.!

I'm a little earlier here today- CAUSE HELL IT'S FRIDAY!!!! LOL- I've been playing my new CD's this morning and I made the mistake of playing the PARty one this morning!!!- I can't stop my 'computer butt' from jamming on my chair! Nor stop my head bopping in time with the music- I think I'm going to pull a Bunny/Kristine tonight- AND LET the FRO GOOOOOOOOO!!-ROTFLMAO--wheeeeeeeeeeee! Go check out their blogs to read about- letting your fro-gooooo! hahahahahaha

Here is another beautiful Lo from Silvia- using my STONE CASTLE kit- 25% off for a wee while.

This is her Grandmother that died at a very young age- such a beautiful tribute page! And Silvia- man I can see her in you- you looke just like her! BEAUTIFUL!

Beth has been a busy girl this week too ( besides the whole family having the stomach bugs!!) She sent me this stunning LO

I just LOVE the blending in this LO- AWESOME! Both also used bits and pieces from my other kits too- and Beth has made your freebie for today!! She came to my rescue- well she sent it to me last night saying use it if you want- HELLOOOOOO!???? Gee's girl this is just AWESOME!! And I was up to my eye-balls with work stuff that she just didn't know just how much I needed this for today-LOL THANKS BETH!!

OH MY WORD!!- have you seen this ALPHA that matches my STONE CASTLE kit- it's truely AWESOME!! Comes in upper and lowercase with punctuation!!! I LOVE IT!! So grab yours here and please leave Beth some *loving*- I hope you all have a WONDERFUL fun weekend and I'll see you on Monday! Hugs and Loves Kim

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Blew my budget

wahahahaha- Oh gee's I don't go shopping enough anymore- then when I do I'm like a kid in a Candy shop!! I had to fetch a parcel at the PO today so thought I'd kill two birds with one stone- Fetch Nathan and hit the shops as we needed ink for my printer- UHUM- well we got that, but while we were there I wanted to get the new James Blunt CD- hahahahaha, Oh I'm in deep dooo dooo when Wayne gets my credit card statement- hahaha, I landed up with 4 CD's- well they were all new and I really wanted them! LOL- listening to them now- YIPPPEEEEE, happy tunes! hahahahahaha. Then we have a gift exchange going at Scrapbook max- and I had to try get a something about my Country for the person who it's intended for(which is a surpriseLOL) - well I landed up buying 2 of those! and 2 Novels and a little thing I had to buy to send to Bunny! And NO I Can't eat this one- thank goodness! hahahahahaha But I know she'll catch it when she see's it-LOL Oh and Bunny I at least went shopping in the rain with MATCHING shoes! ROTFLMAO- Oh guys- if you missed Bunny's post yesterday- please go read it- but a warning- don't have any liquid near your mouth!!

Well at least blogger is playing with today! LOL- What a PITA ( err that's pain in the ass for those that are still new to the *shorthand*) I left so many comments yesterday and then when I pushed publish- blogger swore at me with it's error code and then POOF- bye bye went my comments! Oh well - I think I wasn't the only one gritting my teeth yesterday! LOL

Here is another AWESOME LO from Jazzy - Using my STONE CASTLE KIT.

This is Jazzy's Grandaddy just before he passed away- and Yup I did one myself- I still have such a BOX full of photo's of my Dad that I want to scrap-LOL, and Stone Castle just seems to suite them perfectly- male and female!

I didn't retouch the photo's - I like them as they are-LOL, But that's how they would have looked if I had paperscrapped them. I really love the papers in Stone Castle- I think it's because they are moody looking-LOL- Kit is still on SALE at 25% off for a limited time though.

And if you missed anything in my bag- those are all 25% off at the moment too- Not going to be a long one today- HUH?? Ok it's not short- LOL. But I have a bit of work to do and a few things to catch up on today- Cause tomorrow theres some fun things happening again- whoooohooo- LOL

Been playing making some 'blinkies' and had the wings that I converted for you into 'glitter wings'- They match my Sparkles if you grabbed my bag- Have fun with them- Until tomorrow-Hugs and Loves Kim

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Wonderful Weather Wednesday

hee hee- don't worry I'm not going to start singing old 'show tunes' again- LOL, Trust me- the one was stuck in my head all morning too- LOL, well until Nathan got home and started playing his music- then I was singing along to that! And Renee- PPPHHHTTTT (pulling tongues)- hate that song as much as you do- ROTFLMAO! Funny that I can listen and enjoy ANY music except one! I listen to opera, jazz, blues, rock n roll, pop, Rock, house and club- but oh I can't stand Heavy metal! I'm not talking heavy Rock here I'm talking HEAVY metal- it just makes me feel angry and irritated- LOL. * just some useless info for the day*- ROTF!

Last night I had BELLY laughs- with tears - Bunny has asked all the designers at DSO to download a talk programme so we can all yap together- well Um- we got my webcam up- but my mic wasn't working- OMGaaawsh- all picture no sound and a lot of helllllooooo's was enough to send me into hysterics- I had to stand up to let Nathan under my desk to find all the connections for my mic- and in doing so had to stand up and lean forward to type- and what do you think comes over my speakers- Hey I can see down your top! ROTFLMAO- Nathan burst out laughing under my desk and that was me finished( my son and I giggle at each other sometimes and we can't stop-ahahahahahaha) - I then gave Bunny the 'jelly tot' mellon squash trying to get as much cleavage as possable- but um they not that big! hahahahahahahaha - Well at least it will save Bunny's phone bill- hahaha

And we have ANOTHER AWESOME EXCLUSIVE designer joining our ranks!! ANDREA- Boyersville scraps! Girl welcome to the nut house- Oh but you already know that- LOL.

And Andrea, Heather and Ms. Kari all gave me this wonderful award!

YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Thanks so so much for this! And I'm supposed to pay this forward- So here we go- TO-

ALL THE DESIGNERS at DSO- every single one of YOU! Not only do we all work together- but I regard all of you as FRIENDS and FAMILY!-

To MY WHOLE CT Team- blogs or not- Jazzy, Crops, Colleen, Renee, Beth and Silvia-Without you being 'my backbone and my sanity at times' I would be lost! Love ya tons!

To my two South African counterparts- Bonnie and Jenni- guys thanks for all the support and for the friendship too! Het hulle baie lief!

Melanie, Mrs Miles, Amy, Sally, Shannon for your constant support and for ALWAYS just being YOU! MWAH

Goodness there are always soooo soooo many that I could name here so I'm just going to say-I love ya ALL!

And this is what happens to me guys- this kit started as a few papers for the DSO Party- as a prize- and I loved the feel of it so much it landed up being a full kit before I knew it- LOL. 2 Lucky people got it at the DSO chats too!

This is Stone Castle- so named because the papers reminded me of vintage old walls and wallpaper - It's a Rustic, rich coloured Vintage style kit- in deep blues and golds..

And my CT have been busy with it too-

This is from Silvia- these are her two beautiful daughters- she used the clusterframe that inspired the colours for this kit- LOL, yeah I get my colours from strange things sometimes- How AWESOME does this look! Love it!

And from Renee- Love the puzzle effect on the castle photo! AWESOME!! This kit is on SALE @ 25% off for a limited time only- Go check it out closer HERE-

And here is something that Kristine left for all of you that took the time to leave her some loving the other day- A huge hug- hard until you fart- and this-

A HUGE BIG KISS- ROTFLMAO- got to love ya girl!!

And of course today's freebie is a little addition to this moody textured kit-

A realistic frame in brass with a few little accents-LOL. Oh and forewarning to those still to blog today- GOOD LUCK- ROTF- Blogger is not playing nice today and I have had more @#&(@&*# error messages today than comments I've tried to leave- so just gonna say it here for today- LOVE YA- Wheeeeeee! hahahahaha- Hugs and Loves Kim

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Beautiful Morning

Oh what a beauuuutiful morning- oh what a beauuuutiful day- I've got a wonderful feeeeeeeling- .....- ROTFLMAO- * if you singing with me then that means you're old enough to read this blog*- WAHAHAHAHAHA. It is such a stunning day here today- SPRING is soooo in the air and I woke up like in one of those bad mattrass adverts- stretching and jumping around because I felt ALIVE and happy today- it's the awesome weather! hahahaha- and that song somehow ALWAYS pops in my head when I open the door to let the 'day' in! My dad used to play us all the old 'show tunes' on his record playerand Oklahoma was a favourite - which now reminds me of the other one- Paint your wagon-LOL. I remember sitting at my designated speaker(my sister at the other) and my dad saying- can you hear the horses Kim- can you hear the horses?- * music made of course*- in the song 'There's a coach coming in"- OH I think I need to phone my daddy- LOL.

And Girls all I'm going to say is RA RA - SISTA's in the HOOD!!! Because wow- we can call it the digi-scrap community- but man this is a neighbourhood- KWIM? (know what I mean)- It's really really because of YOU guys - those that went to the extra trouble yesterday to just leave *love* and support to an AWESOME designer and woman ( and for those that do it daily too- we know who you are and we LOVE YA) - that makes us just give back more-!! And for those that don't bother really taking the time to get to know *US*- and are just here for the freebies- that's fine too, I have got over that ONE a LONG time ago- it's the insults that hurt and are NOT needed! SO thank you to my READERS and SUPPORTERS that give back a little- MWAH MWAH MWAH! Which brings another old song to mind- We go together like shawidawayi doop di dopp iwa (LOL)- however that last part is spelt- WAHAHAHAHAHA! for those that no nothing about what I am talking about- read it here- Kristine and Bunny.

And Wanna join a DSO designers CT team- Besides working with AWESOME designers- you will have a chance to 'let it all hang out with a bunch of real official loons, real being the operative word here'- LOL Ask those that were at our Birthday Chats on Saturday- hee hee. Bunny - PUT AWAY THOSE FEATHERS!! LOL

Check these out-

This is from Kimberly- Fishinmom designs-

And Lynn too- even beginners can apply- go give it a shot- if you have heart and just love to scrap- GET YOUR FINGERS TYPING! LOL

And to all of you that sent me a mail yesterday asking where my kit's were in the store- OH boy- guys we all have POST BIRTHDAY HANGOVERS- ROTFLMAO- it will be up today- but we playing a little catch up on the 'usual grind stuff' that sort of got 'left behind' in all the party fun-LOL- will let you all know the minute they are activated -

And now that I've taken you back to the 'Rhinderpest'- with my OLD tunes today- LOL- I've made a springy fresh freebie- cuz it's SPRING here people- hahahahaha

Some Flutter stickers in a few different glitters. Great for any LO- So come and join my springy day-LOL-

OOOH OOOH- got to leave this here today- Was sent to me this morning by a friend here in SA- But it just seemed so fitting for today-

Thought for the day:
Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets.

So love the people who treat you right.

Forget about the ones who don't, and believe that everything happens for a reason.

Know a good thing when you see it, and don't let it slip away.

If you get a chance, take it.

If it changes your life, let it.

Nobody said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it.

''Life may not be the party we expected but we might as well DORK dance while we are here"! Hugs and LOVE to you all-Kim

Monday, 12 November 2007

It's OVER and a little VENT

Well we all survived my Birthday week-LOL, and I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you guys for YOUR WONDERFUL SUPPORT and all your *wishes*- and I tell you - it's going to take a LOT to beat this birthday! Hell I had the time of my life! hahahahaha- It nearly killed me for lack of sleep- but I soo soooo enjoyed it! THANK YOU!

Want to see what was in my Bithday Grab bags???- Here they are all 'ripped open'-LOL

My Personal Use grab bag- Had a FULL size Old Christmas Cheer kit in it (3 downloads) , Sparkles, Frame Groupies and Shake-ems(glitter shakers with glitter bows)- All for only $2.50!!! Kicking yourself yet if you missed it- LOL- don't worry they will all be in my store later today at 25% off if you missed out-

And this was My Commercial Use bag- Just ties ( a little different ties and ribbons), Framers, Festive Cheer pattern overlays, Weathered and worn overlays, Bits and bobs, and a bonus 12# Wrap. These will also be available in my store later today @ 25% off for a limited time only.

This is the STUNNING, BEAUTIFUL 21 page BRAG BOOK made by my WONDERFUL CT team!! It's AWESOME guys and this was your free gift with your purchase of my bags! WOW- what a gift - and if you still havent e-mailed me your receipt number- you have till Wednesday to do so- then it's GONE! So get them to me QUICK-hahahaha.* e-mail addy is in my complete profile*-

And this is the part that I want to dedicate to one of the 'MOST DOWN to EARTH WENCHES" I know- Kristine!!!

Girl first off let me just say that without people like you adding that brilliant colour you radiate-our lifes would be DULL!! I thank you for being YOU- for not hiding behind a cloak and pretending to be who you are not! And for heavens sakes- we are all ADULTS ( well I hope so)- and we have choices that we can make ourselves! And this one I am giving to all those here- I'm having a vent- so you don't have to read further if you don't want to- for those that know "me"- will know that I don't do this often and if I do it's for a reason that has touched me deeply-

Kristine is one of those dear people who gives of HERSELF so that we can laugh with her- at her and just laugh about LIFE in general- it lightens our dreary 'normal' little excistence on this 'mission' we call living! Maybe we don't laugh at the same things you do- but oh man if you can't find humour- then your life is really sad- and Kristine you have started off most of my mornings with such a belly laugh that it has made that day just that much 'friendlier' and brighter! I love you for that!

Kristine has just finished this AWESOME kit ART CLASS and sent it through for all the DSO designers to grab BEFORE it goes in the shop- another reason that DSO is so special- we share everything we make with each other- or do swops with Commercial use goodies- but I got soooo excited about it as I had photo's that would match it PERFECTLY!

So this one is for YOU KRISTINE!

This kit will be available in Kristines store over the next couple of days- DON'T MISS IT!

And why am I writting all this here- well besides being one of my 'fellow DSO designers' - and we all stick together- * it's what makes DSO a special place to be in*- she is also someone I regard as 'family' and a true friend! And when someone hurts one of *mine*- I get angry and hurt too- yeah, my heart breaks!!! And I am NOT going to repeat what Kristine has on her blog- because SISTER- I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU WROTE THERE!! Be grateful people for the time and effort that it takes ALL US DESIGNERS to make these kits and freebies for you- * just think how long it takes you to make a LO*-??? And then to have it thrown back in your face when you are doing a act of kindness just plain STINKS!

So today- all I'm asking is for you to take just 5 more minutes to read Kristines post from last night- I think it does US ALL GOOD to be reminded that we are infact ALL HUMAN on the otherside of these 'screens' and that we all have feelings and that a little ettiquette GOES A LONG WAY! I am leaving the download link in that same POSTING COMMENT BOX - you'll see it under my name- KimB- just copy paste it in a new browser- it's the least we can do to just say Thank you! Sending hugs and loves Kim * have to rename the file for the download- sorry for those that popped in already- doing it now-LOL*

Friday, 9 November 2007

Alfred Hitchcocks-BIRDS

Have you seen that movie??- if it was before your time- trust me they have a 'remake' out- and that is what I felt like I was in at 2am this morning!! hahahahaha- I haven't slept much and feel like I have bird poop in each eye! hahaha- My wonderful fur ball kitty decided she was going to bring in a "catch' this morning! ( yeah you got it right- a pigeon!!!) -she uses my bedroom window next to my head to come in and out during the night!! Oh boy- this bird was NOT going to stay caught and got loose! hahahahahahaha- It took off over our heads and went banging into the walls and cupboards! Trust me- waking up with what feels like a helicopter going over your head at that time of the morning scares the crap out of you-LOL. Hubby the big poop- sticks his head UNDER the duvet and shouts for ME to catch it- HUH-WHAT???- I'm the woman here aren't I- Hell by now I've got feathers on me as well as bird poop on my pillow and the cat jumping off everything that has a platform on it!!! CIRCUS and a ZOO- as the dogs hear the commotion and JOIN IN!!! OHMY GAWSSSSHHH- Wayne GET UP- errr-no thanks! hahahahahahaLOL- I eventually wake poor Nathan up as well -I'm not toooo good at catching flying birds GIve me bugs but birds-er er NO!!!! WAHAHAHAHA- the poor thing stuns itself enough for Nathan to throw a towel over it and pick it up and take it outside- Wayne has decided to help now by holding a cat that looks like an eel at this stage- ROTFLMAO!! The bird flew away no harm done thank goodness- but man oh man you have to see the mess that is my bedroom this morning! hahahahaha! Feathers, poop, lamps upside down, makeup on the floor- hahahahahahaLOL!

Well Waynie didn't quite 'kill me' after yesterday's post but he did laugh at how I caught his backside out! hahahaha- All I got was- Kim!!- You didn't- oh why am I asking?- WAHAHAHAHA! Love ya Waynie! This Lo was done with a couple of the photo's from the party and from specially made word art for me for my Birthday by Melanie(MMDCreations)- thanks Girl- you knew I would have to use it-LOL

it says- FRIENDS are those with whom we share the STORIES of our Lives!! How true is that! LOVE IT!! Well I suppose I don't really hide much do I- hahahahaha. And that will be the last of the Bday LO's- LOL, the rest are censored! hahahahahahahahaha

And because today is the LAST day I will blog over my BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS- we were going to give away 2 RAKS today- well Nathan and I decided that it would be 3!!!!! ( yeah listen to his logic- the numbers he chose today are- my bday, my month and my age!!!) hahahaha- So I agreed! And here they are!

All three have won a kit of their choice from my store!!!(commercial excluded)


No 4 ( my bday)- ileana

No 11 (the month)- Renee

and my age (UHUM)- addictedtoScrappin

You can count if you want- LOL, Guys please just e-mail me with your choice of kit from my store and I will send you the links!

Remember my GRAB BAGS will only be up until Sunday and my SALE ends on Sunday too- so don't miss out guys- it all goes back to normal again Monday- hee hee, but hell what a week this has been!! Want some more hints and looks quickly??

Jazzy- using yesterdays template too! Silvia



Phew !! remember guys that todays freebie is an add-on to the one kit in the Personal Use Grab bag- so honestly- for $2.50 you are getting TONS of goodies!! LOL- The Commercial Use Grab bag is worth $36 too- and I've included a little Birthday bonus goodie too * and in one of the files*-ahahaha! LOL- Only $8 until Sunday!

Don't forget-Colleen will up this template for you later today as a freebie too-

Includes the word art too!!!-

And while we are here I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to my Creative team!! They worked hard to make this week easier on me as well as a success! Guys I can't thank you enough for all that you did and DO!! I love you all!! Thank you!

And here is the ADD ON freebie- to yup you guessed it- Old Festive Cheer

This includes 6 papers!- it's the plains and a blockstitched paper- plus a cluster ribbon, a wreath(just for you Jazzy-LOL) and a hanging Christmas ball!- Thank you too ALL of you that have sent me e-mails, birthday wishes, just a kind word, and some sing songs this week- you don't know just how much I have enjoyed this birthday week!!! THANK YOU!! And now I can get some sleep! LOL- Until Monday when Life hopefully is back to normal ( uhum- well Ok, yeah we are hoping here-hahahaha) Sending big loves and hugs Kim OOOOH, WAIT WAIT- don't run yet- Don't forget TOMORROW is DSO's 1st BIRTHDAY!!! Check out the chat times for your country ( it's 7am for you Americans I think-LOL) - we are giving away coupons- kits- gifts and you can YAK to all us mad DSO designers!!! Please join us in some FUN!!! YIPPPPEEEE, more Birthdays! hahahaha