Thursday, 31 July 2008

Ok what happened to July

Holey Smokes!! Bunny sent through a reminder about the new challenges being ready for tomorrow ( OOOOPS-lol) and I was like- WHAT???- Is it that time already- I swear the dates this week have all sort of melded together and OOOOOPS today is the 31st already! I KNOW it's Waynes Bday on Saturday which is the 2nd of August dammit- but what the hell happened to July- ROTF!

Anyway- if you haven't posted your colour challenge for this month yet- RUN!! Today is the final day as the NEW one goes up tomorrow! WOOOOOHOOOOOO.

And today is NEW RELEASE DAY at DSO, and I have a new kit - YEAH, I got bored on the weekend and I said I was playing in photoshop-

Here is JUST BECAUSE (...I was tired of pastels -HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)


I REALLY enjoyed making this one- it's a fun kit with tons of hand drawn doodles, stamped flowers, mesh, and some real elements to play with too.

It has 49 elements in it and 13 papers.


It's 25% off for a limited time only- You can check it out up close here.


And look what fabulous LO's my CT have made so far!

Vanessa (600 x 600)

Silvia sent me this STUNNING LO of her daughter Vanessa


Just Because 2

Renee sent this STRIKING arty LO which I LOVE!!!



And Jenni did this AMAZING LO of her daughter too!

(check out Jenni's blog to see her AWESOME NEW KIT- Climbing Trees- and yup I got it and it's AWESOME!)

WOW- I am LOVING these! Thanks girls! MWAH.

And of course I have a little FREEBIE SAMPLER for you- all these match the kit and compliment the papers and elements in it-


Has 4 papers, 8 elements in it. . I hope you have as much fun with this as I did making it. And now I have a challenge to finish- ROTF!! Hugs and Loves Kim

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Early reveal

BWAHAHAHA- Ok everyone- I PROMISE, I have no problems getting older- to me it's a RIDE that I am enjoying day by day. And well my body might not agree with me most of the time - but my brain still tells me I'm 20 something-lol. But Waynie seems to be as *Daddoo*  put it a WIMP when it comes to aging - rotflmao! But he is a LEO and trust me- pride and how he looks is one of his character traits! ( sometimes good and sometimes a weakness that can drive me tooo DRINK- lol). And Daddoo- PPHHHWEEET ( that's a whistle) - you looking STYLING at 39 and a few months- LOL.

I decided to reveal my new grab bag today as it will be gone tomorrow at 12pm.

So for all of those that don't like buying UNSEEN- here you go ;-)


It's still available until tomorrow- but will be going up at FULL price Thursday morning ( there are two products in there at $8 each normal price!) So don't miss it.

Have you seen the DSO DOSIES this week? Challenge:  Do a layout documenting a typical morning for you.  too many of us don’t scrap OURSELVES, this is a great opportunity to do that…

hee hee- well I didn't really scrap me- but I did do my mornings-


YUP_ that's my morning- starting at the bathroom- well I didn't think it appropriate to write- POTTY or PEE first on there KWIM?- WAHAHAHA

I used my Ordinary Day kit , a template by YIN and a past freebie Alpha on my blog. Check it out here to see some other fab inspiration- WOULD love to see your typical morning!

Bunny has had us going on the Hybrid/paper thing since she found out she is not so scared of glue anymore- lol. And has been putting us to shame with her cards she has been making-

so as you can see in my preview for my bag- I made the dress's and kept them for making cards. - I used one today and made up a PRINT and CUT card for you-


Not the best photo- but didn't have the energy to go and retake some more- lol, but you can see what it looks like generally. I added the little flower just to *bling it up*-

Special thanks to Jazzy - Words to Delite for her awesome word art! You can use it for so many things! Check out Jazzy's packs in the store here.

And RC Mama for her wonderful template she gave away last week on the blog too! MWAH


And there it is- Just print it out on stock card- trim fold and write you message inside and you have your own card!

I used the July Colour Challenge gift for this one too ;-). Hugs and Loves Kim

Monday, 28 July 2008

Anyone want a husband

WAHAHAHa- Ok lets just say a man with a sniffle is a big baby and a PITA- a man with his Bday this weekend coming up and who starts getting really moody because he is getting another year older- is REALLY A PITA! Put put the two together and well we have DISASTER in capitals- ROTF! So anyone want him for a week??- hee hee, Kidding, but my man is one of the kindest and most thoughtful man I know- but oh dear Lord give me strength- when it comes to this time of the year I NEED HELP- lol. He sulked for two weeks before his 40th, and now it's his 43rd- and of course that is now closer to 45- so you get the picture. BWAHAHAHA- my man IS NOT going to age gracefully- HAHAHAHAHA- Anyone else's hubby's hate getting older?- I mean I don't think ANY of us like it- but geee's, I'm happy to be the age I'm at and actually LOVE being in my 40's- maybe by the time I hit 50 we will both be sulking together- lol

I had a really nice quiet weekend this weekend- family time and spent some time playing in photoshop- and and- GUESS WHAT-

Jazzy is a GREAT-GRANDMOTHER! Awwwww, what a time for Kaylin Lori Faith to arrive. It's like she was God sent, and on her late grand-mothers birthday too.!


Welcome to the world Kaylin Lori Faith- you have a Great Grand Nana who is going to love and spoil you TONS!

You can read all about it on Jazzy's blog too. I used one of Beths Softly sweet Brag Book pages ( these are so AWESOME to use!!) in her store at DSO.

And I got the most amazing pressy in the mail on Friday night- (

YUP I was at HOME Friday night-lol) sent by my dear friend MRS MILES.




Done with her brand new kit JUNKYARD GARDEN ( which I got tooooo!!- WOOOOOOPIEEEEE)


Isn't this AMAZING!! I LOVE the mix of elements in here- they are so fun and different! So I couldn't WAIT to play with it and sent her a LO on Saturday- lol



I did this of my dear friend Roche who had a photo shoot done in a rusty old hanger and this kit was just PERFECT for her stunning photo!

If you check out MRS MILES blog- you can see some more LO's and some detailed previews too- OOH and there is a grab bag too!

Thank you so much for my pressy my friend- I LOVE IT MUCHLY!

Don't miss my GRAB BAG- it's gone WEDNESDAY at 12pm!!


6 brand new product- ONLY $8 they work out to ONLY $1.40 PER KIT in there! Perfect for personal and Commercial use.

That's all the real news for today-lol, on my way to fetch Nathan from school and got to get some odds and ends at the shops- never ending story that- LOL. sending hugs and loves Kim

Friday, 25 July 2008

Lo's to share

WOOOOHOOO- It's FRIDAY! lol,I don't know why- but Friday mornings the sun always seems to shine a little brighter for me-hahahaha. Oh Goodness my friend Loryn phoned me from Cape Town yesterday saying she really wasn't feeling well - her muscles where sore and she was running a very high temp. She went to a doctor there ( now you must remember she has just arrived in Cape Town too and hasn't even got all her furniture yet- the truck is late!) and the Doc says she's got the flu- and sends her home with some flu meds- She's not happy as she has a slight rash on her stomach too and her glands are all swollen- I feel so bad being so far away- but I tell her I think it sounds like German measles!- HAHAHA- Oh Shame- she phones this morning again and the rash is everywhere- I tell her to find another doctor and go this morning- and yup my poor friend has German Measles! WE start laughing as I say she needs someone to come and kiss it all better and read her bedtime stories. She's hoping it will be tall dark and handsome- LOL



Don't forget my new CU grab bag is on SALE at the moment- total value is $40 for this one. ( that's 80% off!)

 so GRAB IT now for only $8 .( will be gone next Thursday)

Mrs Miles- in keeping the words few-lol. I keep all my kits WHOLE and in their own folders ( I just put all the elements and papers in ONE folder so they are all together)- but I keep them in their original MAIN folder so I know who to credit etc. Its the way I work-lol

Church- OMGoodness girl- I wouldn't call myself wild(but I think others beg to differ) - I just like to give everything a try out there before I say I don't like or haven't done it- LOL - OK ONE EXCEPTION to this one- you can stick the BUNGY Jump- man, I don't know how one can go down that far on a piece of elastic that's just tied to your ankles- *shiver*- lol.

And well there are some more story's of my *surfing* phase- but that one was the most embarrassing-lol.

I have some more LO's with some tips on what's in my bag too that I would like to share with you


AWWW- this gorgeous LO is from Netta- I LOVE IT!


Dress Pattern

And this arty one from Renee- girl I am loving your ARTSY's!



This stunning double pager was done by Livia for her Friend Chelly!


She used my Softly sweet kit and a template by Yin. It's stunning girl- I LOVE IT


Also using my Softly Sweet kit - Bonnie did this gorgeous LO for her anniversary!



This stunner is done by Jenni- who used my bag to make a this LO as well as a super duper freebie on her blog too! LOVE THIS!!


How stunning is this! WOOOHOOOO- Grab this FREEBIE mini on JENS BLOG and please remember to leave her some love ;-)

Well I'm off to go fetch Nathan from school, and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I didn't hear from Jazzy this morning- so I'm just hoping that she is taking time out for herself and getting some rest. TOns of love and hugs.Kim

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Get comfortable

LOL- yup, it's a LONG one today- well I have story to share with you all ( thanks to Mrs Miles who reminded me off it-LOL).

First off Jazzy sent me a message this morning to say the funeral went off well and that she is extremely tired( understandable)- but will get on her blog the minute she has some strength to thank everyone personally. She said your messages got her through yesterday. Thank you again for those wonderful messages of love and support!

On Monday Mrs Miles asked in my message box if I ever get to *our beach* and what they look like - you know the sand etc-

Well the story I want to tell you today happened just outside Port Elizabeth in a sleepy little surfing town called Jeffreys Bay. (all photo's compliments of  Magic ) Jeffreys Bay is one of the five most famous surfing destinations in the world and hosts the annual Billabong Pro WCT surfing event at Supertubes during the month of July.

As *young adults* just finished school and studying this was a favourite weekend trip as all the boys used to boogie board, surf or paddle ski-


We used to pack the old VW Kombi with all the surfing boards, braai suff ( BBQ) and of course the cooler box full of beers and wine! Now there are TWO parts to Jeffreys- the place where the *heavy surfers* go ( the Point or Tubes) and well for *girls like me* there is the swimming beach-lol

My friend Claire ( who though blessed with dark hair should have been a blonde-LOL) and I where the *girls* that used to go with. Well we had watched the boys surfing the *heavy sets of waves* and as much as I used to boogie board - there was NO WAYS in hell I would join that lot- they would ride straight over me-LOL. Wayne's cousin Mike had just bought himself a new paddle ski- and well we had moved down to the swimming beach for our Braai and a rest- BWAHAHA, yeah here it comes-lol

Claire and I decide in our *wine intoxicated* brains that we would don the wetsuits taken off by the boys ( who were now concentrating on getting a fire going) and take Mikes board out for a test in the smaller waves!- UHUM- We drag it down to the sea looking like seals with skins toooo big for us! I think Wayne's wetsuit crotch hung down by my knees! LOL. And Claire jumps in to the seat with the paddle and I hang on the back of the board- we are giggling now as the boys haven't noticed at all- she keeps paddling as the waves are actually further out here on this part of the beach- OH GOODNESS, when we turn the board around to go back ( we wanted to take turns here now)- we are miles out - and the beach looks TINY!-

No panic yet- Until I let go of the back and she keeps falling OFF- we start laughing- we are both strong swimmers and she jumps off the board and we both try PUSH it from behind kicking like crazy- lol,It's working- But there is a paddle that keeps falling off the board and Claire keeps telling me she *pee'd* in the wetsuit and it feels all WARM- That was me finished- I started laughing and now we are floating out to sea again hanging on a unmanned ski-which we can't just leave as it's NEW- I tell Claire to swim back and fetch one of the boys on the other board to fetch this ONE-

NOOOOO- she say's she's not getting into trouble on that side- WE'LL do it- LOL- Well just as we were about to start kicking again- we hear this TTTOOOOOOOTTTTTT, and someone shouting at us- OMG- It's a CHOKKA boat! And they saw us- decided to stop and see if the *chicks* needed help- Claire just shouts yes- thinking they are going to just give us a tow closer to shore-

BWAHAHAHA- no - they bring the huge boat up next to us and tell us to pass them the board- and as we pass the paddle- these hands hang down and grip us up under our ARMPITS!  We get lifted *armpit style* into this fishing boat FULL of dirty men with NO TEETH etc and now we get the hysterical giggles- These poor guys just looked at us and shook their heads-

They rammed that boat straight up the swimming beach sand!!! Right in front of the boys ( who were watching this lot from the shore)- and then politely lifted us UP ARMPIT style again and dropped us overboard on the sand-with board intact- BWAHAHAHAHA. WE gathered an audience too. People had come to see this boat LAND and here we were being dropped off- arrrgh, embarrassing to say the least- but something I will NEVER EVER FORGET! ROTF!

And to show you what a paddle ski is- I did this LO of MIKES son Keaton ( yup YEARS after this event lol)


That is what we were so bravely trying to navigate- LOL. I used Mrs Miles awesome wave in her Tsunami Blue kit. And Beth Longs Rainy Daze kit. I made the doodle frame and used word art by Val.


And it's NEW RELEASE DAY at DSO- whooohoooo,

I'm a little late with my bag this month I know- but it's HERE.


This one is also crammed full and has 6 brand new products to create and play with. The total Value is $40!!

Grab it now at $8- that works out to only $1.40 per NEW PRODUCT! ( and they are full kits!)

It will only be available for ONE WEEK. So don't miss it.

Want some more hints- hee hee, well you can see quite a few in the preview- but my girls have been busy-

friends (600 x 600)

This stunner was done by Silvia

Indian Maiden

This beauty by Renee-

They both used goodies out my bag- WOOOHOOO- And I've got more to show you tomorrow too ;-)

You still with me here??- LOL

Ok- I've been doodling and made this frame for a photo of Deon and I, taken on the weekend he left.


I wanted to put it on a card- And I thought you might like to use it too-


So here is the frame in PNG format- just pop your photo in it- Thanks to SAAB for her test paths ;-) . Ok- I'm shutting up now- LOL

Until tomorrow- hugs and love Kim

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

With HUMBLED Thanks


I'm still at a loss for words as to just how much you guys all pull together when one in the *community* is hurt or needs help! It's so hard to explain it to others that *aren't in the know*- hubby was astounded yesterday. I've tried to explain to him that just because we are *online* doesn't mean that we don't feel or understand each others plight- that we share MORE sometimes through our LO's,mails and our blogs that we would with some of our friends or family members. That to some of us-THIS is their family and that keeping in contact and sharing with people that enjoy the same things as you - keeps a lot of us ALIVE and makes one feel connected. I'm not sure if I have said that in the right words- but I KNOW you will understand what I am saying.!

So with that said- I want to send you a HUGE HUMBLED THANK YOU- from myself, from Bunny and from all the girls at DSO! We honestly NEVER expected the reaction we got yesterday- and to have Bunny in tears at the end of the day says MORE than you will ever know! THANK YOU -ALL your names and messages have all been copied and pasted in a card which is being sent with 100% of the sales made yesterday! To all of you that left messages on Jazzy's blog- and goodness there are a lot of them- I was in tears this morning reading them- THANK YOU!

BIG BIG BIG HUGS to you and your compassion that seems to be boundless!

OK- some CT work from me- lol

I did this LO of my dear friend Loryn who left for Cape Town last weekend.

Now let me tell you her favourite colour is GREEN! This girl has green EVERYTHING- hahaha. And I wanted to scrap this gorgeous photo of her-


I used Bonnie Van Esch's New kit- Country Fresh for it- the colours where PERFECT! I blended in one of the papers to make the flower halo around her head- and added the flower to her ear. Word art freebie by K.Pertiet

Left the rest simple as I think the photo does it's own talking for this one ;-)

And Have you seen the DOSIES week 3 challenge on the DSO BLOG?- WOOHOO

Come and have some fun with us- we're all turning into *glue monsters*- lol  This week you can grab 2 CARD templates- and show us what you have done with it-

Here is what I did with this one



This is the front-

I used the Lets connect kit to make the inner square and printed it off- then made the layers with card- Printed the main front and just glued the square on with the ribbon and charms.


And the inside- used word art by Elegant word art- adapted.

Come play with- I'd LOVE to see what you do with the templates!

And Bonnie has a present for you on her blog too- she did this STUNNING LO from my Softly Sweet Kit


AWWW- LOVE those ribbon flowers!


You can grab this BEAUTIFUL 12x 12 FREEBIE  QP on her blog at the moment! Thanks Bonnie!

Just another big Thank you, and sending you TONS of love today! Will keep you all informed as to how Jazzy is doing the minute I hear anything. Until tomorrow- Huge hugs and Loves Kim

Monday, 21 July 2008

A friend in need



TODAY is a day when all the girls at DSO have jumped in to HELP A FRIEND IN NEED!

Jazzy our dearest friend has gone through a tough time this year so far in that her health has failed her,  the death of her daughter Lori,  and now on Saturday night her dearest Grandson Andrew passed away in her arms at home. He was a really special boy and needed very special care that Jazz fought long and hard to give him.

Our hearts are broken for all that this Special Woman has gone through and today the

 DSO will be donating ALL SALES that go through the store today to JAZZ!

It's our way of helping her out ~ We are asking YOU to help US, help a friend in NEED. 

If you make a purchase today - please leave a message on your ORDER for Jazz if you would like - it will be copied and sent to her too ;-).

I made this mini-kit  freebie that I would like to give out today


All I ask in return if you download is that you pop on over to JAZZY'S NEW BLOG HERE and just leave her some LOVE.

Here you go 

If you give Andrea a chance to wake up her side- she will have a matching part to this mini-kit too.

I've blogged on JAZZY's Blog today - and put up two very special LO's that Jazzy did of Andrew- so you can see just what a special boy he was.

Thank you for your support in this cause and as you know my store is 50% today- includes all CU items too. Much love and hugs Kim

Friday, 18 July 2008


Well it took Wayne a while to find out where the problem was- and trust me Mrs Miles- I wanted to *BReakER* the mans head too- bwahahahaha. After working out it WASN't the TV room- or the garage, I eventually asked if it wasn't anything *plugged* in outside in the braai area ( BBQ area)- as this was on the same breaker- NO- there's nothing plugged in there- Ok Wayne- then I don't know- LOL

Well after another 20 minutes the lights come back on and he shouts * GOT IT*- YAY- ok but WHAT WAS IT??- OH the light BEHIND the metal gecko outside(I have a huge African metal sculpture on the wall) - uhum plugged into the plug inside the bar counter- BWAHAHAHAHA.  Photo just for you Mrs Miles-lol


But there's nothing plugged out there you said?- yeah yeah yeah- is all I got-lol.!

Don't you just love rubbing it in when you are right for once on something that you actually know nothing about??- hahahahahah- I DO! So he got teased for a while last night, much to my amusement- hee hee.

Well the last few weeks have been a little crazy for me and my dearest CT member and now fellow DSO Designer Beth made up this

AWESOME Brag Book set with my Softly Sweet kit-


It's stunning and I have now been able to do some pages of my NEW NIECE for my sister! I just haven't had the time to actually scrap them yet and these are a BLESSING!

Check these out-


I used Jazzy's new *Sweet Baby Word art* too! OOOH I'm loving my girls- they have helped me get this done so easily and in minimal time!


And the matching page! The set is 25% off at the moment and they are really a great time saver!! Check it out HERE.

And I have a freebie for you that matches is! YAY!!!


How COOL is this! -

The matching page #1 is on Beths blog- so pop on over and grab it and with the set it will give you 14 pages in all! THanks BETH!! I LOVE THESE!

I'm hoping to get some *creating done* this weekend! As life sure had a way of leaving me hanging the last few weeks- hahahaha. I've got itchy fingers and a brain full of ideas I haven't been able to use! So I decided I'm going NO WHERE this weekend- I'm vegging in my PJ's until I FEEL LIKE IT- bwahahahaha. sitting right here and PLAYING- WOOOHOOO. well that's the plan so far- I hope it stays like that- but with this household- UHUM< yeah well! LOL

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and that your plans all pan out the way you want them too- I'm sending MURPHY back over the sea too-hahahahahaha. Hugs and Loves Kim

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Fun and games

I think *mr Murphy* followed from DSO and landed in South Africa today- LOL, yup right here in my house! The lights have been tripping all morning- they'd be on for about and hour and then BANG- gone- I'd go to the main board and push the trip switch back up and they would go back on- AHH- but not for long- lol. So thinking YAY- it's all ok, I start working here on the puter and what happens- YUP, BAM- there they go again WITH MY WORK!- lol. This happened three times- eventually after turning off everything in the house that I THINK is causing it- I try again- but this time the trip switch won't even go UP. hahahaha, And of course this is NOT something in my * I know how this works dictionary*-  but eventually figure out if I turn ALL the switches down and put the main on back up- if I push them up one by one I will eventually get to *switch* that is causing the problems8- YAY, go me! hahaha.

BUT- oh of course there had to be a BUT in this- I think it's the geyser( or boiler)- but NONE of the switches are marked as this is a NEW board and it hasn't been done yet-and well that's WAYNE's department- LOL! I had gone out this morning already and left my car outside- so zip out to fetch Nathan from school now- get back and push my remote to open the garage door- NOTHING- mmmmm, now sitting in the car- I tell NATHAN to run inside and to look if the trip is down again- OH gee's, he pushes UP THE SWITCH I LEFT DOWN- BAM, there goes my first post and my work AGAIN- ( you laughing yet-??- hahahaha), So I park in the drive way and come inside to RE-DO the switches and NOW we know it's the garage with the TV lounge included- WAHAHAHAHA. So Wayne is going to have a fun time when he gets home tonight climbing in the roof- because I can just see my two boys without their TV tonight- uhum- NOT!- hahahahaha!

So going to show you some more LO's and will re-do mine to show you tomorrow ;-)

teachers (600 x 600)

Silvia sent this stunning LO of Belinda's graduation at school. She also used my softly sweet kit.


Just look at this AWESOME LO by Elaine! I LOVE that tutu! Elaine used I Believe and I Believe 4 boys too. LOVE IT!

And I did this one last week and just haven't put it up here yet- EEEEK, I KNOW- I'm so blonde lately- hahaha


I made this for Bonnie using her brand new kit called Sand in my Shoes. The alpha was a freebie by PST Design.

AND YAY- I'm giving JAZZY a send off here!

She did her FIRST BLOG POST!! Only took her 2 and half days- ROTF!! hahaha.

She has this AWESOME freebie up for you

Preview 1 copy[5]

Don't you want to just leave her a hi  HERE and some blog love - man I know how nerve wracking it is blogging and especially your first Ok guys I have a son who is complaining in the background, so let me sort him out and I will chat to you tomorrow- Much love and hugs Kim

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

LO's to share

Am I the only one that see's RED when they  hit  or bump my  head?, I think it's the only thing that can set me off in a blind rage!(well let's just call it the *instinct to retaliate shall we-lol) And what happened yesterday?- OMG, I went and got some food supplies with Nathan and while busy packing the fridge- you know- kneeling down and moving the beer to make space for the FRUIT, and Nathan's yakking with me and he say's mom be-(never finished his sentence) and of course I stand up STRAIGHT into the FREEZER door ABOVE me- ARRRRRRGHHHHH- I still had a beer in my hand and wanted to whack it over Nathans head!- ROTF. it took all I had to stand there and just clench my teeth- LOL ,Poor Nathan was trying to warn me to WATCH out that the freezer door was open- OOOOOPS toooo late!- hahahahahaha, He just kept saying, sorry mom, sorry mom, over and over trying not to laugh-Knowing that I HATE my head being bumped!  My Poor child. lol- my head THROBBED for a few hours after and now I have a lovely CONE head- hee hee! Well we did have a good laugh about it an hour later.

OOOH I have had so many LO's sent to me that I thought today would be a great day to show them all off-


This one is from Pamela, she used Bunny's and my I Believe kit and Softly Sweet- Just how cute is this- love the grass layering and the vines too!



This one by Jazzy- using the the colour challenge kit I made for BOO. Love the OB work on the top frame! AWESOME



this stunning Lo was sent in by Judy- It's STUNNING! Judy used my Storybook Romance kit-  Love the way it's all in the centre panel! Great Job girl!



This stunning fun Lo is from Stephanie and she used my Unda-Da-Sea  kit.  Love it!


AWWWW_ doesn't this LO make you go AWWWWW- just look at that little face! this was made by Paula using Softly Sweet and Jazzy's word art- AWESOME JOB GIRL!

And I've had TONS' of OOOH's and Gosh's this morning- If you haven't gone to look through my Colour Challenge yet- GO!! Oh my word, I have been shocked SPEECHLESS at the amount of talent in there! I honestly think this months colour challenge is the BEST so far- and that takes a LOT- as every single one has been AWESOME!, but oh - I have had a field day seeing all the kits and LO's- Thank you lady's soo soo much! YOU ROCK!

Want to join us- check it out here.  and come play along! Well- I've got to go fetch Nathan from school today- YUP BACK TO SCHOOL, and actually I'm grateful to get back into routine again! 3 weeks WINTER break is long enough for any mother-lol. Hugs and loves Kim